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  1. ScoutDaddy, Like others have stated, a little detail would be very helpful about this one. But taking your post at face value, it reads that he wasn't denied a BOR because of the missing patch but a SMC. Not sure how others here feel about that, but it would make a difference to me. It's one thing to not get a job interview because you showed up in jeans and a t-shirt. It's another to have a job where your boss won't talk to you because of your wrinkled khakis. But to say again, a little detail could go a long way with this one. P.S. Beavah, not arguing balls & strikes
  2. lrsap

    Camp Shands

    Better late than never we are getting our SC plans together. We are looking at Camp Shands in Hawthorne, FL. The guys got interested when they saw the pictures of the tree houses, and they are still available the week we want to go. Anyone been there recently that can give me a heads up on their program? One thing I noticed is their 1st Year camper program is actually split into three groups, TF, 2nd and 1st that don't take up their whole day. While I'm not a big fan of 1st year programs, that aspect sounded at least different if not intriguing.
  3. Another thing that doesn't help is the fact that event innocent friendships with fellow Scouters of the opposite sex can cause strife. Coming home with stories about the great time I spent over the weekend with Sally, Sue or Mary is sure different than talking about time spent with Bob, Joe or Sam.
  4. I found myself in the stereotypical burn out place a couple of years ago. The people you need to watch are those like me. I had no history in Scouting personally until I went to sign my kid up for Tigers and came home with a New Leader Kit. At the beginning, it is all so much fun "I wish I had done this sooner!" Next thing you know, you keep saying yes to everything because "It's just so much fun and a worthwhile thing to do". I started my Scouter career thinking those that stood at RT intros and read the 13 positions they had as role models. These are the same people that told me "Sure,
  5. My son was just voted in as SPL of the troop. He has quite a few ideas on troop improvement, and I am happy to let him go and lead. Now, hold me back as he told me he saw an old picture of some Boy Scouts and really (I mean REALLY) liked the........berets. Sigh
  6. The boys have troop elections coming up next week. This will be our first election since becoming a much larger troop, and I would like for it to be a special event. Anybody have any good tips, and maybe what not to do, for a fun and productive election night?
  7. Not quite sure how to put it other than this. My son and his best friend met in Tiger Cubs. We have become best friends with his parents. God forbid, if anything happens to either of us as couples, the other couple will assume custody and raise the late couples son as their own. We love them and their son, and the best thing Scouting has done for my life is bring these two families together. If I am wrong in giving this child a ride, I am quiting Scouting and the six of us will have fun camping. I love it, but I really don't need it that much.
  8. Honestly, to me it sounds like you have the start of a program that keeps boys interest for a couple of years, then they hand for a while and leave. These great 11-13 year olds are going to be the same age as the 15 year olds you seem so willing to discard because they are dropping the ball. The job of a Scoutmaster is to oversee a program that appeals to boys from 11-17. Nobody said it would be easy. The problems with your troop's program are not of your making, but by accepting the job they are your responsibility. If you had one older boy out of six with an issue, I would say it
  9. As a fellow Scouter, thank you for upholding the values of Scouting in the face of, well, an idiot. We had a circumstance happen like that a few years ago, except our pack was the one that had permission that turned out to be invalid and the troop that day had the proper permissions. There were a lot of confused faces for a moment and then the SM and I walked off to the side to figure it out like adults. Once we realized they were the ones who should rightfully be there, we said no problem, we would go and find another place. The SM then told us to set up at one of the doors and we can s
  10. Could it be the 800 lbs gorilla in the room nobody seems to want to talk about much? If you could make a list of people who, if honest, would say "I want this Scout to advance to the rank of Eagle". The Scout's parents National (figured I would get these out of they way first since they get the most heat in these forums) The Scout The Scoutmaster The Troop Committee COR District Council MBC With all these people having a desire to see a Scout reach Eagle it's time to introduce the gorilla, or gorillas: Personal Management Citizenship in the Community
  11. As far as the "two finger salute" he gave me, I simply raised my eyebrows almost to the back of my head and walked away. He got the message because the next thing out of his mouth was "Excuse me". And I hope I didn't give an impression of the boy being a hellion. He's not necessarily bad, but he is most definitely the center of his own universe.
  12. Thank you all very much for your input. I hope my comments didn't come off as being negative towards home schooling Scouts, but I can definitely realize how they can sound that way. Like I said, I don'y have much experience with a home schooled boy, so I just want to see if there is something specific out there I need to know. All I know is in 14 years of parenting and 7+ years of Scouting, I have NEVER seen anything like this kid.
  13. Yes, I'm about to go there. I have one young man in my troop that is home schooled. As a qualifier, this is the first home schooled Scout I have ever led, and actually one of the few I've ever met. The young man appears to have a lot to learn about social interaction. Perhaps this is why he is in Scouts. But I have never met an 11 year-old child that puts himself on equal terms as adults like this boy does. He was on his first camping trip with the troop a couple of weeks ago. Of course, his dad came along to make sure he would be ok. Some of the highlights of the weekend include:
  14. Basement, are you in Florida? Because I have some boys with partials I would love to send to you. I know I'm new to the SM game and will accumulate a decent list with knowledge, but does everyone have a hard time finding MBC that aren't "worksheet and checklist" types, or at least see the good ones are highly outnumbered?
  15. Thank you all for the replies and knowledge sharing. Kudu, I do still have the 16 (almost 17 year old) with us, but his schedule as he has grown older leaves him in a position that he wouldn't be around as much as I would like to effectively serve as PL. He is very dependable and is there every time he says he will. But work and other obligations make him just not there enough. Beav, love the comment about young teenage boys not understanding subtle. You are so right about that one. I had a great conversation with him last night. He agrees that he should have handled himself
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