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  1. It's sometimes not the cost of the HA as it is all the stops along the way. Just because you're going to Philmont does not mean you also have to raft on the Arkansas River, eat in restaurants (grocery stores are almost always cheaper), stay in motels, etc.
  2. Well, he can still earn the Hornaday medal, which would put him in a more select group than Eagle. Would he consider going into Venturing and becoming a Silver-Ranger?
  3. Everyone who wants to go on HA can. They fundraise for 2 or 3 years to be able to do it.
  4. we're not going to have safe Scouts until we require they wear hardhats and shoulder pads on all hikes. And, all the boys should be roped together at all times
  5. Sometimes you should be truthful, and sometimes you should be quiet. Sometimes you should blurt out your opinion, and sometimes you should wait to be asked. This is why knowledge is paired with truth. With even more knowledge one can become judicious in which adjectives they choose to use so that truthfulness does not become destruction.
  6. I, also, would have suggested inviting bio-Dad along. Too bad it didn't work. Does bio-Dad have any outdoor hobbies: fishing, nature photography, etc. The next time you plan a campout near such a suitable area, invite bio-Dad and son for a one-day campout. They arrive on friday, stay overnight, go home evening. This way bio-Dad still has Sunday at home with son. Tell bio-Dad he won't have any Scouting duties (this time). Hopefully, bio-Dad may decide to stay the full weekend
  7. Younger set has more accidents? Is it because this group is more likely to drive a bunch of beaters ready for the scrapyard and shod with worn tires? Addition of go-fast equipment wouldn't factor in, of course.
  8. It seems you have a good program lined up. The only concern I may have is that knocking out a lot of basic intro stuff means it doesn't really get learned. What can happen is the demo, followed immediately by the Scout doing it & then getting signed off on it. The skill then goes right from short-term memory straight into the ether -- little is retained. We teach the skill in the morning, have a game or competition in the afternoon that uses that skill, and test the next day. Congrats.
  9. Maybe someday I will learn how to spall. I left out the "e" in talent
  10. I thought this was interesting well worth a view I plan to share it with the PLC -- especially his interview All of a sudden, I can't get the link to work. Please Google "JONATHAN ANTOINE AUDITION - BRITAINS GOT TALNT 2012"
  11. our new Scout patrols are adult-led until the Scouts age out by earning T'foot. While first class first year is possible, it means any games at troop meeetings need to have a scoutcraft focus: fire building contest (where allowed), knot tying relays, compass course in nearby park, etc. instead of basketball, soccer or tag. After each patrol has chosen their campsite and set up is the time to discuss what makes a good campsite. They did have time to read this part of the Handbook beforehand, but sometimes learn by doing is more effective. After the initial chat, everyone then visits eac
  12. The dynamic of the present patrols will change of course as they swell and then split into two or three. Some of the older Scouts will be the only ones initially qualified to become the PLs for the new patrols thus formed
  13. I like what Eagledad and Beavah are saying. We also use new Scout patrols, but they generally last a month or two -- get signed off on T'foot and you get to join a "real" patrol. The newbies need some separate activities. A five mile hike with daypack including some simple fire building and a meal they (help) cook. Practice setting up a tent, identify some common plants, some kind of wide game. The good ol' boys (older Scouts) who help with this qualify for a separate ol' boys canoe trip or other exclusive activity. There may be two seaparate summer camps this year -- one with a
  14. has this new SPL been thru the council's leadership training? He may remain clueless until then.
  15. I've seen something similar in primary school. During "art" in kindergarten, most everyone paints, draws, sketches and has a grand ol' time. By fifth grade most everyone says they can't do art
  16. I totally agree -- it's about the boys. Let them hash it out amongst themselves without any adults present. Also, give them enough time so no-one feels pressured more so than usual. Majority rule or unanimous decision?
  17. a favored position versus taking chances in a lottery. This just doesn't seem to reflect the Law; certainly not loyal nor kind, not sure about courteous or trustworthy. One kid is going to get the black spot just so a 17 year old can go on an overpriced trip. Methinks the 17 year old would be better served by going alone on an Outward Bound courae in sea kayaking Under the guidelines of all for one, and one for all I would choose to cancel the entire activity in favor of something else
  18. yeah, it now takes a village to raise a child. But, if the entire village is trashy, I have no solution EXCEPT to get the kids into the woods & wilderness, give then a series of increasing responsibilities, let them fail when/where the consequences of failure aren't life threatening (and avoid "quickie" merit badges)
  19. "Famous American inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller (July 12, 1895 July 1, 1983) made perhaps one of the most important observations about the education system over 40 years ago. All children are born geniuses he said and we spend the first six years of their lives degeniusing them. The data seems to bear this out. Longitudinal studies show that while 98% of kindergarten children score in the genius range for divergent thinking, the percentage significantly shrinks the more formal education the child receives! We are born with divergent thinking - the essential abi
  20. Forgot to add that the advisors' sons need to be included in the drawing of straws
  21. drawing straws it is, then. If it is OK with the odd man out, I would inform SeaBase you have a potential provisional for any slots that may open at the last minute. It's a tough situation. One I would hate to be in.
  22. getting their payments in on time is worth a point going on all the training activities is a point can you run two separate crews, or has been suggested, have some go as provisional with other groups?
  23. right side first because that is how right-handers naturally do things. A leftie would start left side first. In one of Cliff Jacobsen's books on knot tying, the illustrations looked strange because he is left-handed Orientation can sometimes be a problem. Consider the bowline. In a patrol competition we have them tie a bowline around a tree stump. Stage two is to tie a bowline around the same stump, but this time the stump is to be between the boy and the knot. The different "view" can throw many off.
  24. We use Rubbermaid totes instead of plywood boxes -- easier for a four-man carry. Actually, we want each Scout to carry some crew gear in their pack. We only bring the entire tote when at a camporee
  25. As a university president once said, "Bless the A average students because they will bring honors to the university. And also bless the C students because they will provide us with endowments, new buildings, and fundings for academic chairs."
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