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  1. 'cause Squirrels have no respect. They don't even make the list. Wait, someone's council uses Squirrels?!?! That might make me consider signing up. (chuckle)(This message has been edited by moxieman)
  2. Depends on the lodge. Nakona 150 (South Plains Council), when founded had the blessings of the local Native tribe (and advisory from them for a while).
  3. SR540Beaver, the term you are looking for is "Voluntold".
  4. Sasha, what you described is the Scouting Program in many countries other than the USA. From what I've observed of some Scouts Canada units, it can be very successful.
  5. Despite national guidelines, we are a naughty district, 'cause we have a District Mascot. Well, let me clarify that. We're naughty 'cause we have the mascot on a "district patch" which the local camp supporter group sells to raise funds for camperships. He originated with the Maine State Dept. of Conservation back in the late 60's as "Tidy Coon" and filled the same role at the state level as Woodsy the Owl (though he's older than Woodsy as Woodsy was created in 1970). The "Keep Maine Scenic" program he was part of was retired in the early 80's. Flash forward to a couple years ago
  6. Thank you, Shortridge, but please provide the source so others can point to said source when someone asks.
  7. Of course, I can't find it now, but I doubt National has dropped this guideline, or maybe they have. Ten years ago, in writing, I found in some National guideline somewhere that for long term camping (like summer camp, jamborees, etc.) you must have a minimum of 35 square feet of covered tent space per youth. A 4 man Timberline has 56 square feet. Throw on a vestibule and you gain another 14 square feet and meet that 35 per youth as long as you only put two youth in the tent. It was thanks to that written guideline that I was able to convince my troop committee to allow us to r
  8. SSScout wrote: "I have Scouts that don't want to mix things, and insist that the plastic bottle ready mix pancake powder (add water and shake) is the way to go... then complain about the fry pan to clean. "Isn't there a throw away pan?" I had one ask me... " (chuckle) Next time challenge them to find a flat rock and cook it on the rock! Better yet, put them up to the challenge of preparing their entire menu utensiless. My scouts didn't believe it could be done, so I and my brother when utensiless (and foilless) for the weekend: Breakfast was boiled eggs in paper cups, bacon coo
  9. "He had a kid sitting next to him. His job was to draw two green bars through his autograph with a magic marker." My brother was one of those lucky scouts at the 1991 Maine Jamboree. Basically, how GBB did this, was when he arrived, whatever scout was first in line got "voluntold" into Green Bar duty for an hour or two. Then he'd get replaced by another scout in line and so on. In the end the voluntold scout got a few extra things signed. I still have our patrol flag with a streamer with his signature on it as a result of bro's voluntold green bar duty. And, I too, am disgust
  10. Thanks for your quick responses. I've forwarded the link from the National site on Safety Afloat and recommended to the unit leader that if the "lifeguard required" issue is the only thing preventing the tour permit, he should challenge it. Our DE was included in the original message sent to me and I kept him in the loop in the response.
  11. Lisabob, I've been at the receiving end several times of a handful of patches here and there as you have on hand from "retired" leaders. I keep a briefcase on hand, which was also given to me with patches in it which I take to scouting events where I've been invited to display my collection. Scouts are allowed to take a patch or pin from the treasures in the briefcase. I've been to pack meetings where you thought the briefcase was full of money and to other events where the cubs were well restrained, polite and all remembered to thank me for the patch. I'm still going through a bunch I
  12. I can't find this in the online version of the Guide to Safe Scouting or the Safety Afloat info. A unit in our district was denied a tour permit to do a three day canoe trip. They were told they need a BSA Lifeguard. Several leaders have completed Safety Afloat and a few also have current CPR. Is a lifeguard now required or is someone in our council office interpreting requirements for Safety Afloat/canoe trips in their own way? If this is a change, I'd like to pass it on through our email distribution system...but I'd also like to be able to point to the documentation that states
  13. I have served as BS Roundtable Commissioner in my district for 10 years. I've also recently given the Key Three notice that it's time for someone else to have a chance at being the BS commissioner. Not quitting 'cause of burnout or low attendance (we average 50 a month, the highest in the council), but 'cause I promised myself a long time ago that if I made it 10 years, I'd step aside at that point. I have offered to remain on RT staff and train/assist whoever my replacement is. As for topics, ask those who attend what they want/need to know more about. That's what we've done every sp
  14. Living on a border state and having interacted with Scouts Canada quite a bit, I have seen the coed program in action and it WORKS. The coed patrols work better together. For the past couple of years at the Moosehorn International Camporee outside of Calais, Maine, it's been a coed Canadian patrol that has netted top honors in the competitions. Actually, last fall, they chose to compete against themselves in the patrol cooking contest--guys vs. the gals. They tied for first place.
