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  1. So I'm going to NOAC this summer and will be 19 during the event. I am NOT registered with a boyscout unit but I am in a venture crew where I am still considered a youth. So I'm a youth in the OA, in the Venture Crew, and I am not associated with a troop. Few questions: 1. Why am I being told I have to take youth protection training then? 2. Does two-deep leadership still apply when on OA or Venture Crew activities? That seems like it wouldn't really work. 3. No one on one contact, does this also apply? What about my friend in the OA with me who is only a yearish younger. The OA sa
  2. Thanks for the advice, I went to enter my leave today and found out my supervisor and another person in my shop took the entire month of August and only two people can be out at once so chances are unless I can convince one of them to not take it until the 4th I'm not going to NOAC. :| Thank you though still keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Hey everybody, it's been a long time since I posted on here. Anyway my situation is that I turned 18 left my troop and joined the military but I want to go to NOAC with my previously local lodge and friends. Obviously joining a local unit would not help be get where I need to be but I called around and decided to join my friends Venturing crew back home and spoke with the leader and he agreed and told me to get the forms and mail them to him plus my 15$ payment. Sounds fine but I have a few questions about how to go about doing some things: 1. Where can I find this form?! 2. If I'
  4. I can't stop staring... at the moustache... lol and what are you wearing in that last picture?
  5. The black robes sound pretty cool, I wonder if you tried competing at a conclave or NOAC if they would allow the old sashes though. I've always wanted to try it
  6. Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it and it seems for some to be a very contreversial subject. We have for example a scout who I think is around 12 now he's had a cell phone with UNLIMITED texting since the day I met him. He may be the exception but so far it hasn't caused an issue, but actually helped more. I feel the same way as some of you here "why does he really need the cellphone?" well I've decided maybe the family has some personal reason for why he needs it that I don't know about and honestly don't need to know about. I've decided I will take this to my PLC members and show
  7. >>>in reference to elangomats: my lodge created some "elangomat" sashes that are black with a white arrow. Only time they are worn is at Ordeals by elangomats doing arduous labor with the candiates. The Ordeal master checks them out, and then checks them in. I'm hoping you know they didn't create these, and instead they are replicas of old OA sashes. It's interesting to know, that the first sashes didn't even have an arrow, but it was a black sash with a white bar.(This message has been edited by MichaelOA)
  8. Hey Nhan, (I have two friends named that at my school!) I'll try emailing you, and I'll help with you getting your MB. =P
  9. Hey guys, I was just thinking about my troop, and what needs changed to make it better. One of the things that occurred to me, was electronics, more specifically cellphones, and mp3 players. During the scout meeting it seems like I have to say "Put that away" at the least 5 times, and it's actually the same people usually, but it does vary. I began to wonder, should I let them use phones, if they aren't necessarily doing anything else? For example is it okay for the scout to send a text message before the meeting officially starts with the color guard walking down the aisle? How about after th
  10. LOL, reminds me of NOAC on one of the days there were a couple regional and sectional dudes wearing Western Region boxers over their pants. LOL
  11. Ouch, when I'm an adult leader, if I ever have 5 knots I will not follow the rules, it seems like a hassle to have to unstitch a knot to add another. I'd just align it to the side, and let the uniform police lose sleep over it.
  12. Probably because it wasn't the goal that national had/has in mind. The main focus of the scout should always be to his troop, even when he is in other scouting programs such as OA, which has sectional, regional, and national levels these positions are guaranteed to go to someone who is over 18 and has time to devote to being in that position without neglecting his troop since he is no longer a youth member. In a way scouts can have a form of leadership council wide by staffing council events, such as summer camp, nylt, or other activities. There is always a chance to lead out of your troo
  13. MichaelOA

    NOAC 2009

    Noac was fun, and within the first 30 mins I was on the giant screen in the show room for the power of one thing.
  14. MichaelOA

    Tucked In

    Hal didn't you say the exact same thing about attendance for your son's kung fu class? Anyway, uniform inspections will only work if there's an incentive, my troop does uniform inspections but nothing happens if you fail it or not, so there's no worry about it. Maybe try a punishment, X amount of times without a uniform puts you on clean up duty for your patrols next campout 1 more time than it normally would be.
  15. MichaelOA

    NOAC 2009

    I'm going to NOAC woot! Was wondering is it basically like a HUGE conclave? And how many people do they put in a dorm room?
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