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  1. we never test & teach on the same campout. There is enough of a mental echo that material presented on a friday or saturday can still be regurgitated saturday or sunday without it passing into long-term memory. For some merit badges, such as crafts, this is not too important. For others that are purely physical, such as swimming, if he can do the course he passes. Other mb not only have a great deal of material, but it all needs to be learned & performed correctly, such as first-aid; this cannot be done in one time frame. We like to have the judge (who signs off) be diffe
  2. "2) A Scout is Tested. Billy comes to ASM Beaver at the meeting a few weeks later askin' for a sign off on the FC cooking requirements. He tells ASM that he did da meals for the Klondike. ASM takes him at his word and signs off." If this happens, it is the ASM that messed up since no testing took place. The ASM needed to understand the Klondike was one of Billy's practice sessions; he needs to inform Billy of the time & conditions for the test, who will judge it (PL of a different patrol is always good - prevents inbreeding; the "foreign" PL will visit for the day) Other than that,
  3. find him a Big Brother to coach/help with Wolf stuff.
  4. have the den meetings at his house if it's OK with the Mom?
  5. How can any Scout just use the worksheets? About half the merit badges require prior MBC approval for some parts?
  6. tents versus cabins? Are Adirondack shelters no longer used? cabins are hard to move. instead of the ground recovering, by camping in a different part of the campground, the ground becomes as bare & packed as an inner city lot
  7. "When the media calls you tell them the parent never turned in their order or money they have supposedly collected to the Pack. Then you give the media the name, address and phone number of the parent and tell them to contact the parent for an explanation." Bad idea, really bad idea. If even one unproven allegation slips out, these semi-pro deadbeats may sue your rear off. Doesn't matter if you know the truth or not
  8. Can't speak for area. For "my" troop: We don't camp during Nov & Dec. We don't go anywhere near the woods during hunting season (as a troop or patrol. Time is taken up with Scout Christmas tree lot (not a big money-maker, but traditional & we believe it helps build character), planning & attending troop Christmas party potluck with all parents attending, community service projects (soup kitchen help at Thanksgiving, canned food & clothing drive, set up Christmas trees at retirement homes, help with toy repair, whatever). Troop does attend services in uniform on Christmas
  9. I can see three problems here: 1) Bad family gets the money with the order, and keeps the money 2) Bad family is fronted the popcorn, sells it & keeps the money 3) Bad family turns in the money, gets the popcorn, sells the popcorn to a new batch of people & keeps the money in any case, the unit needs to make good on the original orders without any excuses.
  10. If I've read correctly, some of your batch system NSPs last a year! Why? Most all our newbies stay in the NSP for only about a month or two. It generally takes them that long to get signed off on all T'foot requirements. They then get to join a "real" patrol; this, in itself, is a great motivator. Our patrols are generally mixed-age as most choose the patrol nearest their own home. Allowing a new Scout to be a PL is ludicrous. While there may be that rare exception, most newbies have little Scoutcraft, don't know that much about Scouting, and without leadership training have noth
  11. was the popcorn given to the Cub, or to the Cub's parents? In most states, parents are not responsible for the actions of their children. It then makes no sense to sue CubMom for something the Cub did or didn't do. You can't sue the Cub either; he's a minor. That's why you need to use honey instead of vinegar. Reach out, draw them back into Cubbing first, then work out a payment plan or an equivalent. Now if Cubparents signed for the popcorn, different story
  12. hazards of placing money raised into your personal account for safekeeping: the IRS can & may determine any amount deposited to your account is income to you, and needs to be taxed you may be accused of embezzlement or theft. Your "excuse" after the fact that it's just for safekeeping may taint you forever you may be accused of money-laundering (far-fetched, but still possible) your unit may not be able to give the original donor a receipt for income tax purposes since the check you write reflects your name only should something happen to you, your executor may see no need to tu
  13. first thing I would do is pass out a questionnaire to each Scout. example: what did you do instead that weekend? Do you find the troop outings totally boring? What would you do to improve things? and so on. Any group needs constant feedback It may be that, during sports seasons, outings need to start at dawn on Saturday instead of on Friday after school
