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  1. Greetings! Hope you can offer some insight.. Is there any "official" BSA policy on the minimum rank required to hold a Scout Leadership position in the Troop (example - SPL must be at least Life, Troop Guide must be at least Star, etc.)? Reason I ask... every election this comes up and the canned answer is "I think it's this..." or "I remember that..." I'm kind of "thinking" that there's no official BSA requirement on this... just Troop legend and folklore... (oh - and I do understand why it might be "preferred" to have certain ranks serving in selected positions...adv
  2. Is this a good camp? Not much detailed (and current) info on the Council website. On a scale of 0 - 10 (0 = don't bother; 10 = next best thing to Sea Base), how is their Sailing adventure? Do they offer water skiing still? How are the facilities? Is their First Year Scout program good? Would your Troop choose this camp, or do something like Skymont? Our Troop is fairly landlocked in west Tennessee (albeit canoeing). Thanks!
  3. Anyone know of a Summer Camp with an outstanding sailing/watersport theme within, say 4-5 hours of Memphis, TN? Our Troop regularly goes to our local Council - which has a good program; however, next year we are looking to visit another camp to provide variety for our Scouts. I'd love to suggest to them a Camp with a strong sailing/water sports focus. We're looking for something in between another canoe trip and Sea Base! Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I'm checking out TroopTrack. Impressed so far. Looks like a higher-end version of Scouttrack.com. Will check out "SOAR" too Thanks for the steers!
  5. We need a good online email and calendar service to use for our Troop. Troopmaster has both functionalities, but they are klunky, buggy, and had to use. Scouttrack.com has a great calendar feature and their email is pretty good, but they have no ability to create distribution lists or add "ad hoc" email addresses to an email - which are critical for our Troop. Google products are OK, but we've run into security blocks on some corporate email accounts. Also would like the ability to tie in cell phones for SMS texts. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the great detail in the replies. We boil our water over a Turkey Fry burner and usually have used the Frying pot; however, this method of heating the water directly in the washtubs (I don't know the official #, but they are about 18 inches across - three in our wash station (one for soapy water, one for bleach, and a cold water rinse tub).
  7. Question: It was recently suggested that we boil our cleaning water directly in the galvanized tubs we use at our cleaning station. We tried it and it worked great. However, a concern has been raised about possible health issues resulting from heating galvanized materials (zinc issue). Does anyone have any solid info on this? Can you point me to a reliable source on the subject? Thanks!
  8. Question: We'd like to identify Troop Gear. We are considering spray painting a 6-inch yellow number on the door of our Alps tents. Any experience on this? Will it damage the tent? Thanks...
  9. Already - thanks for the great replies! Buffalo Skipper - that's the direction I've been looking towards. Historically, our ASM Equipment and Supply Coordinators have pretty much done all the inventory themselves, bought the needed supplies and restocked themselves, and grabbed some Scout Puppets to help load the trailer with "TLAR" (That Looks About Right) Patrol Equipment, etc. I suspect doesn't fully embrace the Scout-led principle. I am looking towards stepping into more of an "Adviser" role. What you indicated is exactly the kind of insight I'm looking for. I don't wa
  10. Question: How does your Troop intregrate the Quartermaster (Scout) into the Equipment and Supply puzzle... Thanks!
  11. Need ideas on Boy Scout Trailer organization that you'd like to pass along. What have you found that works, doesn't work, or that you might do differently?
  12. Wow! Didn't know one little question would generate so much traffic! No official guidance, and from what I've seen with some BSA regulations, not sure we want any. Otherwise, the Scouts will be using biodegradable round-tip scissors and gluing Popsicle sticks together during their once-a-year campout (in the church gym). Thanks to all!
  13. SPL1Warwick, Wow... tough situation. Lot's of good advice from others on the thread. You've got a "control" issue in play in your Troop, and that is a hard nut to crack... I find most people (Scouts and Adults) don't have a clue what "Boy-led" is. Some folks genuinely believe they are fostering "Boy-Led" by giving orders and dictates to the Scouts - when in fact, they simply have "Scout Puppets". Other folks think they are fostering "Boy-led" by letting the Scout do "whatever" and letting nature run its course. I don't think that is what Lord Baden Powell intended either.
  14. Question: What are specific characteristics that you feel makes an outstanding Patrol "stand out" in the crowd? When I ask this question, I get a lot of "I'll know it when I see it", but I'd like to hear from our experienced members - what are specific qualities you would say make an "Outstanding Patrol" what it is? Of course, I have the National Honor Patrol Award list, but I'm looking for something a little more concrete, and I know you folks have seen the best and the worst... Thanks! (This message has been edited by bilgerat)
  15. We have several 2nd year Scouts who have completed requirements in Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks using the "old" handbook. One of them just completed his Tenderfoot Rank. Does he use the new Handbook to finish the Second and First Class Ranks, or does he use the "old" handbook to finish those (since he already started them under it) and use the "new" handbook for Star. Please provide official reference info if possible. Thanks!
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