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  1. I'd love to share this with my district. But I'd also prefer to provide proper credit to the authors. Are you allowed to share the unit number/town such that the credit could be: "Written by the youth of Troop XXX, Anywhere, NC"
  2. Great resources and I hope some put them to use. Unfortunately, up my way, it's not so much the cost of attending Philmont that prevents youth from participating. It's the cost of getting to/from Philmont. It's not exactly next door to us up here in the Maine wilderness. Anyone know of any sponsorship programs that would help scouts defray the cost of travel?
  3. I haven't bothered surveying out 40-some-odd troops/crews in our district. But I know most of them are active year-round. One of the exceptions is in the tiny Canadian border town of Jackman (and I've mentioned this before). They shut down from mid-December to mid-March. Not because of the snow--they see a lot more than we do here "down state)--matter of fact, their school system rarely closes for snow. So, what if they get a foot during the day--the high schoolers drive their snowmobiles to school anyway. No, the reason they shut-down isn't due to holidays, nor the weather. They sh
  4. Scouting in my hometown goes back to the late 20's/early 30's. The two oldest units in our council are 98 years old this year. The oldest unit in the state (in Brewer, Maine) is 101 this year. It was chartered by mail through the UK a year prior to when BSA was founded.
  5. I *HATE* politics. With that said, I say call their bluff and let the cuts expire. With what I make, I'll pay roughly $50 to $60 more a year in taxes. Well worth it if it means the rich are also forced to pay their share. I didn't see one job created locally through the "trickle-down" claim that would happen through this temporary tax cut. And that's what it was suppose to be. Temporary.
  6. And try not to cook too many at once! One scout unit I was with at a trip about a year ago made that mistake. A couple of the bags got too close to the edge of the pot and melted, ruining the contents, never mind all those nasty chems mixing into the water.
  7. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you the absolutely most impossible merit badge to earn: http://www.boyscoutstore.com/slacker-merit-badge.html Slacker Merit Badge If you try to complete the requirements, you're putting too much effort into it and will fail to qualify.
  8. kahits, Who does the cooking for you at your ordeals/work weekends and what do they cook? Do you/the youth like what they cook? That would be a good starting point. I'm on our lodge's cook crew. We use a few different "standard" menus for the ordeals. Fri. evening cracker barrel: homemade pizza Sat. Breakfast is either french toast/sausage or pancakes/sausage, fresh fruit salad Sat. Lunch is make your own subs and chocolate chip cookies Sat. Dinner 1: Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, homemade yeast rolls, veg, salad. Sat. Dinner 2: Lasagna, homemade garlic bread,
  9. RememberSchiff mentioned the "fun" we're having up here in Pine Tree Council. Our grass roots efforts have worked for now. PTC has decided not to sell Gustin according to a press release yesterday afternoon. Article in the Lewiston Sun Journal at: http://www.sunjournal.com/city/story/941349 Back to the topic at hand, it does seem like an awful lot of money to me that could be spent elsewhere to support scouting.
  10. Alas, this has fallen by the wayside around here. I think it needs to be revived and I like the time of year your district/council is doing it as February is a time of year when most donors have forgotten about the food banks, right after the holidays. Get the local media involved. Are you a rural district or an urban district? When I was in graduate school, I served in an urban district. They would hold a press conference with a large map of the city for a backdrop. Units would draw numbers and then in their numbered order choose the block of the city they would distribute bags
  11. Solar panels on the roof that charge the deep-cell marine battery that then provides power to a few CFLs in the trailer and your PA system. Don't laugh. That's the rigging (minus the trailer) that was donated to our district last year and we've used at camporees. We were the only subcamp at our council's centennial celebration who used green power all weekend.
  12. Namu, every council has different rules in regards to popcorn. Some use a baseball bat (YOU WILL SELL POPCORN OR ELSE), others use a carrot. My council is one of the carrot approach ones. Here, you don't have to sell popcorn. You can sell any approved fundraiser on your own that you want to raise funds for your unit--look in Scouting Magazine for some ideas--if they advertise in there, usually, they're approved at the National Level. You can also hold local fundraisers like dinners, bottle drives, car washes, etc. You don't have to share any of the resulting funds with Council.
  13. Did quick search--most recent thread appears to be from 2009: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=87600#id_256695
  14. VigilEagle04, I would define CJ'01 as a National Jamboree 'cause it is the Canadian National Jamboree. You might recall that it could also have been viewed as a world event as there were scouts from 23 nations present--thus all the national flags on the entrance gateway. So, yes, our contingent proudly wore their CJ patches in the jambo spot above the right pocket. My unit was stuck in the far back corner of Porcupine Subcamp with two other American troops (we bussed together) and some Kiwis behind us. On the other side of the Kiwis was the laundromat for Cabot Beach Park.
