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  1. It has always been BSA's policy that so long as the CO follows the basic BSA policies (requirements, YPT etc.) the CO can set other membership requirements. Note the CoJCoLDS example. Some years ago, I helped establish a Troop at a Roman Catholic Church. They openly required that boys and families be Catholic. The Troop was very active for about three years, then gradually dried up and disappeared. We had a Muslim Troop some years ago, they declared anyone could join, realizing that their diet and activiites would be faith driven. Unfortunately, their membership was drawn from a
  2. Never hurts to bring your campcup. Properly secured by cord or carabiner. Might be Seabase mugs available for souveniring....
  3. A Bug's Life (1998) - don't look at the light! - YouTube
  4. Well, there is a way for to avoid "missing working with them"... Jes' sayin' . . . . hint hint . . .
  5. Rules to live by: 1) The work is done by whoever shows up. Show up. 2) Train'em, trust'em, turn'em loose. 3) Ye canst not please everyone all the time. You will have three possible "bosses". Please these three and you will be doing good: a) Your God, however you perceive him/her /it. b) .Someone, somewhere, sometime, will ALWAYS be telling you what to do. A teacher, your spouse, a traffic cop.... At what peril do you NOT please THEM ? c) The fellow who pays you for doing what you do to get paid. Ethical? Legal? Satisfying? Fu
  6. "Good evening, Scouts. I've asked your SPL for some time tonight to present a special event. an opportunity, I guess. First I'd like to introduce Jack Arrowsmith and Jefferson Fletcher here. These Scouts are members of the Order of the Arrow. You may have heard of this piece of Scouting, maybe not. Let me explain a little from my history.... Each of you Scouts know about earning rank and getting awarded stuff for things you do and accomplish. Win the camporee competition? Hike thru Philmont? Canoe Northern Tier? You get a patch and bragging rights, right? Well, the OA is a differ
  7. This is the "latest" from NCAC: Amangamek-wipit lodge Let’s go camping guide (ncacbsa.org)
  8. "" The Boy Scouts of America posthumously awarded Chester County's Evan Bass the rank of Eagle Scout at a ceremony Monday in Chester. Evan, a Chester County high school student, athlete and dedicated member of Boy Scout Troop 61, died in a tragic ATV accident on April 10, 2020. He was 17. Family , Scouts and Community finished Evan’s Eagle Project. The Palmetto Council of the Boy Scouts of America also presented the Bass family with the Spirit of the Eagle Award, a posthumous award recognizing the achievements of Scouts who lost their lives to “untimely acciden
  9. So how do we address this ? How to email, USPS the camp, how? Texas is a mite fer for me to travel.... Yes, the charcoal chimney works. Newspaper, twigs, hot coals, old Cub books.... The one I use is easily 20 years old. Self tapping screws hold it together now.
  10. Many moon ago, I worked for a county gov't agency. Big committee meeting about a problem perceived by the upper echelons (I was lower middle management, for lack of a better descriptor). When someone mentioned who should we report "X" to, the Big Boss said, why to me. I need to know about such "problems". When someone else said, I think I would call the police and 911 first, the BB said why? If it's already happened, we need to handle our end of things. But the occurance is dangerous and illegal.... Exactly . And our office needs to handle it. Contact us first. The meeting w
  11. The following discussion explains why. This strongly implies the Scouts WANT to work/serve/help. Perhaps the place to do these is in the OA, and their efforts are not welcome in the Troop? Example of "Scout Led" vs "Adult Led"?
  12. No comment on the Council stuff. Professionals come and go. DEs? Creating Districts is often a matter of "because I can". I used to work for the County Government. Every time a new department manager/chief was named, "things changed". The new guy wanted to leave his/her mark on things. Did it really make things more efficient? People more responsible? Often debatable. Same with the BSA organization. Regions? Sections? Districts? I have lived in the same house for almost 30 years. I have worked with pretty much the same group of dedicated Scouters thru that time. I have liv
  13. Slow down, folks. We have two things here, conflating them. Maybe three. Each has a place in this discussion, but need to be considered separately, I think. Scouting has two concerns. The first is why Scouting got started: The "program". The WHY . How does it get presented to the kids/Scouts. WHY should the kid (and by association, their parents) get involved? Why (and How) does the "volunteer" Scouter do what they do? Hiking, camping, personal skills, personal confidence gained, service to others. Outdoor, getting dirty, identifying trees and Poison Ivy. Scout Promise and Law,
  14. I have now been a grandparent for 16 months. 

  15. What think ye on this? A "Promise to Parents", not a "promise to kids"? https://www.crossroadsbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/Scouts-BSA-2021-Promise-to-Parents-Troop-Brand-Standards61.pdf I address your attention especially to the last paragraph. Metrics? Control? Pro's vs volunteers? National vs local? Will the Scout remember the ribbon on the flag or the rain on the canvas?
  16. Yep. All the above. Councils usually have a "Scout Digest" or some such newsletter. Each District , if they are fortunate, will have an eNews of some sort. And the local facebook pages..... And by the way, where are your new clear wessels?
  17. Speak to Messrs. Sabin, Salk, Ehrlich and Pasteur...
  18. And... Scouts go to Antarctica..... Have had girl Gold awards and Boy Eagles in years past..... https://www.boyscouttrail.com/content/award/antarctic_scout-1667.asp And now, a new research support opportunity: https://scoutinginantarctica.org/ Shiver......
  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Scouting#:~:text=In Scouting for Boys%2C Baden,profession of theology on Sundays…
  20. I just read the fine print. this is billed as a mountain bike route. "Bike packing", not so much foot traffic.
  21. I know this ribbon is about rain gear, but hey.... Some years ago, I bought a pair of Bundeswehr (german army) winter trousers from my "surplus " store. Most practical clothing I have ever seen. Still use them when the weather turns really cold and it is time to shovel the cars out of the snow, etc. 100% wool, double layer, front layered with a plastic sheet, reinforced knees, big pockets everywhere, ribbons in the side pockets to tie your compass, etc. to so they can't be lost. No zippers to be frozen, only buttons. Suspender buttons. Waist adjustment by elastic and buttons.
  22. Not bad... You can find "Young Eagles" a 1934 movie serial (12 exciting chapters) on DVD...
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