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    I live in rural Idaho in a county that can boast of 17 public schools in the county; for comparison there are an additional 15 private Christian schools. There are 5 different groups of homeschoolers; we also have a large population of Mennonites and Hutterites who homeschool their children, but do not belong to any of the organized home school groups.

    Some people choose not to enroll their children in public school because they do not want their child in the same classroom as non-Anglo children. There are churches in the area that preach that slavery should still be legal and have published books on the topic: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/morgan-guyton/why-is-a-famous-evangelical-pastor-defending-slavery_b_3094279.html. It is not uncommon in this area from groups to hold “White Pride� rallies and marches. An Aryan Nation Compound is located within our Council and is not far away.

    While they are far more peaceful than the Aryan Nation and other groups of white separatist, the Mennonites and Hutterites also prohibit non-Anglos from joining their communities.

    In a community that is still struggling with racial equality there is no hope of equal treatment for any other group, women included. Every year in my community someone ends up killing their wife or girlfriend. Every year there are hate crimes, some of which resulted in the murder of someone based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation.

    We are a community divided. Half the community longs to finally join the 21st century; the other half want things to return to the way they were, not simply before the Civil Rights Movement, but to the way things were before the Civil War! If the non-Christians and LGBT community are reaching critical mass and tipping the balance towards sanity it’s not happening here; at least not yet.

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  1. This summer our troop was approached by 6 youth who wanted to start a crew (half lads and half lasses.) The DE said we couldn’t start a crew, that a crew needed a CO in order to become a reality. (Preferably a bicycle shop of a cycling crew, the rifle range for a shooting crew, etc.) Our CO is willing to sponsor a crew and the DE was told as much. The kids just want to be a “High Adventure-Outdoors Crew†and not dedicated to any specific pursuit. The DE has been telling us for two months that she will meet with the Pastor; our CO designated representative, but never gets
  2. Our ASM wears that ensemble quite frequently. I wouldn't call it Bad A$$; unless of course, someone flips the kilt over his head while he's napping, LOL!
  3. Jblake41: Wine at communion is OK, but a beer around the campfire is not??? Why is it that it's OK to wear your uniform to church and drink alcohol, but its not OK to wear your uniform outside of church to drink alcohol? Further, why is it wrong to not wear your uniform and drink alcohol? Would you consider approving their consumption of amber fluids if they put their uniform back on?
  4. Our boys like hammocks when allowed. (Usually only 2 or 3 actually bring a hammock, they rest just play in those during the day.) Not all places allow hammocks though. While in the Grand Canyon this year the rangers told us not to use hammocks because they were a danger to the Elk on the Rim, and could damage the trees below. If you are a tent user check with local authorities first, or plan on brining a tent or tarp use just in case.
  5. We used den flags. They work great at Day Camp or Cub O'rees; all you have to do is wave the flag and the boys (their parents) know where to show up.
  6. Granted I've never been accused of doing things the way council wants them, but den numbers seem stupid. When my boys were in Cubs the dens were treated "sorta" like patrols. We let each den choose on of the patrol emblems and used that as an identifier. My oldest was in the Roadrunners Den, my youngest was a Vampire Bat. Over the years I have also been a den leader for Cobra's and Hunters. More fun than saying I'm in den 4.
  7. KDD: When I was with the Catholic Troop arrangements were made for a local parish to send a Priest or his designee out to where we were camping so the boys could take the sacrament of communion. You wouldn't believe how many priest were happy to tell their parishioners that they just wouldn't be around Sunday afternoon because they had to head to the hills to give communion to a bunch of Boy Scouts.
  8. KDD: the problem is the whole 'nonsectarian' thing. I'm from a liberal troop and even we have trouble following this. When someone prays everyone is expected to sit though it; we don't say "Now everyone who doesn't want to hear Jonny pray, please leave the room" before proceeding. Either we should accept all the sects or not have a religious component at all. To earn a Venturing Bronze award you have to learn about religions other than your own; perhaps it's time Boy Scouts did the same. (Granted I can already hear the Christians screaming "persecution!" I've never understood why i
  9. I find that terribly disrespectful. I too was a member of a Catholic Troop that had the very same requirements; my boys and I are no longer members of that unit. We joined a Methodist Troop that respects our religious differences. There isn't anyone on the planet who hasn't heard the "good news," this means that if someone isn't Christian (or Catholic) it's because they choose not be. Our current SM is Catholic; he also left the Catholic Troop because he didn't like the policy of forcing religion on to others (He had this crazy idea that people were given free will for the purpose of
  10. Yes, you can type them in on the internet advancement; and you need one of those nifty paper sheets if you are turning in paper advancement forms, however, the councils don't retain the records. They vanish-- Belt loops do not show up on an advancement report generated by your council. We're on our 4th Eagle BOR this year and none of the boys beltloops show up. Two were from a pack chartered by the VFW; on was from a Catholic Pack; (the preceding 3 were from the same council); the last was from a council in Ohio, he has no beltloops recorded either. It's not a big deal because nothing f
  11. The troop owns the equipment in the same way that a corporation owns their assets; that's why we are all required to obtain a tax ID number. The State expects us to collect and pay Sales Tax on the stuff we sell, Popcorn, Honey, Christmas Trees, hotdogs at RenFair, etc. And we have to submit earnings statements to the IRS. When an SM, ASM, CC, or other leader leaves they turn in their keys and no longer have access to "Troop Equipment." The CO owns the building, but the equipment belongs to the troop, provided it was purchased by troop funds. If the CO purchased the equipment, then they wo
  12. Khaliela

    Dual roles

    Short answer is yes it's possible. I was CM and DL for 2 dens w/o assistants for either for about 2 years. There wasn't an assistant CM either. Speaking from experience, I'd advice against it. It wasn't long before the Pack began relying on my for everything and "Khaliela will do it seemed to be their manta." I got burnt out and crossed my son over to BS after only 1 year of Weblos and told everyone of my plan 6 moths out; Nobody believed me. When I left the pack was so used to everything being done for them that they ended up hiring a college kid to take over as CM after severa
  13. It may interest some of the cub leaders to know that the award of belt loop isn't recorded anywhere with their council. It's as if the award don't really exist; at least not on paper. The arrow points, on the other hand, do show up on the council advancement reports. I'm in the process of going though my sons advancement report in preparation for him submitting his Eagle Scout application. He has a whole string of beltloops from cubs in his closet, but they don't count for anything--only the arrow points show up on the advancement report. Luckily nothing from cubs matters when it comes to
  14. It seems that random google-ing is the winner; so much for bing, LOL!
  15. Welcome. I'm glad you are finding it useful.
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