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  1. Scouting4Ever

    Hammock Camping Class

    I am working on developing a hammock camping class for our troop and our community. What kinds of things would you want to learn? I am planning on including Leave No Trace and reading The Ultimate Hang: Hammock Camping Illustrated by Hansen and have found some good resources online. I have some different hammocks for the Scouts to try and see as well. Who has troops that are starting to have more Scouts hammock?
  2. Scouting4Ever

    Court of Honor Props

    I was thinking old, and making it a bit more vintage than just attaching the current patches.
  3. Scouting4Ever

    Re-engaging Older Scouts

    Thanks for the insight. I like the idea of them coming up with a game that uses the skills and I am thinking that might be there next "assignment"
  4. Scouting4Ever

    Court of Honor Props

    I have also seen life size rank props
  5. Scouting4Ever

    Court of Honor Props

    We would most likely hang it on the wall like this
  6. Scouting4Ever

    Court of Honor Props

    The candle holder in the middle http://blog.utahscouts.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/EagleCourtOfHonACor.gif
  7. Scouting4Ever

    Court of Honor Props

    We would love to make some props and stuff for courts of honor and such. Does anyone know where there might be plans to build something like this. Not so much the board and the stand but the awesome vintage graphics
  8. Scouting4Ever

    Re-engaging Older Scouts

    We just finished our crossover and our troop has expanded! No complaints there. As I look at the troop some of my older Scouts (freshmen) have earned Eagle and I have a few (freshmen, sophomores and juniors) who are close to Eagle. They are getting bored with the meetings and such. My younger Scouts (5th, 6th 7th and 8th) make up 2/3 of the troop. A lot of effort is put into teaching them the skills needed Scout to First Class and we use older Scouts to teach but after awhile that gets boring for the older Scouts as well. Any thoughts, links, cool things you have done to re-engage your older Scouts? We have talked about older Scout camp outs and they are looking at doing a float trip. One has applied for World Jamboree and one is spending his summer as a counselor. I know they still enjoy Scouting just Monday nights are sometimes a drag.
  9. If a Life Scout completes his Eagle project, and the work is done with another club, does it still count even though he was the only Scout who took part?
  10. Thanks for the input. I have read through the pamphlet and as the SM/MBC I am just trying to figure out the heart of the requirement. If the majority of people feel it is more the planning and the preparation then I feel that many of my Scouts have done it. We annually do a cold weather prep meeting and then go on our cold weather campout in December which is preparation for a campout in January that usually is in the 30-10 degree range. Sometimes it snows sometimes it does not. Last year it snowed but not enough to accumulate. If the expectation is a snow covered campout then they have not.
  11. What would you expect to see as completion of Camping 9B - Plan and carry out an overnight snow camping experience? Any insight is appreciated so I can guide our Scouts. Thank you.
  12. We would like to recognize a former Scoutmaster with the recognitions he should have completed paperwork for when he was SM. 1. - Scouters Training Award - no brainer as he completed it all when he was SM 2 - Unit Leader Award of Merit - says you must be a currently registered SM so I interpret he is ineligible. 3 - Scoutmasters Key - should we award under the old criteria as he could of earned it like that or does it have to be new criteria and he would not be eligible. What would you do? What have you done? Thanks for the input.
  13. Scouting4Ever

    MB Counselor Kits

    This weekend I taught personal fitness. As part of the requirements there is the sit and reach test. Since all Scouts will do the badge on their way to Eagle we decided to make the sit and reach box to help all Scouts and their counselors. That got me to thinking what other kits could a troop make to elevate the instruction of merit badges?
  14. Scouting4Ever

    Patrol Flags

    We are working to bring back patrol flags with our troop. I was wondering if you could help me out. We are thinking we are going to give them the "flag" - the size, shape, color as determined by the PLC) and let them come up with the design that goes on their canvas. 1. Materials? - Polyester, cotton, nylon or something else 2. What is the best way to transfer a design to the flag? 3. Grommets or sleeve? 4. What else do we need to know? We are going to build a flag holder where the flags will rest next to the troop flag. Then have them use their patrol flags when they line up for opening, closing and when we head to campouts. I am also thinking about a Webelos flag so that when we have visitors they can get in on the fun. Thank you for any thoughts and suggestions you can help us out with.
  15. Scouting4Ever

    Looking for something

    The Scout symbol is what I am looking for. More than just a "cutout" and maybe from the 60's. Maybe made from resin?