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  1. ALL, I recently made eagle and am starting the court of honor planning. I was thinking about it and one person i would like to have given a mentor pin to has passed on. im wondering if anyone has done this and or heard of this and how it was done thanks.
  2. In our experience the tents that we lend out always get ruined, so since the scouts mostly have there own we ask that they use there own, There is a pots and pans set by coleman that i planed on. As for utensils Tongs, 2 spatulas, 2 laddles, Large fork, 1 small knife, 1 large knife, one chopping nife, cutting bords x2, sturring spoon x2, pasta laddle (laddle with holes and fingures, whisk.
  3. Hey, Im new to the site, Ive been a scout since i was 11 and not im 17. about 2 years ago my old troop and i fell out so i switched troops. the new troop is only 6 years old and has no equipment. As i am almost an eagle they have asked me to help put together a list of troop/ patrol equipment. i appreciate any help. Below is the list i came up with. Thanks, NJ Patrol box Camp stove Stove stands cooking set hatchets bow saws 3/4 axe cooking utensils ropes matches fire bucket shovel can opener hot muffs 5 Gal. water container cutting board rubber mll
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