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  1. This is a good question. There have been a lot of really good answers to this question. A few of you have said that you serve the COs, the parents, and the youth. First what we need to look at when we answer this question is: What was the reason that the Scouting movement was started? The reason in my opinion was to give young men something else to do that would instill good moral values into their lives. The COs and the parents are not the ones that are affected by what goes on in the unit. The youth that we serve are the ones that are affected. We definitely are there as adults no
  2. We all sit like birds in the wilderness birds in the wilderness. Wait on all the Antelopes.
  3. I used to be a Buffalo and a good ol Buffalo too, But now I've finished Buffaloing, I don't know what to do, I'm growing old and feeble and I can Buffalo no more, So I'm going to work my ticket if I can Back to Gilwell Happyland I'm going to work my ticket if I can
  4. It is time for A critter roll call to finish out the year on a good note. We all know how this goes so: Back to Gilwell Happyland I'm going to work my ticket if I can
  5. That is great since I have not been receiving my Scouting Magazine so now I will have to pay for something that I am still not getting even though I am a registered leader.
  6. I am currently a leader in my late 20s and working with the scouting program has been the best opportunity that I have ever had. I have had people ask me why I am a volunteer without having any children in the program and I tend to answer them by saying that I am a protoge of the program and that I am doing this to give back and see these young men receive the same care and regards for the curriculum that I received when I was in the program. Keep on pushing forward and giving back to the most wonderful program that anyone can become apart of.
  7. Wood Badge is a milestone training for any adult leader that is involved in the Scouting program. As for being prepared for Wood Badge I have to say that I was pretty much prepared. It all had to do with my district executive being the staff advisor for the my Wood Badge course. Thanks to that I knew a little bit more about the course than I was suppose to know, but my district executive told me no matter what I heard about Wood Badge that I needed to come into the course with an open mind, because Wood Badge is different for everyone. To say the least I did go in with an open mind
  8. kahits, There are a few different ways that a dirtrict camporee can be put on: 1) A troop does all the planning and you get the effects that you are currently seeing. 2) A group of people on the district committee do all the planning 3) The District Program Chariman pulls together a group of adult leader's from the district and a few units and has a lagre committee to plan the camporee. To go along with all of this there is actually some literature that is out there that talks about planning a camporee also. Here are just a few ways that a camporee can be planned. In m
  9. I am looking at adding One More Hat onto the leadership table besides being the District Membership Chairman, and this hat is being the Committee Chair for a Venture Crew in my neighborhood. This Crew is actually going to meet at the same place that the Boy Scout Troop that I got my Eagle Scout from. I am very excited about this, but I do not know when to expect to have to do even though I have taken the Venture Training and I am already the District Membership Chairman. Can anyone give me an idea of what the job description of the Committee Chairman for a Venture Crew is?
  10. If the Webelos Leader was following the Webelos requirement guide then the actual earliest these Webelos should be able to Crossover is by the end of November if the th Pack does not stay active during the summer, but if the Pack stays active throughout the summer and does a lot of activities then I do not see why these Webelos could not crossover by the September or October Pack meeting. The only thing to question is how did these Webelos get there Arrow of Light so quickly because it takes just about 1 1/2 years to get the Arrow of Light award now a days.
  11. I was looking through the 2008 Philmont Training Course and saw that one of the new trainings is the Philmont Leadership Course. The write-up for this course reads as follows: Beyond Wood Badge! The Philmont Leadership Challenge brings Wood Badge skills to life in a majestic Philmont setting. Just as NAYLE hones and expands upon the skills taught to Scouts at NYLT, the Philmont Leadership Challenge takes adult leadership to an exciting new level through experiential learning. The Philmont Leadership Challenge simultaneously immerses you and your team in challenging scenarios that require
  12. Warren, Congrats on completing your second weekend!! I do not think you ever get the Woodbadge song out of your head. I took a course back in the fall and I still haven't gotten the song out of my head, but I myself like the idea of keeping the song in my head because it reminds me of the ideals, values, and the leadership skills that learned during my time at Woodbadge. Keep on pushing forward and keep on thinking to yourself that "I am Going to Complete My Ticket if I Can." eagle97_78 Course SR-847 Buffalo Patrol
  13. Warren, You are right one has to be a diversity ticket item. The others have to be items to benefit your unit. Here is a website that might just help you out: http://www.woodbadge.org/WB21/wb21ticket.htm#Parts Good luck writing your ticket items and have fun with the people in your patrol and course while the time lasts.
  14. Lee, You are never too young to seek more knowledge when it comes to be a leader in the scouting program. In the course that I just finished back in October we had a young man that was your age and he was seeking to be a better leader. He took the course and had a great time. One thing that you need to look at is that if you do take the course you need to go into it with an open mind and be willing to learn. To answer your question you are never too young to take Wood Badge as long as you have completed the training requirements for your leadership position.
  15. Well if your were disturbed by that book then you will be proud of this book it is Called "On My Honor" the author is Governor Rick Price from Texas. All the profit that the author gets from the book go to BSA Legal.
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