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  1. The medications question was answered in the FAQ's for the December webinar (page 4) - but basically each Troop will have a lockbox (bring your own) to put their non-perishable medications in. Perishables will be at the med lodge for the subcamp. We have one Venturer going that carries an epi-pen with him, the extras will go in the lockbox. Link to the December FAQ pdf - https://summit.scouting.org/en/Jamboree2013/Documents/December_2012_Webinar.pdf YiV, John
  2. Our Council contingent is 2 full Boy Scout Troops and 1 quarter Crew so the ratio of males to females (including the female advisor) is 87 to 3!!! John
  3. I am going as a Crew Advisor for our council's Venturing contingent, 2 girls, 6 boys and a female advisor. Looking forward to meeting forum members face to face, in character or not. It's my first jamboree and I am sharing the experience with my daughter. She is really excited about going as am I. Working on getting in shape for all the walking... John Collins Advisor Crew F904B
  4. I am one of the advisors for my Council's contingent of Venturers going to the Summit in July. We are Crew F904B and I'm looking for anybody who might be going in F904A,C, or D so we can start getting to know each other's Crews. We have our first Crew Contingent meeting tomorrow 1/21/13 and was hoping to be able to tell them who we would be camping with. If you'd prefer to contact me off group - wvcubdad at aol dot com will work. Looking forward to the Jamboree and hearing from other members of Crew 904. YiV, John Collins Associate Advisor Crew 25 Shenandoah Area Co
  5. If those dates don't work for you in August and September, the Shenandoah Area Council is conducting a Wood Badge for the 21st Century Course August 17-19 and September 7-9 at beautiful Camp Rock Enon just south of Gore, VA. Details and registration available at http://www.sac-bsa.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.aspx?LinkKey=41946&orgkey=2571 or contact our Course Director Mike Spory at (540) 660-4220 or spory2@comcast.net. Course fee is $225. Yours in Scouting, John Collins Scribe S7-598-12 I used to be a Buffalo and a good ol' Buffalo too... ...and now a S
  6. Curently have 18 Scouts, routinely have 15-16 on monthly outings, 16 went to summer camp. We formed (reformed actually) in Oct 2010 with 5 Scouts - 3 transfers from other troops, 2 brand new Scouts. Started adding Webelos crossovers in December (3) along with one new recruit, then more crossovers in February 2011 (8) along with one Scout from the December den who went to a Troop where he knew nobody (accentuated because he had moved to our area in his Web II year), and another new recruit and a transfer from another troop. Total Scouts as of March 2011 - 20. Then we lost one of
  7. So at the risk of "exposing" these to others, who are these camps, what are the web sites and what else can you tell us about them (program, costs, negatives)? They sound very interesting, especially Guy's. Good article BTW, thanks Kudu! John Scoutmaster Troop 25 Shenandoah Area Council
  8. An excellent thread! As the SM for a realtively new Troop who just went on our first camping trip since going from 5 to 20 boys, this is exactly the questions we leaders have been wrestling with. Stosh's answer made a lot of sense and I think that is what I will recommend down to the PL's at the next Troop meeting. YiS, John Collins Scoutmaster Troop 25 Shenandoah Area Council
  9. Re: SAC Webelos Woods Crossover - That's another reason we limited the Patrols to 6 right now, just in case we get additional Scouts we're not aware of who want to come to the Troop. Also it gives us an opportunity for the boys to do some peer to peer recruiting to flesh out thier Patrol. Interestingly none of the boys in my old Pack wanted to wait that long to go the crossover, all of them wanted to get to the Troops as soon as they earned their Arrow of Light. In my time with the Pack, only 1, maybe 2 Webelo II's ever went to that and it wasn't for lack of advertising John Sco
  10. As some of you may recall, my Troop is brand new Troop, a resurection of a unit that has been dormant for 15 or more years. We began this past October with 5 boys, organized into a single patrol. In November we added a 6th boy. Of these, 4 were "experienced" Scouts (1 Life, 2 FC, 1 Scout) and two were brand new with no prior Boy Scout experience. In December my son's Webelos Den crossed over to Boy Scouts and of the 4 boys in the den 3 came to our Troop and one went to another Troop. We still operated as a single patrol. I also stepped down as the Cubmaster and crossed the bridge a f
  11. My Jac-shirt was a Christmas present from my wife when I became the Cubmaster. She had worn her grand-dad's as a teenager and thought I should have one. I later found one for my son and gave it to him when he became a Webelos. There was a Scouting family that had 4 of them - Dad, Mom (CC), #1 son (Boy Scout), #2 son (Cub Scout at the time). It was and still is a kick to see them all walking in to a meeting wearing them. Of course now it is when they come to Troop meetings and activities. My goal is to go to Northern Tier and add the loon to mine. John Scoutmaster Troop 25
  12. I wear my uniform for Den, Pack and Troop Meetings, Roundtable, popcorn kickoff unless a theme is declared and dress specified, B&G, Scout Sunday, etc., etc. I wear it at camp and on our last Troop and Pack campouts wore it all weekend long. Actually felt comfortable to do so. My wife doesn't understand and wonders why the heck I wear it to Roundtable. I know that I wear it because I want to and usually there are very few that attend who do not wear it. I was also recently appointed as the CSRT Commissioner. I don't wear it to the Pack Committee meetings since that is just t
  13. So I've read through three threads on optimum Troop size and the Patrol method. I am a brand new SM and my Troop is brand new as well. I still have to finish my SM training and recognize that fact. We have 5 boys registered but for the last month have had only 4 showing up to meetings as the fifth is involved in the local community theatre and busy with that, but still wants to be a Scout. We are currently organized as one patrol with a PL, APL, Scribe, Quartermaster and Grubmaster all chosen by the boys. The PL is a Life Scout (may fit Stosh's description of Eagle w/o skills),
