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  1. are things they must do at home, well...it's not sitting well with me at all.>> can see the value in some of the MBU events presented when they are in settings like some of you have described. That doesn't address the issue of large groups of boys with one counselor. Under those circumstances how does that counselor get feedback from EACH boy to be sure he understands and/or has fulfilled the requirement. Discuss in the requirements doesn't equal listen to some guy talk about it. It involves two way dialogue.
  2. Our district merit badge list has been a mess for years - various people have taken it over and tried to fix it but before they have any noticeable succcess it's passed on to someone else. I am the troop advancement chair and _I_ get no response from the District Advancement Chair. Maybe he doesn't know the answer to these questions I post either - ha ha! We have a very motivated young scout who is striving to get ALL of the merit badges so he will definitely have to reach out beyond the troop level in the coming years.
  3. The former advancement chair told us a story about a scout from our troop who had two badges not accepted at the Eagle board of review because the date on the front of the card (next to the unit leader signature) didn't jive with the dates on the back. In both cases a scout needed to have X number of days working on the badge to have completed the requirements and there wasn't enough time between the dates. My guess is that the scout did what I have seen numerous times - the scout started the badge without that approval (because no one thought it was important) and when he was finished hande
  4. I feel like I stir up a hornets nest every time I post here but I THANK YOU ALL for your very thoughtful feedback. ScoutNut, What I meant by how to handle it in the future is what to advise a merit badge counselor who asks if he is allowed to sign off on a badge that was started before he became a counselor. Hes willing to do it but hes new to the process and doesnt want to do something that might create a problem down the road on an important Eagle merit badge. So he asked if he could and I thought maybe someone here would have a source he could go to for an answer. We have had hu
  5. This is a long complicated story ... scout starts working on a merit badge. Gets permission and dated blue card from the unit leader and does the 13 weeks of expenses and the rest of that requirement for Personal Management along with some other requirments. He writes it all out and saves it but never goes back and meets with the counselor so nothing is signed off on the blue card. The original counselor is no longer active with the troop, and now that the scout is older he has decided to continue the badge with another counselor. The new counselor is unsure if he is allowed to accept the
  6. An interesting addition to my post above - upon further comparison of the Florida scout's Troopmaster report and Scoutnet, Troopmaster shows him earning only two awards since he left us (actually two years ago). Both were merit badges and the first was shortly after he left, and the other has no date. Neither of these badges appears on Scoutnet. If troops are using Scoutnet, I'm not sure we can blame council for those things being missing. I know there have been problems in the past with things not getting entered from paper reports but now all troops have the ability to check to make sure
  7. Here's my two cents ... it depends on the council and it depends on what THEY were given. We had a military scout transfer here from CA. Nothing was ever transfered to our council. The scout was able to provide his book which showed Tenderfoot, First Class, Second Class, and Star and most of his merit badge cards. He was missing the blue card for Communications, but had the pocket card. I called the council and they had very little - I believe they said they had his Star rank and nothing else but a couple of merit badges. They suggested I contact the troop and gave me the number of the
  8. My aplogies, infoscouter. I work very hard as Advancement Chair and I know that every single commmittee position is important to our troop. I'm just bummed to lose two really great guys from the BOR.
  9. I'm not looking to admonish anyone - in fact, if it is "legal" to use unregistered people it would sure make my life easier trying to find enough people to sit on the board. We have about 10 BOR a year and with many of our MCs traveling for their job, it can get tricky. Two of my best ones just got promoted to ASM.
  10. I recently saw the newsletter of another local troop and it said that every boy who was going up for a Board of Review needed to bring a parent to serve on another scout's board of review. I can't believe that every parent in that troop is a registered Troop Committee member (the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures states "This board of review is made up of at least three and not more than six members of the troop committee.") I went looking online for an official policy, or definition of Committee Member, and could not find one. So my question is am I interpreting it correctly th
  11. Buffalo Skipper, I found that handy spiral on my last trip to the scout store. Since all I needed was the requirements, the $3.99 price tag was much more appealing to me than buying a new book. Carole
  12. We received a directive from district that if a Scout had started work toward a rank before January 1, 2010, using requirements that were current before January 1, 2010, he could complete that rank only using the old requirements. Any progress toward a rank that was begun after January 1, 2010, must use the new requirements. I found nice copies of the requirements at this website http://www.bsahandbook.org/ and was able to copy them so they can be glued into their older books. I realized it did not effect that many boys - the biggest bunch was life scout. Carole
  13. Thanks for all the advice. We have a committee meeting this evening and we will need to discuss this and it will be good to go in with some possible solutions. Carole
  14. With the addition of new requirements to some of the ranks, how do you all go about adding them to books? Do you just write them in? Photocopy a new book and tape the copy over the old page in the book? Carole Troop Advancement Chair
  15. Are there "official" requirements for the bugler position? I seem to remember when my son did it reading that they had to be working on or have completed the bugling merit badge but I can't find anything online saying that except for a manual for one troop. I guess maybe I read that way back and thought it reflected an official position. Carole
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