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  1. Sounds like summer camp will turn out well, afterall. From reading your post, you'll be doing rank advancement in the morning? I'd like to suggest you add the totin' chip and fireman chit as part of that. Nothing improves morale like intermediate awards while working on a larger program. As for downtime, I'm sure the camp staff can find the troop a service or quickie conservation project to do on the grounds. Have you planned for rain? Something to do indoors or under the tarp?
  2. I'm wondering if it would be feasible to fabricate some kind of stackable forms to be kept at homebase. Instead of having to re-pitch the tents once everyone returns home, just throw the tent over the form until it dries/gets cleaned
  3. this from the US Army Medical at Ft. Sam Houston "d. Chemical Intoxication. A chemical intoxication, or poisoning, is caused by swallowing a harmful chemical substance. The most common poisons in military situations are pesticides and heavy metals. They are usually the result of labeling and/or storage errors. -- When zinc galvanized garbage cans are used for the production or storage of acid foods such as lemonade or tomato juice, the zinc metal is ionized; zinc ions cause acute heavy metal poisoning. -- Enamelware made from antimony or cadmium can also cause heavy metal po
  4. "it's a "how to sit there and wait to be rescued, while taking steps to make sure you can survive for a night or two while you wait"." This would be better as a requirement for first class, maybe even second.
  5. The only time we need to show a 501c3 certificate is when we request a donation of merchandise. Most times not even that, just a typed request on our letterhead stating why we want the donation, and what good we do in the community. To request a spot in front of the store, the boys show up in their class B while a Scouter stands in the background. Yes, at many places we do have to sign for a date in advance. But, as others have said, there are lots of stores. Wherever you do set up - get that publicity photo in your local paper. And, send the store a thankyou note.
  6. 'and mumbled "It'd be easier if you did."' While he knows it's his decision, it seems he would like your views on each troop because of your adult level experiences and wisdom. Also, each troop's meetings can be their normal average, above average, below average. Alas, which one the visitor views is potluck. Ideally, each troop would get four visits - one for each week of the month to view their typical monthly cycle. It may be better to split up when the two of you arrive. He sits/interacts with the Scouts while you chat with several of the adults. If you both ask the same que
  7. Water The natural choice for hydration is water. It hydrates better than any other liquid, both before and during exercise. Water tends to be less expensive and more available than any other drink. You need to drink 4-6 ounces of water for every 15-20 minutes of exercise. That can add up to a lot of water! While some people prefer the taste of water over other drinks, most people find it relatively bland and will stop drinking water before becoming fully hydrated. Water is the best, but it only helps you if you drink it. Sports Drinks Sports drinks don't hydrate better than w
  8. why Eagle mills: 1) it's the only program the troop knows how to offer 2) council camp is so boring, they try to make up for that by offering non-outdoors merit badges
  9. "What about if someone puts one of the propane tanks from a lantern in the fire?" Our tanks are kept in a Jambo type rack. Harder for them to roll into the fire that way. Our council bans liquid fueled lanterns, so no Tiki torches. To be extra safe, the tiki fuel is kept in a locked car trunk untill needed. Do not fill/refill in the same area you're going to light them. I personally dislike too many lights at night. Dark should be darktime so everyone can look straight up and see something greater than themselves. This is especially important for kids living in chronically ov
  10. why a special shakedown hike if the troop hikes every month anyway? Tell your new Scouters to take a mile stroll every evening so they won't be left too far behind by their sons A parental after action report at checkout? I envision one beleaguered SM facing a pileup of impatient parents
  11. then, don't go on hikes. Go on a naturalist-led wild plants ID walk, a night-time stars ID walk, ID the trees by their bark, etc. If each walk is 5+ miles - all the better. marketeers always solicit feedback. Have someone neutral contact all the dropouts and leavers. Find out why they left. Patrols are too large; spin off. attend all camporees. The Scouts need to find out how they measure against others in the skills area Your campouts may be too tame. Have the vets organize some SERE type campouts (OK, probably without the resistance part) all work on the Hornaday badge have'
  12. Doesn't it depend on the specific mb? Several have mentioned Pets and Dog Care Pets 1.Present evidence that you have cared for a pet for four months. Get approval before you start.* * Work done for other merit badges cannot be used for this requirement Dog Care 4.For two months, keep and care for your dog.* * The activities used to fulfill the requirements for the Dog Care merit badge may not be used to help fulfill requirements for other merit badges. Sports: Note: The activities used to fulfill the requirements for the Sports merit badge may not be used to help fulfill requi
