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  1. Our unit commissioner brought this form to our last troop meeting. (it is their job to complete it) I (CC) helped provide the answers the best I could. It really helps if you have pulled the training reports from my.scouting and have your latest jte report along with your numbers/ calculations.
  2. Merit badge counselor training is sometimes offered as a class, but is also available at my.scouting.org
  3. BSA has just made available blue cub skorts for girls. http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsa/items/skort-cs-6-12.html#.Wk-Hd3VMHqA
  4. October 2017 Update Adds in Eagles not yet 18 by August 1, 2017. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org
  5. There is more information at scouting.org/online registration The council decides if they want to accept adult applications. For now, my council is only taking youth, but the council next to us is taking both youth and adult. This may be useful for the many new cub apps in the fall, but will be almost useless for our troop due to the limited capability. --can only register new scouts, cannot use for cubs transferring at crossover, cannot change adult positions, cannot register mb counselors. My council is also only accepting credit card payment directly from the family, so we would hav
  6. You should check the newest requirements for this badge. I believe a troop mobilization is no longer needed, only a plan.
  7. the coil bound version of the 2016 boy scout handbook arrived at our council scout shop yesterday.
  8. The Only time a leader does Not have to fill out a new application to change positions is at Recharter. Since the Institution Head signs the charter, they are giving approval for all adult positions. I do not remember if it is stage 2 or 3, but you can edit a leader's information, including position.
  9. The 2012 printing of the Blue Card changed the wording to: "I have discussed this merit badge with the Scout and recommended at least one merit badge counselor." However, under Instructions for Counselor section of the card it says: "Merit Badge applications MUST be signed in advance by the applicant's unit leader."
  10. Scouter99- actually, it only gives you the appendix of the new leader guide. We're still waiting on the full paper guide to arrive in the scout stores. I've heard end of July or August. CyberChip - there are two levels for cubs and two levels for boy scouts. Grade 1-3, Grade 4-5 Grade 6-8, Grade 9-12 It looks like the new BS requirements have the scouts earning twice. Be thankful, I believe the cubs now have to earn this for each rank. The new books are supposed to be issued in January, but if it goes like the Requirements Book, we won't see it until sometime in February.
  11. The new Boy Scout requirements, transition guide, and other resources are now posted on the Program Updates page at scouting.org www.scouting.org/programupdates.aspx
  12. "you've never had to hand in the blue card segment to the council..." Our council still requires that the Application for Merit Badge segment of the Blue Card be turned in with an advancement report or printout from Internet Advancement. The last few versions of the Guide to Advancement have stated that the official Blue Card is the record to use. Camps and special events may apply for a waiver to use a different format or computerized system. It will be interesting to see what happens when Scoutbook is implemented.
  13. How old is your copy of the handbook? I work at a scout store and I have never heard of this trophy. However, we do carry Cub Scout Bronze, Gold, and Silver pin on medals that were originally for this program.
  14. Check with your council registrar or training chair. They should have a list of all the codes.
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