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  1. Camp Bell, part of Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, Daniel Webster Council, NH experienced a thunderstorm yesterday (6/24) evening. 23 scouts were struck by lightning and treated at area hospitals. News link: http://www.wmtw.com/weather/several-reported-hit-by-lightning-at-boy-scout-camp/-/8793538/20700208/-/ge4tcu/-/index.html
  2. Well, I've poked my head in for the first time in about a month and I am still having the same problems as before. I'm not seeing recent posts. I can look at a topic see that it's been updated in the past day or two, to to it and only see stuff a month or more old. Guess I won't be here much anymore. Kind of hard to have a "conversation" if it takes a month or more before I can see the "most recent" posts.
  3. Okay, that's weird. I'm allowed to see all the posts in thread only AFTER I post. Still makes it difficult to participate.
  4. Well, my activity has gone way, way down. Even after purging my cache in Firefox. When I log in, I can see there is current activity, but when I try to go to one of those topics, I CAN'T SEE anything recent. For example. In this topic the most recent post I'm allowed to see today was posted back on 2/5 (#30 by Eagle69). Makes it difficult to participate.
  5. Okay...for some reason, I can't see the "latest posts". For example, this thread claims that Moosetracker made a post earlier today. So, I come to this thread and the most recent post I can see is "#90" by Papadaddy from back on 2/25. So why can't I see the one Moosetracker did today (3/2)? And I'm sure there are others in between I can't see. Software specs if that helps: I use Windows XP and browse with the latest version of Firefox (v19.0).
  6. I went roughly a decade ago and was disappointed. The course I took was good, but not what was described--it was an intro-level course and not an advanced one--I could have taught said course. I gave a lot of feedback and they provided a more accurate description of the course the following year. I didn't make much $$$ at the time (and not much more now). I, literally, spent a month's pay between the course fee and travel out/back to/from Maine. That said, be sure whatever you pick is something you know little on and want to learn more about and you'll have a great time.
  7. Per the FAQ, they've upgraded the software for the first time in a decade. There are bound to be some bugs/changes. I'm sure it'll take some getting use to for all of us.
  8. And the original article in the Bangor Daily News: http://bangordailynews.com/2013/01/01/news/hancock/park-rangers-rescue-19-year-old-florida-hiker-from-atop-cadillac/ Kudos to Channel 6 Portland / Channel 2 Bangor for providing such a positive segment about the scouts.(This message has been edited by moxieman)
  9. Absolutely!!! Bottom of Page 5 2009-2010 Insignia guide: "Neckerchief slides. Several official slides are available from the Supply Group. Boy-made handicraft slides also may be worn." Or, Section 1, Page 12 of the online version of the Insignia Guide: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066_Section1.pdf
  10. At our District Dinner: We recognize those who have volunteered to head-up various district activities (camporees, pinewood derby, etc.). We give attendance awards for roundtable--this past year, we recognized 3 units with a decade of perfect attendance and about a dozen with 5 or more years. We recognize groups/organizations that have helped-out the district such as the church that allows the use of their facility for a scouting event, the fairgrounds association that allowed camporee at their facility for a reduced (or free in on case) rate, etc. And the District Award of Merit Yes, there are silly/fun awards sometimes. Two examples: 1. Two years ago, in addition to roundtable attendance recognitions, we gave out "50+ miler awards". Total number of attendees per unit for the year times the distance to roundtable. As we're a large, rural district, we had many in the 200 to 400 miler range and two with over 1,000 miles racked up in a year. 2. Fake merit badges handed out in thanks to those who stepped up to present a roundtable topic, or who simply "deserved" a particular badge. "Underpaid" given to the DE (and for those who feel their DE is overpaid, there's one of those available too). The well known volunteer who wound-up on TV because a news crew was covering the fire that destroyed said volunteer's favorite store for morning coffee. Said volunteer, in uniform, didn't say anything about coffee. He said "I don't know where I'm now going to get a cup of coffee." He was awarded the Coffee Drinking merit badge. And so on. As others have said, your council is "full of it". It's your awards banquet. Do as you wish.
  11. Answers are all over the board. Some good suggestions if you read through them. In one instance in our district, we retired our district flag and gave it to the son of a long time district level volunteer after her passing. We have cabins at our various summer camps named for deceased scout volunteers. H*ll, the name of our largest camp has memorialized a deceased child (who was never a scout) since it was founded over 85 years ago on land donated by the deceased child's father.
  12. Jumping in a bit late on this one. We've had two units (one former, and one current) that have switched districts with "council blessings". Case A: Unit formed in a town that was officially part of the next district over. Due to where the roads were, it was easier for them to join up with our district. No one complained and they were "officially" listed as a unit within our district in Council records. Unit eventually folded when leadership relocated and no one stepped up to fill their shoes. Case B: An old unit that was in a district that dissolved due to low unit numbers asked to join our district. The dissolved district covered two counties. Our district absorbed one county and another district got the other county. Said unit was in the other county in a town that bordered our district. Their request to join our district was approved by council. They requested to join our district even though it was a lot further for them to drive to events (ex: 90 minutes to Roundtable vs. 20). I guess, they liked our volunteer leadership more. Again, in both cases, the unit's town in question bordered the other district they asked to join. So, it is possible, but probably depends on the local council leadership's willingness to work with the unit.
  13. Beavah: The Kennedy family are a bunch of upstarts. Ditto with the Bush family. Neither of them is the first family "dynasty" in US Politics. The first "dynasty" would be the Adams: Presidents John and son, President John Quincy Adams And John's 2nd cousin Samuel, one of those rabel Bostonians that stirred up trouble against the British. Then there was the true dynasty, the Harrison family: Benjamin Harrison V, a signer of the Declaration of Independence His Son, William Henry Harrison, 9th President WH's son, John Scott, US Congress JS's son, Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President Benjamin's son, Russell Benjamin "only" served at the state level in Indiana, while his daughter, Mary, filled-in as First Lady upon her mother's death. She married James McKee, one of the founders of General Electric. Edit: I missed Russell's son, William Henry, who served in the US Congress.(This message has been edited by moxieman)
  14. I normally stay out of the politics forum. I HATE POLITICS. As for gays and scouting, it is my opinion that you won't see a change in that stance until the policies of the BSA's top sponsors change. If you want gays in scouting, you'll need to out sponsor/spend those sponsors in order to influence the policies coming out of Irving. Who are the top sponsors? Just look at the figures from the BSA's own sources: various conservative churches. Until you get the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, various "flavors" of Baptist, the Roman Catholic Church, etc. to accept gays as something other than a sinful offense to God, you're not going to see the BSA accept gays. Unfortunately, money talks, even in scouting.
  15. And some topics that flopped: Recharter process Explaining Journey to Excellence Some outside presenters who don't truly understand the scouting program Council presentation on summer camp which was suppose to be 20 minutes tops, but took the entire RT--they didn't get the hint as attendees started leaving 30 minutes into the presentation
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