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  1. There are several required MB that you can not get at summer.
  2. No government shut down.
  3. This thread starts with just one question. This is the question: Does the 20 days and nights have to be scout camping, done as a scout with a scouting unit?? Do not answer. The issues were and still is., I asked the scout for the records or note saying what part of 9 that he has done. I know he has done 15 days/nites because he is in the OA. The Scout, parents, the troop Committee and several adult looked at this part of the req. 2. On any of these camping experiences, you must do TWO of the following, only with proper preparation and under qualified supervision: 1. Hike
  4. This Boy Scout unit is a Boy or Youth run troop. You have a Troop that, when they do camp, does not do anything but sit around the campsite? If they go camping, (Camp at summer camp & camporees only) You have a Troop that keeps no records on it's Scouts? Yes, but not an outdoor troop, present version of troop. You have Scouts who do not know the requirements for a Merit Badge, yet claim to have earned it? Yes, But also include parents, Committee, Assistant Scoutmasters. You have a Troop that thinks that Merit Badge requirements have not changed in 40 yea
  5. Ok then it was req 8 now its 9. The impression that I got from the from troop about 9 is we have to do more than just camp? They all most called it extra?.
  6. qwase, You are right, but the scouts in this council do not take "hiking" seriously. Most of them do not want to do the 1o mile hike or the 20. They will do 9 miles and call it 10. Living in up state ny, nothing is flat. I inform them that besides doing 10 or 20 miles they are going to do with veritial feet(climbing a mountain or ridge. They walk away & i do not see them for hiking merit badge.
  7. This is this section, do 2 of the 6.The scout did not read the Merit Badge book before he came to me. I spoke to the scoutmaster and the troop committe about this. I asked for records from the troop there was none. There as none for the scout in question or for any one. The scout, the scoutmaster and the committe know where I stand. The scout and the troop has to complete this at summer camp or on any troop camp out: for me to sigh off. Will they go to some one else???? Your guess is just as good as mine. Will the other merit badge person sigh off with out him or any one else doing
  8. Hawkrod, Been their and dealing with it. Part of the reason why I started the post was there where several eagle scouts that did camping merit badge in 1970's and did not have to deal with 9b. Kindly said that the scout in question has to to 9b. I asked him if he had done it and did the TC have the records on it. One of the adults said he did not have to to it or something like that.
  9. Scout Nut, Ok, you do not car how many adults I know I have "hike, backpack & camp solo", I never said I approve there actions. I just know where they are coming from. I tell them to have a safe trip & call me when you get out. Second, I am a registered member of BSA. I am wearing a hat of a Merit Badge Counselor. I know a lot about hiking, backpacking and camping. Taken training yes!!! Now because everything is on the internet its hard to stay informed. Where I live there is no internet access. I can not pay to put in a 1 mile cable or phone line. I am at a publ
  10. I do know alot about bsa policy. Just making sure my ducks are in the row when i deal with the parents, two of them. I have 1 scout that wants to do the badge for eagle. He claims he can or will not do swimming merit badge. (Can not swim??) I do not know how he got to first class. He also wanted to know if there was any one else taking the badge presenty or in the future, said no. Told him to get the troop involved. This is where the parents came in. One of the comments was the scout could do it as a non scout function and just walk. I said no to that.
  11. 5. Take five hikes, each on a different day, and each of at least ten continuous miles. Prepare a hike plan for each hike.* 6 Take a hike of 20 continuous miles in one day following a hike plan you have prepared.* Here is another question about eagle required merit badges. I am looking at requirements 5 and 6. There is nothing saying Scout hikes. There is nothing about how large or small the group is. For safety during the summer is 3; winter is 4. BSA?? I do know several adults who hike, backpack & camp solo.
  12. I know a scout that has ask to be signed off on this is badge but I told him he has to do 9 b2. This scout & several of the other adult leaders never saw this requirement. This scout asked me what to do?. I told him to go out on a camping trip & do the requirement. Several of the adult leaders(eagle scouts) asked about that requirement, when it was added to the badge. I told them; 10 years?
  13. Whats is G2SS ??? how does it deal with Patrol camping?
  14. bt01

    half uniforming

    As a youth, I was in full uniform. The troop had no real policy on uniforms. At Troop meeting and indoor events you where in uniform. Scout camp and camporees you where in uniforms. There was peer pressure to be in uniform. There were about 8 troops in the school district. As an adult, I am active with a different troop. They believe in just the shirt. There are 2 troops in the school district. When I am asked to help with the troop I am in uniform. Mind you I am wearing shorts and a shirt.
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