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  1. (chuckle) I know many a patrol in many a troop in my area that would fail these uniform inspections other talk about if we conducted them at district events (which we don't). Some of them use Canadian Patrol Patches ("wildlife crests"--see: http://www.scoutshop.ca/eSolution/catalogue2/?data=010203&template=1&path_spacer=%26nbsp%3B%26bull%3B%26nbsp%3B&num_cols=3&entry=40). Others have custom embroidered ones that are 1.75 inches in diameter--smallest size they could order through the company they went through. I guess we've got a lot of sharp looking scouts not in
  2. Which is one of the reasons I got my council to buy it for me.
  3. BP, are there scans of those two somewhere out there on the net so I can keep an eye out for them?
  4. In response to the response so far: Beavah: Thank you. I don't think I could have put it better. RicahrdB: Our Assistant Scout Executive spent several weeks on/off in his "spare time" from among his other ASE duties to track down the CD in your link. No one up this way had heard of it before I started asking questions after having seen several out-of-council Scouting Universities offering a Hazardous Weather Training that would count as the official BSA requirement on tour permits. They were only aware of the online version of the training. Perhaps National Supply could categoriz
  5. There might have been local issues of 90th and 95th Anniversary patches, but I have never seen a nationally released one. If I had, I'd have one sewn on one of my six blankets (and growing). Good luck! Thinking more about it, I've never seen a national release for the 80th or 85th either.
  6. Both of these would be considered "temporary" patches. As such, you could put one (and only one) on the shirt on the right pocket. Otherwise, put them on a "brag" vest or a blanket.
  7. Our district recently obtained the Hazardous Weather Training on CD so we could present it to a group at a time. We are a LARGE RURAL district and many of our leaders only have dial-up access. If you find it frustrating navigating the national site with high-speed, imagine trying to do it at 56K. So, we do what we can to make "live" training available. We had an attendee who is legally deaf. He has 90% hearing loss. He reads lips well. If you put him next to the speaker and crank-up the volume, he'll catch most of a presentation. Like the other thread for youth protection, the
  8. My thanks to you also, Eaglescout1996. I was recently given two commissioner patches from the mid-60's but wasn't sure which was which. Now I know I have an Assist Dist. Commissioner & a Neighborhood Commissioner. Lub2boutdoors, I'm going to PM you. Send me your addy and I can set you up with a 60's vintage ASM patch for your son.
  9. SMT224, sounds like your district needs some more volunteers at the district level, particularly, an activities chairperson. What some folks forget is that the district is made-up of volunteers. There's only one paid position at the district level--the District Exec. Everyone else is a volunteer like you. If things aren't organized in advance, that's the fault of the activities chair (if you have one) and the district chair, who should be recruiting someone (or several someones) to head-up activities and provide support to the units. We've been lucky in our district as we have
  10. Grrrr...I didn't see that this topic was posted twice and this one had a few responses. Sorry folks, but there is a loose policy on this: From the online excerpts of the BSA Insignia Guide at: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide/03.aspx Under "Excess Insignia": "Previously earned badges and insignianot representing present statusmake a fine display on a BSA red patch vest, a trophy hide or blanket, exhibited in the home of the recipient, or at functions where such a display is invited." Whoever told Kevin that the vest is not to be worn is basical
  11. Kevin, whoever told you this is interpreting the BSA Insignia Guide in a specific way. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide/03.aspx Under "Excess Insignia": "Previously earned badges and insignianot representing present statusmake a fine display on a BSA red patch vest, a trophy hide or blanket, exhibited in the home of the recipient, or at functions where such a display is invited." Whoever told you this is basically stating that the vest is "not invited" to be displayed at these events. Then again, the brag vest isn't an official part of the unifor
  12. 1980 Chevy Citation. I drove it for about 3 years until I was forced off the road by a drunk driver and wound-up in a ditch just short of a telephone pole. Car seemed fine at first. Then a month later it pulled to the left at random. Turns out I had cracked the transaxle. Being a poor college student, I didn't get it fixed. My favorite vehicle to date was my third car. My former folks' car, an '82 Chevy Impala Wagon. The folks didn't have much cash either, so there was a lot of "deferred maintenance" with it when I inherited it. Deferred things like, oh, the exhaust. On one trip,
  13. Moosetracker, let me get this straight: Your district lacks a RTC and the DC is currently running roundtables. A volunteer (you) stepped forward with important info to pass on and the DC didn't snag that volunteer up and recruit them as the new RTC?!?! Sounds like this DC has dropped the ball (again). No further comment. As others have said, look back at previous roundtable threads.
