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    William T. Hornaday Award

    I am referring to the William T. Hornaday Badge, Bronze Medal, and Silver Medal.
  2. Hello fellow Forum members! I have recently become very interested in the William T. Hornaday Awards and have been having trouble finding the answers to some of my questions and hoped you all could assist me. My main concern is where to find an advisor. Can this advisor just be anyone who works in a specific environmental field? does this person need to be a scout/leader? does this person need to be an official advisor if those exsist? do i need a different advisor for each project? How do i come in contact with an advisor in my area? Another concern I have if i can use my projects for more than one award: ex. can i use a project towards the silver medal if i used it towards the bronze medal? I have tried asking leaders in my troop about this award but no one in my troop even knew this award exsisted. So I am pretty much on my own on this one. Any other additional info would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Eagle Scout Michael Troylet
  3. mtroylet23

    Eagle Palm Scoutmaster Conference

    oh wow i did not know that was possible! I really like that idea. I will deffinately look into that thank you!
  4. mtroylet23

    Eagle Palm Scoutmaster Conference

    Thanks for saying that Alabama Scouter, and thanks to everyone else for their help. We honestly have tried to get past it, we technically are but it seems that tension between us will always be there. I honestly do not know who our COR is... and our CC does not really show up to anything. We have a very small troop, when I first started is was a good size, but we've dropped in numbers over the years. Thanks in advance for any future help. I really appreciate this.
  5. mtroylet23

    Eagle Palm Scoutmaster Conference

    Time is not an issue but I would like to take advantage of the time I have.. especially considering my advancement is being prolonged. I still have a good year and a half.. but I would like to get at least 3 Palms if possible. I have thought about switching troops before, but i am not sure if it would be completely worth it since I have already been with this one for so long. Is switching difficult? would all my records be transferred easily?
  6. Thank you all in adavance for taking the time to answer my question. I am an active Eagle Scout in my troop, and when I became Eagle I had about 15 extra merit badges. So now I am working towards my Palms. Unfortunately, we had a change in scoutmasters when I was a Life scout. I have a bad history with the new scoutmasters son and the scoutmaster makes it very difficult for me to advance. When I asked him for my Eagle Scoutmaster Conference he put it off for about a month and a half giving me excuses that turned out to not be valid, but I never gave up because I worked hard for this. Anyway, he is doing the same for my Palms... So my question to all of you is can I get my Scoutmaster Conference signed off by someone else? Assistent Scoutmaster? Scoutmaster from another troop? Leaders? Do i need special permission from Scoutmaster or District? anything you guys can tell me to help me out is appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, M. Troylet