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  1. "what do you call a Scout that came through a program that did everything for him and was not really required to show responsibility or put any extra-effort into earning his Eagle award?" I call him the unfortunate result of a poorly managed troop. This needs to be taken up with the CC and SM. It seems there are some practices that probably should be improved. It might be time to fix this or move on to a unit that better fits your needs. The boy is still an Eagle Scout and will be for life. I understand your feeling the Eagle rank wasn't earned according to your standard but appa
  2. "when a Troop's program promotes this and when scouts make eagle early (young) and leave the program, do you consider this type of program a failure as a Scoutng Program? " We have to look at the trends. If there is a single incident where the youth finished his requirements and didn't return, then we must hope he remembers his journey and contributes later as an adult. If there is a long list of youth who earn their Eagle rank then disappear, the troop leadership needs to be investigated. It is not the boy's responsibility to keep the program interesting and rewarding. Either way
  3. I just completed my ticket. I'm looking for ideas for my beading ceremony. I'd like to keep it low key yet share my fun and sense of accomplishment surrounding Wood Badge. Any suggestions. I used to be a bear...
  4. Appreciate the leaders you have. I've seen some units where the SM refuses to delegate even though he is far too overworked to do his job well. The result is a large number of the trained leaders have checked out along with the older scouts. Much of this could be avoided if the SM allowed others to have jobs and didn't interfere while they are trying to do them. He could work through the SPL to send messages to the troop instead of sending them himself. This would empower the SPL and relieve more of his workload. If we suggest this to him, he gets defensive and supercritical.
  5. I completely agree with LPC_Thumper. Those who buy into the concept of a "Paper Eagle" seem to miss something. To "earn" Eagle a scout must spend a minimum of 17 months active in Scouting. Most take much longer. He must meet with at least 18 adults conducting Board of Reviews. He must complete 7 Scoutmaster conferences. He must work with at least 21 Merit Badge Counselors. He must complete 16 months in a Position of Responsibilty. Personally, I cannot imagine any unit where a scout (with or without his parent's help) can fake his way through all 46 of these checkpoints. Even if this w
  6. My son and I are involved in a troop that has an excellent program for first year boys combined with a strong advancement program. The Boys have lots of exposure to learn and use the skills as they are earning their Eagle. The downside is scouting seems to lose its appeal about the time the scout hits High School. Sure the Eagle Charge talks about giving back, but it doesn't say the boy should skip school, band, sports, clubs, socializing, and all the other demands on his time. What advice can I give my son and the other boys who are older (some are Eagles) and don't feel the tro
  7. I am the Eagle Advisor at my unit. I have a scout who has completed all the Eagle badges and his position of responsibility. He wrote an Eagle Project Proposal but didn't submit this because it turned out to be more work than he (or his Dad) thought was necessary. This week, I've learned that he is no longer interested in completing a project or becoming an Eagle scout. He is very busy with school, work, clubs, etc., and simply burned out on scouting. I would like to say something to him that might motivate him. He turns 18 next April. Any suggestions? Mike I used t
  8. What an interesting question and enlightening discussion. Personally, I think the boys who wait until they are out of time show far less maturity, leadership, and responsibility than those who "get their ticket punched" before high school. As my unit's Eagle Advisor, I have seen both. I think the trend (there are exceptions) in my unit is to either be gung ho about advancement and earn all the ranks in a reasonably short time or to get to life and disappear. In my unit, over 60% of our boys are Life Scouts. 80% of these are seldom seen at outings, troop meetings, service projects,
  9. In our unit, the Eagle Scout plans his own COH. He can write the script for every speaker, he can ask the speaker to spend 5 minutes, or he can ask them to speak their mind. My son's Eagle COH lasted about 35 minutes and was fantastic.
  10. I'm confused. The first amendment to the Bill of Rights is: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. If the ACLU forces government instututions to stop allowing the Scouts to meet on their property aren't they advocating violation of our first amendment rights? ex: congress shall make no law ... prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Where does it
  11. There are at least two threads dedicated to this question. Look for Eagle Scout Funding and Eagle Scout Expenses in the advancement forum. In short, there are no restrictions on where the money can come from. If the scout wants to buy this out of his own pocket, that is allowed even if it isn't encouraged. His approach to funding should be included in the written project proposal. Ideally, the writeup should include enough detail to enable another life scout to completely take over the project just by following the writeup.
  12. I see a lot of parallels between this and scouting. The smoke and bells were the means to notify the world before the prolification of cell phones, radio, and other media. It has worked for centuries and still does. Be Prepared, Do a good turn daily, A Scout is... etc. has worked for a century and still does. Why change something that works so well. Did you notice the bells are operated by motors and gears. I found that interesting. I also have watched the scouting program evolve to incorporate new thinking and new cautions (youth protection, female leaders, etc.) because it
  13. I am the Eagle Advisor for our Troop. At this point in time, I have 27 Life scouts who are 6 steps away from becoming Eagles. For various reasons, most of them are dragging their feet. Some because their parents dont believe in younger Eagles. Some because they are looking for the easiest path. Some because they have many extracurricular activites. I have one scout who suddenly reintroduced himself to our troop and the Eagle process. He finished his project proposal, got it signed, worked his project, and is not writing up the results. He had already completed the required merit
  14. I learned during Outdoor Leader Training the standard scouting pocketknife with the can opener, punch, and large, decently crafted blade is the best knife for a scout. I'm inclined to agree. The quality of the steel lets it be easily sharpened. It holds an edge for a while. It is not too small or too large, and it has most of the gadgets any scout might need on an outing.
  15. Is there a minimum effort typically expected from an Eagle Service Project? Is this documented? How does your unit/district/council typically gauge a project in regards to size and leadership potential?
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