  15. My brother takes his dog to scouting events. The dog is considered a therapy dog and is the troop's mascot. Brother has several youth in his troop with Aspergers, ADD, and other syndromes, who cope better with the dog around. The dog is well behaved/trained and on a leash/chain during events. There have been events where he has been asked to leave the dog home due to rules set forth by the event organizers/owners of where ever the event is held. In those cases, the youth in question have not attended. And, on a couple of those occasions I've been the one to notify him about this. On
  16. RememberSchiff wrote: but leave the dog home. Why leave the dog home? Just co-register with Dog Scouts of America (http://dogscouts.org/) and Spot can go to camp with you. Yes, that's a real organization. There's a Dog Scout Troop in Downeast Maine that's done fundraising to obtain pet oxygen masks for local fire departments, 'cause Fluffy and Fido need just as much help if they're pulled from a burning building as their two-legged owners.
  17. I asked a similar question about four years ago in: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=173585#id_173585 Pine Tree Council covers the western third of the state of Maine (10 of Maine's 16 counties). Kennebec Valley District, consisting of Kennebec, Somerset, and Franklin Counties, is one of the largest districts, area-wise, in the northeast US, covering roughly 6,750 square miles. We are larger than the states of Connecticut & Rhodes Island combined, and cover half of Pine Tree Council's total territory. Roughly the northern third of the district is wilderness,
  18. Regardless of what you do for a ceremony or provide as a thank you gift, be sure to also give the mother a completed copy of the Youth Transfer Form. It will make their transition into their new pack easier. It's on the national website at: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/28-401.pdf And if it's out-of-date, blame National for still having it up.
  19. Studied meteorology. Never found work in it (long story involving Contract on America--nuf said). I recall some nationally published comic strip from back in the early 90's that shows the hand of God pointing towards the Earth and a tornado descending where he is pointing. There are two angels to one side. One comments to the other: "You'd think they'd figure out by now that He hates trailer parks."
  20. Mine are no where near as bad as some mentioned. Skeptic, I wonder if we worked the same restaurant, except I never got a fungus infection. Or maybe a lot of restaurants out there are scary in the back end. I spent two years on/off as a "route jumper" for a local bread company. Basically, an extra helper for whichever bread delivery person needed extra help that day. So, I got to see a LOT of nasty restaurant backrooms, never mind fast food--that company had the Whooper-bun contract at the time. You had best watch your step at Burger King or you'll slip and find yourself on your
  21. I own a Eureka Alpine Meadows (no longer made) and a Eureka Tetragon 7. The Tetragon 7 is 17 yrs old (first generation version of that tent). It's held-up well over the years, though one of the zipper pullers is on its last legs. I use it as a "backpacking" tent, though for those who backpack a lot, it would be considered too heavy at about 7lbs. Works for me. HOWEVER, I don't stay completely dry in it when it rains. There isn't much of an overhang over the door and being only a Tetragon 7, with the finished size closer to 6ft by 6ft, I tend to be touching two walls when I sleep if I
  22. (chuckle) Leave it to me to forget that this forum will also accept html code. So, where it's put in extra blank spaced in my previous post, I meant for it to show < p > and < br >.
  23. Comments/feedback: I think this is a great idea. I like it so much, I've already passed it on through our district's Facebook page. I'll probably also pass it on through our e-newsletter (next issue goes out next week). I logged on, found nothing in my state yet, so I registered and tested your add a destination feature. As a trial run, I added the Cutler Bold Coast Preserve in far Downeast Maine. Yes, I put the pin in the "middle of nowhere" on purpose. It's smack dab in the middle of the Preserve rather than along the public road access point. I encountered a few problems
  24. Weare is in Wannalancit? Color me surprised. I didn't think that district went much further south than Concord and Pembroke. I could have sworn it was the next district south (Massabesic?). Then again, as I said, it's been nearly 20 years since I served with Plymouth Troop 56 while attending Party...er...Plymouth State. Way back then, Roundtable was the first Monday of the month at I think Franklin High School. Whether or not I attended depended on my homework situation...then again, there were many a district event where I was relied on for transportation, where I'd find a quiet co
  25. Welcome aboard. We're not all a bunch of axe-wielding murderers here...or so I hope. I won't tell people where Weare is, but I've been through there a long time ago back in my college days in NH, but I was active in Wannalancit District, not yours.
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