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  1. At the Cub level, I continually reiterate this notion. Unstructured play is every bit as important as planned events.
  2. I have some choice words to describe my view of this CM, but a scout is kind, so I'll refrain.
  3. at National's request? Interesting they'll enforce a no link rule, but not a rule on packs/troops running things properly. Again, at the very root of this whole mess is the clandestine nature. Everything is hush hush, top secret. It's not remotely scout-like, it's not prepared in the least and it gives zero reason for anyone to believe National is trustworthy.
  4. I said "under the table". If you're making packs co-ed and awarding badges under the table, it's not enrolling unqualified members, but you're circumventing the rules. As I said, National spox stated "this was already happening" as a boon, not a bane, for their initiative.
  5. Every time I've listened to representatives talking about the decision to bring girls to the program, they've cited that "it's already being done". Professionals at my town hall meeting said this, the CSE stated it, national reps on leaked youtube vids stated it.
  6. National has made it quite clear doing whatever you want (re: letting girls be part of the pack and giving them advancement under the table) is acceptable to them, so just keep running your program the old way and ignore national, that's pretty much where we're headed. This is like the splintering of Catholicism after Luther's 95 Theses.
  7. Can't. He says "manhood", which is verboten.
  8. they're treating legal adults like cub scouts. fixed it for you. I'm sure someone at National is reading the same Penn State article and saying "see, we should be doing this too" give it time, we'll get there.
  9. lost cub scouts will be a thing of the past, buddy system is going to be 3 deep soon!
  10. **will most assuredly be considered hazing.
  11. The idea presented wasn't that the boys shouldn't drink water, but that they must not carry their own water.
  12. One can only hope. I'm going to ask the training team at next roundtable.
  13. Is that the most up-to-date material? It's dated 2017.
  14. When confronted with the 6 essentials for a hike, the trainers had no response and just cited the instruction manual. What's beyond parody is these kids carry water bottles to school with them, in their backpacks, pretty much wherever they go. This is regressive to say the least. "Be Prepared"
  15. this is a joke. if they're the same #, in the same council, under the same charter... they're the same troop. national can say the troops aren't co-ed all they want, but every brick in the foundation they're building is for turn-key co-ed troops.
  16. The new in-person course for 2018.
  17. and what does his dad, the ASM have to say about it? Does the dad have sour grapes too?
  18. That's because they don't trust their hiring practices when it comes to outdoor athletics department personnel.
  19. So apparently another gem to come out of new Baloo course material is: Cub Scouts shouldn't carry their own water when camping/hiking. This flies directly in the face of the 6 essentials of a hike, which is part of rank requirements for Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos and Boys' Life and Scouting magazine social media accounts repeatedly publish articles highlighting the 6 essentials... I'm left perplexed.
  20. maybe they're progressing to find that gender segregation has benefits.
  21. imo, it comes down to are we teaching them to be prepared or aren't we? the real world has real consequences and sometimes those consequences aren't going to make you feel good. imo, learning to overcome and deal with a corner coming off your totin chip because you weren't obedient, and thriving beyond that seems like a very valuable be prepared kind of lesson.
  22. The changes aren't about the program, they're about the fact girls and boys are different, have different needs, wants, development rates and thought processes. An agile leader will take the content and tailor it to meet the human element for a girl and a boy differently based on those needs.
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