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  1. YOU don't have to eat the hotdogs. While everyone else is eating the dawgs, you could be cooking something in your Dutch oven. Show by example. Volunteer to lead a nature walk; some will be interested & some not.
  2. 1) Ya ever been camping before? 2) Do ya think you'll like this? 3) What did you bring to eat?
  3. Adults will hike just to enjoy the hike and admire the scenery. Kids, on the other hand, generally want a hike toward something -- some activity or fun destination. I would hold the first batch of troop meetings outside. Lean on the formalities, more on the hands-on: set up the tent & take it down, building the different fire lays, using a compass to walk a square, how to stuff the backpack and so on.
  4. with all that hiking you might as well start 'em all on the hiking merit badge. if month 2 is going to be a campout - Hooray! - yoiu may need to reserve it right now
  5. Second Class only requires 5 miles. What will they be hiking to? Fishing hole? Swimming? Brown bag lunch? I would start with at least a dinner-in-foil
  6. I advise jumping straight into camping. Does the troop have any camping equipment? Any funds? How many state parks with campgrounds are near?
  7. Council needs to do its own fundraising separate from the units.
  8. Obvious, to me, where this is all coming from. Most Americans like to help others. Many want to volunteer to go overseas for two weeks or two months to help build a school, lay in a water system. To get to do this, they need to pay the non-profit hundreds of dollars. The non-profit dribbles it back as food & lodging while keeping a big chunk for administrative expenses. The customer gets to do volunteer work while the non-profit becomes a marketing agency seeking to enhance the paychecks it feels its staff deserves. What the "professionals" are doing is right out of the same pla
  9. Philmont is not much more expensive than two weeks at some summer camps. It's the getting there and back, the side trips (river rafting, scenic train ride, etc), staying in motels,special tee-shirts & souvenirs that jack up the cost. Biggest mistake is buying all that new gear. Somewhat cheaper if you go as Trail Crew, etc. & work while there About the same for Northern Tier as long as you stay out of Canada.
  10. sounds like extortion, and seems to be more prevalent. Since the CO owns the unit, I'm wondering if all the COs could get together to create their own alternate Council? Would National go along?
  11. "Not sure if you understand BWCA. BWCA is just a series of lakes or ponds seperated by hills. If there are no hills, the lakes and ponds would run together into one giant lake/river. EVERY portage is up and over a hill. There is no such thing as a smooth, level portage. Where are you going to store this golf cart in a canoe between portages? " I was not clear. Picture a trail that is smooth and level side to side, and not one consisting of boulders, stepping stones or cliffs. Then, a golf cart could be used over hill & dale I've been to the Boundary Waters many times. Was trying
  12. the age requirement does seem arbitrary. An upper body strength requirement is what is really needed. Hopefully, the ability or lack of to portage through a carry will be addressed at the local practice canoe trips. Be careful having the boys carry a canoe around the school track. When they drop the canoe, and the end of it gouges the expensive running track, you may be required to repair the damage I suppose if you choose a route with smooth, fairly level portages, you could lash everything to a golf cart and pull that along behind you.
  13. Shortridge: I agree with everything you say. However, teenage males are two legged eating machines. Unless you are attending a merit badge camp where everyone marches in lockstep, could they not just do their patrol cooking later than everyone else - such as when they are next hungry? You asked about cooking a Snickers, so here is the recipe Freeze solid the Snickers, roll in funnel cake batter until well coated. Deep fry until it turns a golden brown. Remove from fryer & quickly drain. Top with powdered sugar or hot caramel sauce and serve.
  14. trying to keep chips away from teens is like trying to keep the IRS away from your money. the extra calories shouldn't have mattered to a growing teen unless camp is not providing enough physical activity.
  15. "Food would freeze in NY, but spoil in Miami, cooking options? Can't build a fire in Central Park." Nah, vacant lots and steel barrels for burning are all over NYC. Any of the local survival experts will be happy to instruct you if you share your food
  16. "As to Morse Code, would not semaphore be more "traditional"?" Morsae code more useful. Over distance you can use the wig-wag method. At night you can use a flashlight. Inside a rolled over cruise ship you can tap on the pipes. "And should we not use the Roman or Greek format as even more "traditional"?" Romans & Greeks had Boy Scouts? Cool!
  17. $5? Unbelieveable. Jeans should be OK for summer use unless up in the mountains or out in the desert
  18. Scoutfreakdad: While any good book on orienteering may help you, I would ask around to find a local orienteering club to volunteer their services in laying out the course. Maybe try all the nearer colleges; see if any have orienteering clubs. Also, maybe ask your local National Guard?
  19. bad SPL: elected as a popularity contest, receives little training, has no management models to fall back on except big brother to little brother (punch, smack...) good SPL: has experience as APL or PL, has received the unit's leadership training while a PL, later goes on to council's leadership training, is mentored/trained by current ASPL/SPL. Does own fundraising to go to Philmont for leadership training. If still interested, takes on more & more PLC troop-wide projects (as project manager) before throwing his hat into the ring for SPL Who does the SPL camp with? Is there n
  20. Baden-Powell won't last long. They make their "Scouts" learn Morse code and carry sheath knives
  21. "TODAY.com got the exclusive news from the Girl Scouts that yes, Virginia, there IS a Thin Mints candy bar! But dont clear out pantry space for these chocolate goodies just yet. Turns out the average cookie monster wont be able to get their hands on the bars, described as "dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate creme, topped with airy crispies," for a few months. We are thrilled with the positive response to the Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bar, said Joshua Ackley, a spokesperson for the organization. The product photo is a retail sales sample and not available for sale at this
  22. I am not sure where sexting fits in with being morally straight. Perhaps Boys Life could feature a centerfold Girl Scout each month to increrase readership.
  23. "But the above quote reflects a venturing concept more than Boy Scouting. When I look at youth leadership roles from the scoutmaster handbook or troop committee guidebook, it doesn't match" Current Youth Leadership Training for Boy Scouts now has a lot of overlap with Youth Leadership Training for Venturing. Are your SM handbooks and guidebooks up to date? You do send Scouts to Leadership training? But then don't allow them to implement what they've learned upon their return? Troop adults are expected to advise, mentor & do some training of the PORs, but if the PORs don't take a
  24. the 50 miler patch can be earned by cycling. The new design for the patch shows this (can also do this on horseback)No motors allowed on the bike (or the horse too, I guess) I believe you still have to be out for five consecutive days
  25. How does someone "fund depreciation"? That's a new one for me. If a camp is not open 52 weeks a year, but the professionals, such as the rangers & property manager are paid year around, it's a wonder any camp is in the black. Has any camp tried a Winter Sports Week? Between Christmas and New Years offer cross-country skiing, ice-skating, ice-fishing, instruction in skating & hockey, etc.? Any camp near snow-mo trails? Get the trails extended into camp, and put up a winter lodge & grill. Admittedly, most of the old cabins are energy hogs. Newer ones need to be both
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