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  1. Forgive me for going off topic, but what was "the Oregon decision"?
  2. So preach the patrol method and preach about scouting is all about giving the boys responsibilty and a scout is trustworthy, but deny them said trust and responsibility where it would be put into practice the most? Awesome. :/
  3. That's some scary stuff you posted Eagle92.
  4. Well what promted the question was that YPT made it clear that preventing physical injury as well as preventing sexual abuse was the goal of YPT. So two deep leadership is ONLY for scout outtings?
  5. Thanks for the answer Eagle92. I hope that rumor doesn't become truth.
  6. Are patrols not allowed to do their own Scoutmaster approved day hikes, events, etc due to the lack of two-deep leadership? Just finished my YPT and it wasn't really addressed.
  7. >>I find it ironic that the book still teaches first using the neckerchief to make a sling and other things and in order to do so you need the full size. But so many troops don't wear a neckerchief at all and if they do, it is rare to see them wearing them out camping, when they would be most likely to need it for first aid.
  8. He remembered trustworthy and do a good turn daily, just forgot thrifty.
  9. Forgot, 3. Mom pins the Eagle badge on the scout.
  10. Sadly my troop had to fold the year after I had attained the rank of Eagle Scout, but we did have a couple traditions... 1. Plaque in the Church Hall with every Eagle's name and year they earned Eagle. (my two brothers, myself and 2 other scouts are the last to be placed on the plaque, sadly) 2. A full binder presentation with invitation replies from various local public officials, Eagle Scouts, etc that the scouts and troop invite to the ECOH I love the idea of retiring the colors and presenting them to the Eagle Scout. That's a fantastic idea!
  11. That's a shame, I agree the red would stand out nicely on the venture uniform and look pretty sharp.
  12. Great, thanks for the info guys. Guess I'm heading back into the Empire State Building at lunch today.
  13. how do they run? I wear a 36w and the scout shop employee said they run very small so if you're a 36, get a 38. I did so and I feel like the are very large in the seat and crotch area, will a 36 be way too small or should I give them a go? Overall, I like the pant a lot.
  14. Just an FYI, I went to my scout shop to pick up a few things and got two pair of these and the clerk saw the computer had them as discontinued. Just wanted to pass along the info. Picked up a Centennial Eagle Scout badge too, I like it.
  15. Hi all, I'll throw my 3 more important into the ring 1. Eagle Scout/Eagle Knot... nuff said. 2. Religious Service Knot 3. Aviation Merit Badge... small story behind this one, my dad was my merit badge counselor and as a graduate of Aviation HS, Certified Aircraft Mechanic and just an all around passionate lover of all things that fly he was triply tough on me with this badge. I worked extra hard and went several extra miles to make him proud. Knowing I past his muster made that MB the one I'm most proud of earning.
  16. Hi all, I'm looking to get back into Scouting after a long hiatus. Earned my Eagle in '96, worked with my troop as an ASM for a year after that and then the troop had to fold and I moved on the the next stages of my life. Now that I'm happily married for a couple years I've wanted to get back into Scouting as a Merit Badge Counselor (shallow end of the pool before I look to take the plunge and join up with a Troop ) So I just wanted to say hi, and I look forward to being a active and contributing member of the Scouter Network and my council.
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