  13. We are always looking for good fundraisers. How did the troop accumulate their riches?
  14. Get some prices on replacement tires, a new set of diesel fuel injectors, and the hourly shop charge of wherever you can find to fix & tune it
  15. go to scouting.org. Click on Youth, then Boy Scout, then scroll down to Hornaday another site is usscouts.org Look in the lefthand margin until you come to Hornaday
  16. I fully agree with Qwazse. In addition, you could just ask them, "What do you want to get out of this?"
  17. "I've heard of a troop (in the next state) that charges $1,000 per year for dues, has 48 members, and a waiting list. I'd like to know if that's true, or just urban legend." Actually quite common if you're expected to go on the yearly High Adventure or other special trip
  18. Our older Scouts favorite fundraiser is Rent-a-Scout because they can set their own prices. Our soda pop and water trailer at the county fair does mediocre because our free space is usually in the boonies. We do better working a day at one of the county livestock booths (ribeyes by the beef producers or pork tenderloins by the pork producers). The following two fundraisers are "illegal", so please don't read them if you are National all the way. Scouts Honor on this! 1) our younger patrols bag groceries for tips. They also wheel out the cart, unload the bags, and bring the cart back
  19. Find out where the Scouts want to go, and then set it at least a year in the future. That way, a $250.00 expedition means saving $5 per week. What do they do in the meantime? Go on the trip they planned a year ago! OK, $10 a week.
  20. lots of summer camp merit badges require some work being done before the Scout arrives at camp and meets the mbc for the first time. As long as your Scout can still intelligently discuss what he did months ago, there is no reason why he can't get full credit.
  21. If we ban sheath knives, we should also ban hatchets. Those who improperly use a knife are just as likely to wonder if a hatchet makes a good tomahawk
  22. sheath knives - as long as they don't have ballistic blades, then no problem. We do require a Totin Chip and Second Class rank. The Second class imposition is to get them to finish the requirements for 2nd. Knives do remain in the pack until we actually get to camp, and the tents & flies are erected. Old time sailors (when ships were wood, and men were iron) all carried sheath knives for personal safety. Get a hand or foot ensnarled in a line ---> knife could be drawn & used with one hand I remember having troop safety lectures on not carrying your sheath knife in fron
  23. Caesar had ambition; look where that led! When did you become PL? How many patrol outings have you taken your patrol on since then? Any community service activities? Before you design the perfect patrol, have you asked your patrol what they want out of Scouting? Remember that the best leaders are invisible. The goal is to have the patrol say, "Yes, we did it ourselves!" The leader's job, then, is to sweep up after the parade is over. I would skip the pins and other accoutrements; those are private school motivational garbage. It is the scribe's job to use Googledocs, or whatev
  24. summer camp merit badges don't always take the full 5 days. If you come prepared, some can be knocked out in 3 or 4 days
  25. The activity I remember most from my very first summer camp was the treasure hunt. We had compass & map reading earlier in the week. Each patrol started at a different spot with their first clue. If you could read a compass and pace off a length you found the next clue. The treasure was banana splits for the winning patrol. Yes, making Scouts sit thru instuction they've already mastered verges on criminal. The modules need to be announced before camp starts - such as monday 8-9 will be knife sharpening, tuesday 8-9 will be fire building, etc. Have pre-camp signups just like the
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