  14. unit treasurer could use the bank's night deposit drop to avoid carrying around large amounts of moola
  15. "In the matter od Popcorn sales, our unit prefers that the parent deposit any cash collected and then turn it in with one check. There are a couple of good reasons for and on against. " A big reason against is that it may be against the law in your state. Some need to brush up on the rules & regs governing non-profits and how they handle their money. While I realize it is the CO that is the non-profit, your unit, as part of them, is bound by prohibitions against commingling funds
  16. Our new scout patrols are adult-led in co-ordination with two troop guides apiece. We have found this necessary because, in the past, the older pros frequently thought it funny to teach the newbies that which isn't so. on campouts, the new Scouts don't stray far because the TGs & adults are teaching them Scoutcraft (including first-aid). One of their first outings is a new Scouts only weekend. Once they are signed off on T'foot, they move into a regular patrol
  17. I would make a personal visit (include some women). Be polite & warm, and work out a payment plan. If you gave the popcorn to the Cub - a minor - there's not much else you can do. While there, say you've missed the Cub, you've got these great activities coming up (list), and does he need a ride to the meeting. I like money up front, or at least turned in weekly
  18. "Is there a BSA rule written some where that Scout money cannot be deposited into a personal checking account?" there is a rule for non-profits in general: you are not to commingle funds. So, troop money is not to go into a personal checking account for safekeeping. However, if a Scout has a sockful of coins from his own sales efforts that he did by himself (ex. house to house) as opposed to with a group (ex. concession stand), and wants to give the money to Mom in return for a check (and Mom later doesn't use the check to claim a charitable contribution), then he can probably skate b
  19. Why Scouting? Because, properly approached, and properly done, Scouting prepares you for the adventures you never knew you were going to have!
  20. What have the boys' parents said about this problem? If the boys need fear therapy, this needs to be done by professionals. Sometimes swim difficulties can be overcome by using a heated pool instead of the standard "cold" water one. I imagine they do occaisonally wash their face, so a therapist is needed to determine the problem. All you can do is show them what they're missing by having them watch the waterfront activities instead of going off to do something else.
  21. yeah, don't go to that non-Scout camp. Otherwise, use your own tents. While the dryer method may work, the dryer is also shortening the life of the sleeping bags. A bit more useful: do all the Scouts know what an actual bedbug looks like? Where they hide so they can be searched out? Trash bags are good unless a few hitchhikers hide in the folds of the bag. If they can be winter killed, then just store all the gear outside in a separate shed.
  22. "Get involved in the process and work to change the rule. Write letters. Run for office. Attend council meetings. Sit down and have a heart to heart talk with Mom and Dad - and if they still say no, honor and respect them, because that is the right thing to do." This has all been tried, and yet, nothing happened until Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat. Anyway, this is about Scouting. Standing at the apex of the summit, council and National should be leading by example, and not one set of rules for us, one different set for them. I'm not going to address that all Scouters, a
  23. "approach those that establish the rules and petition them for change with a reasoned appeal and perhaps change will occur." We've tried that approach in the past. That we celebrate the Fourth of July kinda proved it didn't work so well. The majority needs to set the rules, rather than some overpaid elite. If troops can't solicit, then, by example, the council or National shouldn't either.
  24. have some decent background music. Goods donations too small for the silent auction can be used as random door prizes. Definitely have carryout containers. Meat sauce adds to the costs; cheaper & nicer is to put 2 decently sized meatballs on the plate for those wanting the meat version. Some will not be able to eat tomato sauce that day (digestive upset or whatever). Be prepared to offer the noodles with a butter sauce & grated cheese. Have peanut butter, bread, strawbery and grape jams for the kids that suddenly won't eat the spaghetti. Having Scout displays has already been
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