  15. The 2009 guide has dropped "current"? Great! Guess, if I wanted to, that means the CJ'01 patch could come off the blanket and go back on the uniform if I chose. It use to be you could wear it for one year after the event (of course I can't find the source now, but it was from National and defined "current" as upcoming or in the past year). Then again, once it goes on the blanket, it don't come off. Do you suppose they dropped "current" 'cause hardly anyone obeyed that requirement?
  16. Do a search on "Night Hawk" or "Scout Star Trek". You might come-up with some hits from Canada as Night Camporees are very popular there, but go by the names above. The ones I've participated in have involved hiking 3 miles (5km) in a loop at night--well, they've got the room for it where they hold'em at the ones I've attended in New Brunswick and the few times we've tried it here in the Maine wilderness. Event stations are all along the trail. Each patrol is assigned a different starting point. Patrols are allowed up to 20 minutes to complete the task at each station (depends on the
  17. Several of these I have not heard of. I'm guessing they're regional favorites. Round here, local Native American stories/legends featuring Glooscap (several different spellings including Kluscap and Gluskonba) are popular. Glooscap is the folk hero (like Paul Bunyon or Pecos Bill) in these tales. Among the Wabanaki, he is considered the first human and has been granted special powers/strengths to help his fellow humans. One tale that has become a favorite (as in those present drop to dead silence while it is told) is Glooscap and the Four Wishes: http://www.abenakination.org/gluskonb
  18. Well, it won't let me edit/correct the earlier post. The PDF version of the requirements for the knot is more clear. I'm not as far along as I thought on the quick glance. I'm at 3.5 completed out of 6. Like I said previously, it's more difficult. Oh, and the last two options are the "buy a knot" category. The become/recruit a member bit requires a four-figure donation if I recall correctly. As to the original topic, I don't understand why National doesn't just have the patch presewn on the uniform either.
  19. My "weekend" started today as I purchased some of the stuff for cracker barrel for this weekend's event. Well, technically, it started months ago when I signed-up to be on subcamp staff for "Scoutfest", our council's BSA 100th Anniv. Celebration. More cracker-barrel stuff will be purchased tomorrow--National Guard will be setting-up our HQ tents tomorrow, but alas, I have to be elsewhere when they arrive--another rep from our district subcamp will be there. Then on Thurs., I will layout the campsites for our district's 425 (and rising) scouts/leaders representing 32 registered units and the
  20. BartHumphries wrote: "Well, you can still earn the international activity temporary patch and the the international scouter knot. I believe they have requirements comparable to what the old world crest requirements were. As a youth, I "earned" my World Crest three times before the change to having to earn it vs. anyone can wear it. Though I've been active in scouting now for over 30 years, have participated in staff at a regional Canadian Jamboree, was the "advisor" for my home troop at CJ'01, taken youth (and served on staff) at a Scouts Canada weekend event for several years...oh
  21. sam&john'smom, I guess I'm not a "true patch collector". (chuckle) My collection of roughly 2,000 patches/crests/badges are sewn on 6 blankets--2 for things I've done/earned, the rest trades/gifts over the years--one of them is camp-blanket style (as Eagle92 described). Some collectors I've met do take it way too seriously. They react like a baseball card collector when you bend the corner of a card. How dare I "rape" my patches by taking thread and needle to them! What? It's my collection to do with as I please. And it pleases me to be able to display them the (IMO) easiest way
  22. We've done events similar to this "Insomniacs Revenge" in our area, but for the scouts on both sides of the US/Canada border. They fall under two different names depending on who is running it: Night Hawk and Star Trek (not the sci-fi show) Start at 10pm or so and go through until morning. Hike of roughly 5km or so with scout event stations along the trail. Usually in a loop and every patrol starts at a different point of the loop (so some will put in a bit more than 5km when it's all said and done). You're allowed up to 20 minutes per station (depending on number of stations, pa
  23. "...knows that Mt. Rushmore has been "privatized" and is under the management of Disney." He'll find-out soon enough when they reveal the new fifth head of a certain mouse with large round ears.
  24. Search older topics on the forum. This topic comes up almost every year. Also, Reynolds Foil maintains a whole recipe database. From the Cooking Method Drop-down menu, choose "Packet Cooking". http://www.reynoldspkg.com/reynoldskitchens/en/recipes/recipe_search.asp
  25. Eamon, rather than (re)post my response, I'll point to a response I made in a similar thread from 3 years back: http://www.scouter.com/Forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=171073#id_171155
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