  14. I missed the original posting of this thread so long ago. Scouter-Terry, you and I may have briefly met in your tour with Green Bar Bill in '91. He attended our Maine state jamboree that May at the Brunswick Naval Air Station. My brother and I were the first in line to get our handbooks signed. Bro got recruited by Bill to do the green bars for him, which he did for Mr. Hillcourt for over an hour before another scout in line was asked to take his place.
  15. A long, long time ago...back when I was an older scout instead of an older leader (chuckle), I served on the staff of our local scout camp. We held both resident Boy Scout weeks and Cub Day Camp weeks. One of my duties during day camp week was to collect "lost" (forgotten) clothing from the waterfront change tents after all the Cubs left for the day. One day, I found the following piled together in one of the tents: shoes socks underwear shorts pants swim trunks scout shirt t-shirt towel I figured some Cubby must have gone home in his birthday suit.
  16. At past Klondikes, we've had three age categories: Webelos (who may attend and compete if they are invited by a troop) "Younger" Scouts (All First Class or under) "Older" Scouts (Above First Class or mixed group with at least one scouts above First Class) Venture Crews are allowed to participate and are lumped into the "Older" category. We've only had a crew participate twice so far. The first time, it was a brand new crew, half boys, half girls. They didn't even have a crew flag yet. Two of the boys were also Boy Scouts. The crew took second place in the older category.
  17. Relayed from Peter S. Wolfe of USSCOUTS.ORG who relayed it from the folks who operate Scout-L to rec.scouting.usa Usenet newsgroup (yes, there are a few of us dinosaurs who keep an eye on the original Usenet "discussion board": "Jon Eidson, owner of Scouts-L sent this out earlier today (2/3): > We've had a fairly major disaster at TCU's computer facility. A > pipe burst in our building and flooded our computer room. The > building's power is down as well as our computer room. I just spent > the day getting our priority systems running at our backup site. > Obvi
  18. Eliza, I'd suggest you contact the organizers of the event. Explain you have a group of Webelos attending. Ask them what they're looking for by that request. Are they looking for enough to make ONE French toast, or enough for the judges or enough for the entire patrol and the judges, etc. Ask them if the egg mix can be pre-mixed or if it needs to be done on site. Do they need to clean-up on site, or can they pack the dirty dishes to take home? This last one will determine whether or not they need to pack cleaning gear in addition to cooking gear. If it's like the cooking event at ou
  19. Greetings, gjjennell, from your neighbor to the north in K-Valley District. Your current DE is our former DE. Talk to him and he'll give you some ideas of what has and has not worked in our district. We must be doing something right as we're averaging 50 leaders a month in our rural district with some (Jackman) traveling as far as 2 hours one-way to attend. Our Cub side is hurting, but we've just recruited a new, gung-ho commish for the Cub side and the numbers are already improving there. Others have given great suggestions. Here's a few more. I'm the Boy Scout Commish in our d
  20. John-in-KC, you are also fortunate to have access to a big enough meeting space to meet your needs.
  21. Nothing fancy for our opening after the Pledge to the flag. In the past, we have done a staggered timed-start to a destination point (roughly a half-mile down the trail). This timed race is used a tie-breaker at the end of the day should two patrols finish with the same score. End of the day ceremony is simply awarding the prizes. We don't give trophies. We give camping/troop gear. Top patrol gets first pick. Then second place and so on down to fifth place. Gear we've given away have included camp stoves, griddles, lanterns, the 4 scout picnic table you can build out of a sheet of
  22. For the past few years in the fall, we have been offering Cub Leader Basic Training on the same night/location as roundtable. We are fortunate to meet in a facility with several meeting rooms. It is offered in addition to the roundtable program. We've also done this with YP. Yes, YP is online...if you have high speed access. A good portion of our rural district does not. Try accessing the BSA national site with a 56K dial-up modem, and you'll understand why we continue to offer live versions of the online trainings up this way.
  23. Please don't forget that we do have forum members from Down Under and from "Middle Earth" (formerly known as New Zealand). For them, this wasn't the winter solstice, but the summer solstice and their days (as in hours of daylight, wise crackers) are now getting shorter. I need to save up the $$$ to go visit some friends down there. I think it would be fun to be singing carols around the barbie in my shorts.
  24. SctDad, John-in-KC, was being polite by saying "They can release the members". What he means is they can choose to kick you out at any time (thus releasing you from membership). I've been a "released member" before. I was active with a unit in graduate school. The entire adult leadership except myself and an undergrad student quit. We approached the IH and explained the situation. The IH chose to "release" us from our volunteer duties and dissolved the unit rather than try and recruit some new leaders. The chartered organization in question shouldn't have had any trouble--it was the
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