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  1. I would look at it as an opportunity to take your knowledge and skills and change how the southern lodge is run so it's running as well as the north lodge.
  2. I always call into question the tut tut'ing about adults wearing recognition on their uniform, especially when it's someone like SSScout who's reputation online here is one of dedicated service to youth. “Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I’ll show you a poorly uniformed leader.” Wearing your uniform properly leads by example to the boys, it shows them how to properly wear their uniform and how to put insignia in it's proper place. Keeping your uniform neat and in proper order is a microcosm of keeping your bedroom neat and in proper order, and more importantly, keeping your li
  3. That's crazy to me. I carry my pocket knife around with me literally every day and feel naked without it, figuratively speaking. I carry it to work, to church, around the house, in the yard, to the super market, everywhere. It's a multi tool and I've used at least of it's implements at least once a day, if not multiple times a day and have come to the aid of people all the time because I had my pocket knife on me. I've also gotten comments thereafter about how "well, you are a boy scout" To modify the old proverb about prophylactics... A knife is like an umbrella, it's better to have one w
  4. both of these are utterly absurd. a group of teens already do just about anything on their own without the guidance of the BSA... but under the guise of an organization priding itself on training leaders and being prepared... they are barred from doing so. absurdity to the max.
  5. I wonder when we'll take our safe space hysterics to the point where London is, where the mayor is stating publicly no one ever has a need to carry a knife and people get arrested for carrying scissors and screw drivers around in public...
  6. Every camping trip, service project, field trip, round table, and event.
  7. Nothing advertises Scouting to the public and keeps Scouts in the community's eye more than scouts in uniform. Otherwise it's just another group of kids. Doing away with the uniform , heck even Going to middle ground with "class b" just makes us like any other youth group. No thanks. "The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country." - BP "Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I'll show you a poorly uniformed leader" - BP It's an essential part of the game of scouting and quite frankly, the other coun
  8. especially if this is a widely endorsed and celebrated change... you'd think getting a major outfitter involved would be easy and you could angle the historic nature to negotiate a fair cost.
  9. Need more clarity... are these uniforms for boys and girls, or just girls?
  10. I feel like the entire uniform product line is cut for America's obesity. I got a pair of youth 8 pants for my son, he looked like he was wearing pants cut for an adult. they were gigantic.
  11. where is the actual survey to take? thanks.
  12. it's really not that hard. I've done about 15 shirts now. Where does the OA pocket flap go? Untucked shirts? bleh. Why do I have a feeling BSA isn't going to be a uniformed organization in 5 years.
  13. those shirts are TERRIBLE!!! Why not keep the existing shirts??
  14. exactly this, I had mentioned this to @WisconsinMomma earlier, there needs to be added effort put into facilitating the creation of both co-ed and single gender units from unit volunteers as well as commissioners and executives, and helping families find the unit that's right for them.
  15. That's great news, I remember camping at Treasure Island as a Boy Scout. Those were some great memories. Was always interesting that the rifle range was on the second island which was on the Pennsylvania side of the border because New Jersey has overly strict gun control laws.
  16. You miss the point. quazse is using title ix as an example to present to families when the concerns of keeping an all boy pack and an all girl pack. it's to show successful precedence and how it can be applied here. I don't believe he was saying wield title ix like a legal cudgel against people. and reading a little further down, that's what he said. carry on.
  17. If you're going to have gender based awards and winners, you're on the path of having a boy pack and a girl pack, may as well see it through. I thought the idea of co-ed was so that everyone feels the same and is part of the same group. wouldn't having one Pack winner meet that need of inclusivity more?
  18. from my understanding, this is the plan, to have all the first batch of girl eagles to get a special national court of honor. seems like treating everyone the same to me.
  19. Speak eloquently, respectfully, bravely and passionately about your stance. Lay out the benefits and offer your expertise to guide the girl units (whether in your CO or another) so they can get up and running as a strong pack. Putting a personal stake in it will be beneficial and others will be assuaged knowing there's someone willing to field questions. Those who want to keep things separate need to step up and help craft strong girl units. Saying "we're staying all boy" and then shutting the door is going to create a problem when there doesn't necessarily need to be one. (vigilante acti
  20. I wonder if we see an increase in Lone Scouts 😛 .
  21. From my understanding FOS is hurting in many districts and councils as well.
  22. Indeed, I didn't say everyone was, but the first part of your post was directly commenting on Christians and I was replying to that statement. The second part of my statement was directly commenting on atheists in scouting.
  23. The fundamental requirement to being a Christian is faith in Christ as the savior. Not "going to church", not following golden rules... those things flow from a faith in Christ, and faith without works is dead as James said, but they are not what makes a Christian a Christian. There may be a reason they can't make it to church, but they remember the sabbath day and keep it holy far better than the pious that attend church every Sunday. A scout is trustworthy and taken at their word. It's hard to call someone fake, Christian or otherwise, without knowing the fullness of their life. A s
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