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  1. bkale

    U.S. Heritage Award Nation Trails

    Hi.. I am the founder of Youth Patriotism Awards and am glad to hear that the program is still being discussed. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about it. The medals are custom designed by me - as well as the requirements for the awards. I originally created the program to give leaders an alternative award (and program guide/assist) to other programs that were having customer service challenges. My program has served Scouts and other youth in 27 states and is now an Official Award of the American Heritage Girls. As to wearing the medal, the vast majority of Scouts that I have talked to are treating my medals like historic trail medals and are wearing them over the left pocket on special occassions. I have designed a patch as well and of course that can be worn on the right pocket per the Uniform guide. I look forward to hearing from many of you... especially since, as a Scout leader myself, I have enjoyed and leveraged the vast knowledge on this forum. Yours in Scouting, Brian
  2. bkale

    Youth Patriotism Awards

    Hi.. my name is Brian Kale and I am the founder of Youth Patriotism Awards. I am glad to see a continuing interest on the board. The program has been running since Sept 11, 2008 and has provided awards to youth in 39 different states and even to a Cub Pack in Germany (TransAtlantic). I have shipped just short of 600 medals in the last year and even added patches to the program. I have been amazed at the level of participation in the first year and absolutely love the kind words that I have received from many leaders about how the program helped them with Patriotism studies in their unit. I am always available to answer any and all questions you may have about the program. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to an even better 2nd year.
  3. Wanted to post a big thank you to all of the leaders out there that have taken my program and incorporated it into their yearly activities. The program has been in existance for just short of 8 months and so far I have heard from well over a thousand leaders (comments, encouragement, questions, etc) and have received orders from 22 different states. 451 youths have completed requirements. I have at least 4 leaders using part of my program for their Wood Badge ticket. To say that I am humbled by the positive response would be an understatement. For those of you that have not visited the program.. please take a moment and do so. Yours in Scouting, Brian Kale http://www.youthpatriotism.org
  4. bkale

    Nations Trails Heritage Awards SCAM

    The website has been offline for at least 3 weeks now. As an alternative, I would like to point to the program that I created and has been running since September 2008. The Youth Patriotism Awards takes an awareness of our heritage and takes it even further to focus on service, freedom, and citizenship. Please take a moment and look the program over. http://www.youthpatriotism.org And also... to those that have already known about my program... I want to announce that I have just approved a 3.5 inch round patch for the program and will have them available by March 20th. I will be updating the website with the patch a little later this week (most likely this weekend). Thank you all that have been supportive to this program. I am humbled by the support.
  5. bkale

    Nations Trails Heritage Awards SCAM

    Still sorry to hear the poor response from this company. I am very appreciative of those that have reviewed my Youth Patriotism Awards program and found it a fufilling and fun substitute. www.youthpatriotism.org
  6. Interesting... I just completed my two weekends in the fall of '08 and we didn't elect permanent patrol leaders. I look forward to hearing other people's $0.02 Brian NE-IV-215 Buffalo
  7. bkale

    Pinewood Derby car help!!!!

    Make sure your car is fully shaped and sanded. Sanding is the most painful part but makes the difference on how the car looks. Paint really highlights rough spots. At this point you should find out how much your car weighs. Use a scale that measures in 1/10th or preferrably 1/100ths of an ounce. Use the Pack Official scale if possible but if not use your own (making sure it zeroes out when nothing is in the pan). To weigh, just set the car body, wheels (unattached) and 4 nail axels on the pan. Object is to get as close to 5oz as possible (without going over). I find that I add weight at this point - before painting. Most of the time I am drilling a hole in the bottom of the car and that screws up the paint. Use nuts, lead, or any heavy metal that is available. Once the weight is secured (make sure it does not shift or have the chance to fall out/off), you prime the wood. Pine soaks up paint like crazy. I put two coats of spray paint primer on my cars. Use a light color primer (white) for bright colors (bright red, yellow, white, etc and a darker primer (grey) for darker colors (like dark blue, burgandy, etc). Make sure to let the primer cure for at least 2 hours between coats. It should be dry (not a bit tacky before moving on to painting. Paint the car as any other model and let it dry. Add any stickers/decals you want. Then add at least 2-3 coats of spray on clear coat. This makes the car shiny and protects the paint from chipping off. It also protects the stickers/decals from peeling off. Now... after all of this is dry, you are going to put on the wheels. Before putting the wheels on (while waiting for paint to dry), you should be smoothing your tires. My recommendation is to use a medium sandpaper for the wheels at a moderate drill speed (or you melt the wheels) and then a high count sandpaper (wet) or a cloth with graphite on it. Make sure you smooth the axels with several different roughness of sandpaper (using water with the highest/smoothest sandpaper). Put the wheels on the car. Alignment is HUGE. You can use the thickness of three business cards to judge how much space should be between the car body and the wheels. That is the basics. there are TONS of How-to on the web with pictures. Just search on Pinewood Derby and you will have your pick. Good luck.
  8. bkale

