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  1. Cub Girl Uniform

    BSA has just made available blue cub skorts for girls. http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsa/items/skort-cs-6-12.html#.Wk-Hd3VMHqA
  2. New Eagle Palm Policy, August 2017

    October 2017 Update Adds in Eagles not yet 18 by August 1, 2017. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org
  3. Online Registration - FINALLY!

    There is more information at scouting.org/online registration The council decides if they want to accept adult applications. For now, my council is only taking youth, but the council next to us is taking both youth and adult. This may be useful for the many new cub apps in the fall, but will be almost useless for our troop due to the limited capability. --can only register new scouts, cannot use for cubs transferring at crossover, cannot change adult positions, cannot register mb counselors. My council is also only accepting credit card payment directly from the family, so we would have to ask for our unit dues separately.
  4. You should check the newest requirements for this badge. I believe a troop mobilization is no longer needed, only a plan.
  5. the coil bound version of the 2016 boy scout handbook arrived at our council scout shop yesterday.
  6. Problem with Internet Recharter

    The Only time a leader does Not have to fill out a new application to change positions is at Recharter. Since the Institution Head signs the charter, they are giving approval for all adult positions. I do not remember if it is stage 2 or 3, but you can edit a leader's information, including position.
  7. The 2012 printing of the Blue Card changed the wording to: "I have discussed this merit badge with the Scout and recommended at least one merit badge counselor." However, under Instructions for Counselor section of the card it says: "Merit Badge applications MUST be signed in advance by the applicant's unit leader."
  8. This may be used for Star and Life, but not Eagle.
  9. 2016 Boy Scout Requirements

    Scouter99- actually, it only gives you the appendix of the new leader guide. We're still waiting on the full paper guide to arrive in the scout stores. I've heard end of July or August. CyberChip - there are two levels for cubs and two levels for boy scouts. Grade 1-3, Grade 4-5 Grade 6-8, Grade 9-12 It looks like the new BS requirements have the scouts earning twice. Be thankful, I believe the cubs now have to earn this for each rank. The new books are supposed to be issued in January, but if it goes like the Requirements Book, we won't see it until sometime in February.
  10. The new Boy Scout requirements, transition guide, and other resources are now posted on the Program Updates page at scouting.org www.scouting.org/programupdates.aspx
  11. Blue Card Problems

    "you've never had to hand in the blue card segment to the council..." Our council still requires that the Application for Merit Badge segment of the Blue Card be turned in with an advancement report or printout from Internet Advancement. The last few versions of the Guide to Advancement have stated that the official Blue Card is the record to use. Camps and special events may apply for a waiver to use a different format or computerized system. It will be interesting to see what happens when Scoutbook is implemented.
  12. Sports And Academic Trophy

    How old is your copy of the handbook? I work at a scout store and I have never heard of this trophy. However, we do carry Cub Scout Bronze, Gold, and Silver pin on medals that were originally for this program.
  13. Check with your council registrar or training chair. They should have a list of all the codes.
  14. Yes. BSA has considered it unacceptable for some time to use push ups/physical work as punishment. It really does not matter if the scouts voted for it and the troop approved. This practice should be discontinued immediately.
  15. Individual Scout Accounts Part Trois

    I found the following posted on Rainbow Council's website (IL). I have not seen anything similar anywhere else. [h=2]FAQ's - Individual Scout Accounts and Fundraising by BSA Units[/h] Below are frequently asked questions provided by BSA Legal Counsel regarding Individual Scout Accounts and the applicable IRS fundraising policies for non-profit organizations. Are individual Scout accounts permitted? Yes. These accounts are permitted when funded by the youth member through savings, a portion of a weekly allowance, and chores around the home and neighborhood. The youth member’s family may contribute, but no charitable deduction is allowed. What is private benefit, and why is it not allowed? Private benefit is when funds raised in the name of Scouting or another charity are directly allocated to the youth member or family doing the fundraising. Funds raised in the name of Scouting should benefit the entire unit. The tax laws do not permit private benefit, with the exception of an “insubstantial†benefit. How is an “insubstantial†benefit defined? The IRS has classified 30 percent of the money raised as “substantial,†and less than 2 percent as “insubstantial.†The burden of proof that the benefit is “insubstantial†is on the organization. Are incentives allowed for participation in fundraising or sales? The IRS has not ruled on this matter, but the “insubstantial†benefit restriction would apply. Can Scouting units use funds to assist youth members who have a financial need? The unit can allocate funds based on financial need, and may consider factors such as participation in the unit, advancement, and Scout spirit. Are there penalties for private benefit or other tax issues? Private benefit may result in the loss of tax-exempt status for the chartering organization, or the local council. Allocating funds raised in the name of Scouting directly to a youth member could result in self-employment tax liability.