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  1. Meanwhile Dr. Peterson is literally reaching millions and growing and you're seeing a rebound where many young people and young adults are finding God again, so it's an interesting time we live in.
  2. it makes perfect sense. it's the right course of action. if it's something people allegedly believe in, then pitching adults to be leaders and mobilizing girl units at the pack and the troop level should be much less difficult that is being let on... I think many are just being lazy, or at least not willing to go the extra mile. side note: One of the first duties of a Scout is obedience to authority. He must obey his orders in the first place and put his own amusement or desires in the second. -Robert Baden-Powell
  3. Doing it under the table is a matter of trustworthiness and obedience, telling council and them going along with it instead of working with you to get leaders, training, etc to make single gender dens work is obedience. I disagree that any one of the scout laws holds more weight than the others. Many won't see it this way, I see that, but at the end of the day you're doing a disservice to the program and to the children.
  4. I'm not criticizing the BSA with that comment... I'm criticizing scouters who purposely and blatantly disregard how the organization is laid out to be run by making co-ed dens.
  5. imo, it's certainly lazy and the idea they're running with that people will be confused... is typical lowest common denominator nonsense society has peddled for many years now. People are smart, set standards high and challenge people to rise above. If people have some difficulty understanding, explain it to them, work with them. This is path of least resistance... just like the continually watered down path to Eagle. ho-hum.
  6. I agree that the court of public opinion, regardless of what things are supposed to be called, is going to call girl Scouts "Girl Scouts" because they are girls who are scouts. just like every single person we encounter while the cub scouts are in uniform immediately says "oh look, it's the boy scouts!" Not a single person I've ever encountered in public when leading outdoor activities and events has ever said "it's the scouts"
  7. Maybe you don't have to face 100 parents who will be asking this question and expecting an answer, but I'd like to know the answer so I can provide it. The program isn't changing, so there really isn't anything to focus on other than "it's not changing" I don't understand why you can't provide answers, or if you don't have concrete answers, at the very least acknowledge it's something that some people will want an answer for and just allow for discourse on what the answers may be. This thread is literally about "names", it's not about program, it's about "names". As
  8. So then what do girls call themselves? Just Scouts? girl Scouts with a lower case g?
  9. I'd bet $5 National will eventually crack down on those Boy Scout troops.
  10. So boys are still Boy Scouts and girls are just Scouts since CSE stated we cannot call them Girl Scouts?
  11. there is a question mark at the end of that. It is a question, not a statement of fact. If the 11-17 program is now called "Scouting" does that change what the youth are called? Cub Scouts are called Cub Scouts Sea Scouts are called Sea Scouts Venturers are called Venturers Explorers are called Explorers Are male Scouts age 11-17 still called "Boy Scouts" or just scouts?
  12. So boys can call themselves Boy Scouts, but girls can only call themselves Scouts? And it was a question, since when are legit questions considered nonsense? Less condescension, more kindness.
  13. So boys age 11-17 can no longer call themselves "Boy Scouts"?
  14. right, so the boys in a troop will no longer be called Boy Scouts. Superman will no longer be called a "Boy Scout", this is legal loophole wrangling by claiming the umbrella corp is still "Boy Scouts of America", but when people refer to "boy scouts" they're talking about the 11-18 Troop program... not Stem Scouts. This is a colossal walk back.
  15. That was certainly the sales pitch for the last 2 years. To see them walk that back now... trust in the organization would be set to zero.
  16. then the government should have never collected those taxes. Taxes should be used for just the jobs they have to perform and nothing more. If the private sector can accomplish the task cheaper and more effective, the government is supposed to step aside. These are foundational principles.
  17. you're entitled to your opinion and may be horrified by it, but others are not. My daughter likes "girl-centric" things, she likes pinks and purples and pastels. If having power tools, hand tools and other maker type stuff is available in colors she likes, it empowers her to want to learn to use those things. My wife loves to hike, dig in the dirt, get her hands dirty, but then still loves to dress to the nines in dresses, wear makeup, get her hair and nails done, etc. It's not outlandish for human girls to like "girl things",even if you find them horrific.
  18. your entire premise is based on your stance being proven verifiable fact. Show me the evidence that a decades old practice has no basis for being effective. Also, someone posted material from the BALOO training manual that corner cutting on Whittling Chip is not allowed, so this isn't hearsay.
  19. This. If there is a immediate public need, the gov should use tax dollars to fund whatever repairs/mitigation are needed. Otherwise, cut taxes and let the citizens have more of their earned capital to fund whatever private orgs they wish.
  20. I don't mind wolf+ age children learning how to use power tools, I think that's actually a great thing... but I also think they should learn how to use hand tools too... Be Prepared, Physically strong and all that That said, she does look like she's pulling the trigger and if that's against the rules, risk mitigation for insurance purposes rules, she shouldn't be doing that. But hey, in 2018, it's established the Scout Law is: Loyal Helpful Friendly Courteous Kind Cheerful Thrifty Brave Clean So whatevs
  21. I'm looking at the vastness of Asia through a keyhole here, but from everything I've read it sounds like the CM needs to do some serious reflecting on his parenting... their lack of success seems like it's stemming directly from his lack of success preparing them to be successful.
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