    Bobcat Badge

    Sounds like the Cubmaster has forgotten that these are all new members of the Pack and are to be led and protected by Akela after being trained by Baloo. No matter what the age of the boy, it is hard to get up in front of people that you might not know at all or barely know and perform like a trained seal. Should the boys know the Oath, Law, and Motto - Yes - with an asterick. I would expect them to be able to complete it with coaching and definitely understand what it means. Will they get better as the year goes on.. YES. Should they be able to repeat everything from memory by the end of their Tiger year... YES. Will they ever feel comfortable in front of the Pack reciting while being "judged" by all of the other boys... Maybe not. The requirements for Bobcat being performed in the spotlight and then going thru a inquisition is like saying "taste this meal" and now go cook it. This sounds like a time for the Den Leader to stand up and show the boys what character should be. Politely and respectfully remind the Cubmaster that this made up "requirement" is not present in ANY BSA official reg or direction and will do nothing but cause these boys to dread getting any kind of recognition. My two cents.. but coming from a guy that has led 20 boys thru Bobcat... and father of three... I think I might be qualified.
  9. bkale

    Philmont Treks

    Just as a blast from the past moment... I went to Philmont in '83 and travelled from NC (we were a provisional troop from Old Hickory Council). We travelled by bus and spent the nights on Air Force bases along the way. It was a blast. We boys had a great ime on the bus and really came together (especially since we were a provisional troop). I remember it taking us 4 days out (taking a souther route (thru SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX) and then we came home a more central route (thru the Midwestern plains). We stopped to see all kinds of Americana. The trip should be just as eduactional and memorable as the hikes.
  10. I used to be a Buffalo, and a good old old Buffalo too. But now I've finished Buffalo-ing, I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble, and I can Buffalo no more, So I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Back to Gillwell, happy land; I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Greatest wishes for an adventurous year... Yours in Scouting, Brian NE-IV 215
  11. bkale

    Our new Cub Scout WordPress site is up!

    Site looks like a fun Cub Scout theme... good job. I am interested in more information.
  12. Have you all seen the Time article about the fight between the City of Philadelphia (mostly the mayor) and the BSA? http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1810449,00.html (Make sure you get the entire URL) Ok.. here's my thought... remove the building (Leave No Trace) and give the property back. I am sure the BSA can find a more hospitable location.. especially if the politics of the City is going to blindly enforce integration of ALL social groups.
  13. bkale

    What happened in 1973?

    I wonder if the 1,000,000th Eagle was advised of the distinction backj in 1983? I was awarded my Eagle in 1982.. interesting numbers.. thanks for the info. BK NE-IV-215
  14. bkale

    How would you / have you handled this...

    This will be a tough one for you. First of all.. Cub Scouting is a family oriented program. Sign off is done by the Akela (parent at home and DL at meetings). You have to respect the signature of the parent... however.. that being said... you can "educate" the group as to the future outcome of their actions. Number one action on your part is to talk to the DL. The CM is responsible for the Program and the DL works in the Program. If you feel that having a one-on-one talk would be taken wrong, have a Program meeting (CM, ACM, DLs, ADLs only). Advise the group that Cub Scouts is about "Doing their Best" but not just breathing and getting a patch. A boy learns his own strength and character by stretching and reaching just beyond his fingertips. If he is not doing that, he gets the wrong expectations and feels entitled (problem with a LOT of people these days). This discussion you have with your leaders should instill in them the lasting legacy they are teaching these boys. Second action... a gentle talk with ALL of your parents. Remind them that they have the ultimate responsibility in Cub Scouting to set the example. If they allow their boys to move forward or coast without tryingthings, they will have created boys without drive, character, and self-worth. Seems like a really big trip to lay on them.. and it is - but it is the core of what we are doing. Remind them that ever action (or non-action) either builds or tears down character. Lastly... you will have to accept that it is happening if the parents and DL do not change. You do have the right to ask the CC/COR to remove the DL but that will be messy and should be your very last resort. The boys will see this as well and what are they learning from that? Use your CM minutes every time you can and remind everyone of the opportunities they have to grow and become more than they were that morning when they woke up. As to your boys coasting thru the program... sounds a little like they haven't found their niche and felt challenged. Your program staff needs to look at more diverse program and adding some more fun (educational) activities that will prepare these boys for Boy Scouts (ultimate goal of Cub Scouts). Approach it all with calm determination to show a character that is worthy of emmulation and you will do fine. Good Luck! BK NE-IV-215
  15. bkale

    United States Heritage Award

    Nations Trails has had a major change in customer service. This led me to create a new program. I created the Youth Patriotism Awards. http://www.youthpatriotism.org Please take a moment to look at the program. Thanks