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  1. The Out Island Adventure is the "more" adventurous one. Our group just came back from Out Island, and the kids enjoyed it, and I have to admit i had reservations because I am not a fan of having to be uncomfortable, but i actually enjoyed myself and my time on the island and the program activities that we did on the Out Island Adventure. The Keys Adventure runs most of the same activities that you do on Out Island, but you spend your nights in air conditioned dorms instead of camping on the island (although you do camp one night on Munson with Keys Adventure) It's a lot of work fo
  2. That was the first thread I found about Sea Base, so thank you very much for that one, I did find another Sea Base thread several pages down. Good point on having a van for hurricane evacuation. I was wondering how that contingency was covered in the event of a hurricane while out on the island. How much gear are we allowed to take out to the island?
  3. So the swim test at Sea Base is the standard BSA swim test? jump in the pool and do the 4 laps and float for a minute? Someone mentioned that the paddle to Big Munson was no joke, so no preparation is needed other than everyone needs to paddle? How long does this paddle take to cover the 6 miles to the island? I'm looking at the chart and I'm trying to figure out how we get from Brinton to Munson or someone from sea base takes care of the navigation and we follow a boat out there?
  4. I was thinking like 10 or 15-pax van when I saw limo. Some of those Mercedes Sprinter vans that some hotels run are pretty nice. and overkill IMO, but I'm just looking for transportation from the airport to Sea Base and back to the airport at the end. I didn't know if Sea Base had space to park a van for the whole week we will be on Munson Island. so it seemed like a waste to rent a van from a rental company for the whole week when all it would do is sit at Sea Base for Days 2-6 and only be used on Day 1 and Day 7. The rental car companies I'm looking at 11 months out are quoti
  5. Hello, My troop signed up for an Out Island Adventure in 202 at the Florida area Base. I have a whole bunch of questions for those who have had crews out there. lve found found a few threads from previous crews and I am grateful for them What training did crews do for Out Island.? How do you prepare for the boat trip out to Big Munson Island? what does the swim test consist of at Sea Base. Our Scouts are all swimmer. But for some reason I think if some of our scouts are “barely” making swimmer, then other than putting scouts on a swim training program for t
  6. Hello all, I am Steve in Hewitt Texas. I am so glad I came across this forum last night. I am a first time Bear Den leader for 9 active, energetic Bear Scouts. I was very apprehensive taking on the role of the Den Leader last summer, but that apprehension has been unwarranted with the support I've gotten from the parents and having the Den Leader's guide has made my role fun and much easier than I thought. I am glad to find another resource to help and to find out that I am not alone in some of the problems I've read about in the forums. Which leads me to my first question
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