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  1. Bad Wolf - I agree they crossed the line on both issues.. But, I would smack them upside the head more for the bad mouthing, and educate them on the HIPPA and inform them that there would be no leniency if it happened a 2nd time.. I guess due to my personal experience of not knowing that calling out "Bobby, John and Gary" I still need your medforms was against HIPPA rules, when I was just doing what had always been done, I can see someone not realizing they are crossing HIPPA rules if the info of the scout having Aspergers was open knowledge to everyone in the troop and just passed by word
  2. If the rest of the current troop is great with working with your son, and it's just this one couple, then I agree with Bad Wolf.. Stand your ground with the current troop and get someone to discipline, educate and restrict the leadership these two have on outings at least until they prove they can work with your son.. If this troop is 90% great for your son and the only problem are these two then it is a possibility the new troop may turn out worse.. Sounds like you have spent a lot of time educating this troop.. I don't know if they will expel the couple.. If they don't work in medicine
  3. From what I understand the problem couple are ASM's not the SM himself.. If after contacting the new troop, you think the ASM's have seriously hurt your son's chances of being accepted, then if you think the SM of your current troop is capable of giving a more positive review, perhaps he can contact the new troop to give them a different perspective and erase some of the harm.. My gut reaction is to agree with JoeBob, if the info they shared was from observation rather then sharing off the medical form it isn't HIPPA.. But then I have to curb this to say I am not sure how restrictive thi
  4. All I know is my guys got a large charge out of going to a camporee, more so a Scout-O or Jamboree that attracted multiple districts or people from different states.. Meeting other scouts & scouters they never met before and getting to compare and contrast their programs and swap stories they would come home with different ideas and new goals or new ideas on future events and how to implement them.. I am fine with wishing Trails Life good-luck while pushing BSA for change.. There is one major difference, Trails Life bills itself to being for conservative Christians rather then being n
  5. Genders still get the separate-but-equal treatment in a lot of things.. Schools, sports, scouting.. I don’t know if schools are now better at this, one would hope so now that it is not assumed the #1 goal of a girl is to marry well.. Sports definitely unequal, obviously the money, time and promotion is all about the boys/men, women are lucky to get offered the ability to play the sport, and usually get the hand-me-downs in equipment and not the prime times for practice or games.. Best for girls to participate in a sport that is integrated like swimming, track, biking, skating etc.. Scouting
  6. Seriously, if you do not work with the same counselor then it is up to each counselor if they will accept a partial from another counselor or not, even if you had the blue card.. Good news is that most counselors do.. As for not having a blue card but at least a computerized sheet, that also is up to the counselor (you may have a few more that don't accept, but most will be fine, as most of us do not wish to punish a child for the mistakes of an adult.).. Your son would need to get the list of counselors doing the MB, and be prepared to give them the long story, then just see what their verdi
  7. Well the trainers in our council were NOT happy with this either.. I was the District Trainer for a time, my son is doing it now.. Both my son and I were trying to push the council training group to allow us to do the IOLS test out.. It was still with trainers verifying the scouters knew the stuff, but we had some scouters who did know the stuff, and refused to spend a weekend being taught what they knew but would gladly show us they knew it.. The rest of the council training group had made it illegal to use the test out, and we could not budge them.. I can't remember their reasoning as it wa
  8. Don't know if it changed since son took it but when he did a lot took both lifesaving MB and lifeguard at the same time because the only difference was the hours they put in during the afternoon of lifeguarding. It was something like driving where you needed x amount of practice time. The CPR may have been different too, where you needed real certification before going to camp, as the MB practiced but did not certify. Not sure on the CPR though. So you really do need the muscle strength as if taking lifeguard.
  9. So Stosh if you taught the MB you would be happy to accept an 11 yo without the swimming MB behind them, and you as the MBC could make that call, no one stopping you. But, you can not force that decision on another MBC who would not be comfortable in that situation.
