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  1. How it's written is actually thou shalt not murder. but non the less, show me your compromise on pedophila. You said, and I quote "There must be discourse and compromise in all things." this is not a straw man. this is not a slippery slope. all things.
  2. Someone at national turned the burner up too fast on the frog... I think you're going to see a lot of leaping where just the inclusion of girls would have weathered most of the storm.
  3. I won't renew my dues with my lodge if that becomes reality.
  4. nonsense. our very foundation as a nation held certain truths self evident. There is no compromise for self-evident truths and inalienable rights. Should we compromise on murder? On pedophilia? where else should we compromise? This is a silly statement that is not grounded in reality.
  5. Where did you hear that? The OA isn't the OA anymore if you drop the Lenni Lanape Lore.
  6. So how do you stop the gang of friends that's in the patrol from just hanging out together on a camping trip? No one wears their uniform anymore anyway, just wear a Nike t-shirt instead of a class-b t-shirt and you're good to go. These rules are absurd.
  7. Disappointing. Opening it up to girl Scouts would make sense, but it's very much a "Boy Scout (as in program, not umbrella company)" organization, not an Explorer org, Air Scout org, Sea Scout org, etc and I feel like it should have been kept that way. I really wouldn't be surprised if the Lenni Lanape Lore that is at the foundation of the Order is dropped entirely in 5 years.
  8. I'm not saying we should teach people to have intent to harm, quite the opposite. The goals are the same, limit bullying to irrelevance and non-existence.. but imo operating under banners of anti-bullying is ineffective and ultimately results in a lot of what we're seeing today, damaged youth, mostly boys who then lash out in very destructive ways. The path I feel is a much more successful is focused on the victims, teaching them resilience, emotional fortitude, the ability to form solid friendships and the wherewithal to stand up to their bullies, even physically if need be.
  9. funny post, but this is straw man. girls were not allowed in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts since the 70s.
  10. completely disagree. He explained the facts, then he expressed his opinion on the op's hypothetical concern. two very different things.
  11. Disagree entirely. Should people bully? no, but that's pie in the sky utopia. IMO, We need to drop this anti-bullying everyone should be safe from bullying crusade once and for all, and instead go back to teaching resilience. As someone who was mercilessly bullied in grammar school, I learned some valuable lessons out of those awful experiences. I learned to stand up for myself and confront my bullies head on, I learned the importance of surrounding myself with good friends and family, I learned get emotionally tough. The bullying stopped shortly after I gave one of the bullies a bloody
  12. "According to their official statement, https://cnn.it/2HOv7gY, the Boy Scouts are welcoming girls because that’s what the overwhelming majority of parents want. From what I can tell, no one is being “forced” to do anything. Nothing in their statement talks about “co-ed” camping or even co-ed Troop Meetings. As I read it, The Boy Scouts are launching a separate program that serves girls. Yes, The Girl Scouts are pissed, and the reason is clear – they don’t want the competition. https://theatln.tc/2l0pq4f. But respectfully, is that argument even remotely persuasive? Competition is good, ev
  13. for the moderators consideration, the topic discussion started as "is this choice because of girls", but that was quickly debunked and it evolved into if the US should be hosting an event that flies directly in the face of it's YPT rules.
  14. I have a backpack I carry every day, it's got small first aid kit, tissues, battery pack and charger cords, sun glasses, hand sanitizer and a couple of cliff bars in it, standard. knife and flashlight are in my pocket.
  15. nominate her for the Silver Squirrel award http://northshorebsa.org/awards/ss/form.shtml 😛
  16. Wearing the uniform in public while doing cool things is literally a walking advertisement for Scouts. Going out in public wearing a t-shirt is adversing... nothing.
  17. my understanding is the uniforms being surveyed are for girls.
  18. I think this ties in rather well to Mike Rowe's sentiments. https://reason.com/archives/2017/10/26/the-fragile-generation
  19. "blue and gold" are the colors of the Cub Scouts. The "Pack" and the "wolf" are at the center of the "Cub Scouts". Changing Wolves to red is foolish. Make the lions red.
  20. all I'm seeing here is a bunch of men mansplaining why girls getting clothing they want is a bad thing.
  21. That's fair, freedom first imo. For me, having it on me has proven convenient in a multitude of ways, but mostly because I've only assessed what needs fixing when it's already in hand well away from my work bench were better, more dedicated tools are located. cork screw has proven it's worth more times than I can count and maybe only 1 out of 10 times to actually open a wine bottle, scissors have given me a quick nose trim in the mens room out in public many a time, the blade has cut more than it's fair share of fruit while at work, scored cardboard for kid's art projects, stripped insulatio
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