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  1. Oak Tree, You're exactly right. This forum is a convenient place to merely vent -- not to discount its benefits as a source for valuable information. I have no intention of hamstringing my son nor self-sabotaging those things that I CAN offer the group by getting myself blacklisted out of the gate. LOL These are just little things that could get overinflated if left to simmer too long.
  2. As mentioned, I personally agree with the philosophies of the martial arts and also personally feel that they should be and are highly beneficial to all persons of sound mind - including those of Scouting age! The CM's boys are enrolled at the aforementioned dojo and I WISH my son was (but that's another story). My points were that: 1. It is specifically contrary to BSA policy (teach the boys to disregard rules they don't personally agree with??), and 2. Having the boys attention and focus for the monthly Pack Meeting business (awards, announcements, general teachings, etc.) would be as
  3. Thank you. I stand corrected. I did mean to say "CM" and "ACM", not "SM" and "ASM".
  4. My active return to Scouting after 40 years has brought with it some frustrations and a need to vent. So I'll bend your ears and take a little of your time. My son began his Scouting experience this year as a Webelos I with no previous Cub Scouting at the lower ranks. There was a very successful enrollment drive in the Fall and, as a result, there were others also brand new to the program. In this Pack there was a pre-existing full Den of Webelos I scouts who were veterans with much time working together. It was decided that all of the new arrivals would be grouped together as a second
  5. I think that you have gone above and beyond in your attempts to offer the boy and his family the benefits of Scouting. It is neither your responsibility nor burden to GIVE the boy the Cub Scouting experience - rather it is the boy's parents' responsibility to commit to participation in the program, both of themselves and for the boy. You have literally gone out of your way to offer the opportunity. I've heard it said numerous times, "BSA doesn't stand for Baby Sitters of America." And you most certainly couldn't be expected to babysit the noncommittal parents for participation. Party-cras
  6. Thank you all. With reflection and your insights I believe the better approach will be in wearing the neckerchief to "lead by example", at least initially. It may stem from my military time, but I believe strongly in uniformity and standardization as a strong basis for teaching and maintaining team/Den/Pack spirit. Contrary to the advertisements, an "Army of one" doesn't get the job done.
  7. I have recently returned actively to Scouting and am assuming the leadership position in my son's Webelos den. In completing my updated uniform appropriate to the occasion I must inquire as to the propriety of wearing my OA bolo tie in lieu of the customary Webelos scarf or Cub Scout bolo tie. My first inclination was to ask around the Pack heirarchy, but I have noticed that their uniform standards (per the Insignia Guide) appear somewhat lax and haphazard. (From what I've read throughout the forums, uniformity in appearance has lessened in priority over the years.)
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