  14. My Pack just switched to PM in December to facilitate the online recharter process. We were using Scout Track for Cub Scout Packs which is internet based, allows the Pack leadership the option of allowing parents to input when their boys complete advancement requirements, electives, Sports & Academics Belt Loops and Pins and has a schedule, e-mail functions and produces reports useful to the Pack. The only thing it didn't do well is internet recharter. My CC couldn't get the database to upload and she was familiar with PM so we switched with the intent of allowing the Scout Track progra
  15. WVCubDad

    Pack trailer

    Our pack owns a trailer, purchased it 2.5 years ago with popcorn proceeds. The CM at the time had a large pickup which he used to transport all our gear that was stored in several locations throughout our church, including a nice kitchen box prior to getting the trailer. He was able to store the trailer at his house since his POA didn't have any regs against that. He's moved on, I'm the CM and we rotate the trailer between my ACM and myself as our church doesn't have any room in the garages for our trailer. The troop trailer is in bay, the church van is in another. We camp 3 times a ye
  16. One thing that my Council did that I thought was helpful was we had an intro to WB class at our University of Scouting this past January. The CD presented it, offered a good overview of what was going to happen, told some personal stories of his WB experiences and offered some insights then opened it up for questions. In the class were a couple of folks who had been through WB before but hadn't completed their tickets and were back to finish it up. They asked a few questions and then others felt comfortable enough to ask more. We ended up with a full course (yea Buffalos and Antelopes!) an
  17. My patrol was the "Blazing White Buffalos" and for our yell we did the horns up from the Buffalo Dance - chh, chh, then a loud "B-W-B!!!!" We also performed the Buffalo Dance several times throughout the course. One of my patrol mates found a great painting of a white buffalo standing in the snow with his breath steaming out and we put that onto the backs of our course t-shirts using an iron-on decal. I had a graphic designer friend overlay our individual totems in the lower right corner. The staff thought that was pretty cool. We also cut out our totem on synth-board and hung
  18. So nice to be able to finally join in The Song, finished our second weekend today. What a great feeling ... Patiently waiting to stampede on with my verse.... 8^) John Cubmaster Pack 13 Shenandoah Area Council I used to be a Buffalo, and a good ol' Buffalo too! Blazing White Buffalo Patrol SR-893(This message has been edited by WVCubDad)
  19. Interstingly we just completed our Resident Camp yesterday. I was present for the first session (Sun pm - Wed am) which included 4 Bears, 3 Webelos and 5 leaders. The second session (Wed pm - Fri pm) had 1 Wolf, 3 Webelos and 2 leaders. Our Council's policy as outlined in the Camp Leaders Guide is that the Council follows the 2 deep leadership rule and that specifically for this camp we needed to have "2 leaders for the first 5 boys and 1 additional leader for every additonal 5 scouts when the pack is together." During the first session we had three leaders with the Bears and 2 w
  20. Shaved, liner cut out, wet down and formed over a true steel pot, side snugged down tight, top form fitted to the skull with the stiffner pulled slightly forward and the headband parallel to the ground -- that's the way to truly wear the beret! And yes, when I wore one, I looked pretty darn good in it. However they do make a lousy field hat, I second a nice floppy boonie hat. John Cubmaster Pack 13 Shenandoah Area Council
  21. For a pack meeting last fall we had a local Karate club come in and give a demonstation to the Cubs. It was a dojo that one of our Bears belongs to and he participated in the demo breaking his board handily. The best demonstrator was a 12 year old girl and she was very impressive. The instructor was very good explaining things to the boys and even had them do one very simple yell/move, don't know what it was, just that for many weeks afterwards my son would still holler and assume the stance! Did we violate G2SS? Not in my opinion, one shout and a very basic non-contact stance
  22. Your certified folks should have a copy of Cub Scout Shooting Sports with range diagrams. I don't have mine close at hand so I don't recall the pub # or specific distances. One question, are you talking downrange blocked off or behind the ready line back to where they will gather and wait to be called up to the ready line blocked off? John Assistant Cubmaster Pack 13 Shenandoah Area Council
  23. At every Council Cub camping event I've been to, it's usually been leftovers from lunch or dinner. Although Cub Resident Camp did have pie and ice cream one evening and oatmeal creme cookies the next....yum. At the National Camping School course I went to at Heritage Scout Reservation in PA it was a specific stand alone snack, nachos one night and buffalo wings the next. On Pack camping trips it's usually Smores. Your mileage may vary, but enjoy it just the same. John Assistant Cubmaster Pack 13 Shenandoah Area Council(This message has been edited by WVCubDad)
  24. Last weekend our Pack had our annual lock-in. In between checking in and dinner we made paper airplanes for a little boy with cancer in Western New York who is trying to get in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most paper airplanes recieved. It's for real, check out the link - http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/hunterwinship I was really surprised to see how many of them had no idea how to make a basic paper airplane. Some of the older boys knew how and showed off their skills, but in the end as I packed the box to ship them off, I did a little clean-up on many of the planes. G
  25. I am a lobbyist. In a nutshell my job is to keep small airports open across the country. It gets more complicated but basically I try to convince local governments that having an airport is a good thing and an asset to their community. Prior to this job I taught people how to fly. That was really fun, if not very lucrative. I still hold a flight instructor certificate, but haven't flown in about 8 months. I was also a tank platoon leader and supply company executive officer in the Army from 1989 to 1993. Also a fun job with lots of travel! And Lisa I wish my American Govern
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