  10. Our camp not only had the pre-requisite of the Swimming merit badge but also something else that insured some age/muscles to the boy, for what JoeBob said.. If you have a 17 or 18 year old trying to pull and 11 year old under the 17 or 18 yo will most likely win as the younger has not matured enough to have the needed muscle mass.. The MB counselor (or camp) has the freedom to choose if they wish to accept be a counselor to a scout for a merit badge based on whatever standards they set to assure the scout has the ability to do the MB, if they personally have the time for it (they may have
  11. I notice the bathroom.. I just figured it was a sign of the times.. No real study on or push for Leave No Trace.. There is a lot done then we do not do now due to LNT.. But for some reason I thought early publications did talk about cat holes, perhaps that was only used when a water source was not available?
  12. Yes, welcome Adamcp.. Didn't notice this was your first post to the forum.. So ditto and what Packsaddle said... But, perhaps you have been a lurker for a while so know your way around, seeing that the moderators have changed things so you have to work harder to search this area out. Seeing that your first comment is in this area, it sort of points to this.. Or perhaps your interests lie in I&P, and you found this thread by surfing the web for this specific topic.. Which if you have posted or read comments from other political arenas around the web, well then we are quite rough for sco
  13. Thanks caveEagle - If that was a conservative viewpoint, I am pleasantly surprised because I think it was well thought out..
  14. Sorry that this is your first experience with a Boy Scout troop.. It took us 3 times before we found the right troop.. The first time we chose between the two troops that our Pack offered us to choose from.. The second time we were recommended a troop by the district Executive.. The third time my husband and I looked at 6 or 7 troops, then took our son to the top 3 of those we looked at so he could choose from them.. A slight drive for us, 30 minutes, but since the first troop was 20 min and the second troop about 25 minutes, I guess the added distance wasn't that bad.. Some things to thi
  15. Well we also got to agree on the ban of scouts using little red wagons for anyone under 14, when they put that out a year or two back. Fox may be fine with other scout activities, but not when scouts are banning guns.. I also am curious, the way the video stated it, it made it sound like if you were a scout you were not to use squirt guns not only at BSA activities, but ever, sort of like being trustworthy, loyal, helpful etc.. we should add "no aiming water guns at people" to that.. But, I think it is only not participating in this BSA activity in this fashion.. Not that many will foll
  16. Were you reading during lunchtime? tsk, tsk.. Stay away from I&P during lunchtime.
  17. As long as you somehow try to argue that keeping openly avowed adult homosexuals out of BSA membership will somehow magically protect us from sexual predators, yes we will continue to disagree, because it is utter bull-pucky.. As for sexual attraction of similar aged scouts that is consensual, deal with it the same way the Venturing crew does with heterosexual attraction between it's members.. Again, It is no excuse to deny Charter Orgs who have different religious beliefs from you the right to practice their religious beliefs and welcome adults who they believe are a great role models to
  18. I gave you a point for the "over the age of" being considered a pedophile, in saying that part of your argument I will accept.. So you are still arguing for something I have conceded, but we all know how clear headed you are... Also your argument is ignoring the fact that in cub scouts and a few years of boy scouts they are pedophiles.. You can call them simply gay.. I will call them rapists... I will don't consider a male rapist of a women as simply a heterosexual... Sorry.. Yes someone 17 or 18 having CONSENTUAL sex with perhaps a girlfriend of 16 who they had the relationship before th
  19. Also, before turning in a receipt make a copy of it.. I did this all but one time.. Guess which one time the DE lost the receipt??
  20. This statement just boggles my mind.. I could not for the life of me figure out what the conservative Christian side of this argument could ever state they are willing compromising anything.. I mean your argument is that in order for the conservative Christians to be able to have their religious freedom, then no one else has the right to practice their own religious freedom. This is compromise?? Reading on, I guess some have guessed you mean the half-a$$ed vote of 2 years back.. First I agree with others that this was not a compromise because it still did not allow everyone the freedom to
  21. Wow.. You guys are still at it?.. I figured after being away for the 3 day holiday weekend you guys would have been exhausted by now, and due to the de-emphasis of I&P, which I wasn't aware of until I read to catch up, I thought it had faded into the background.. Hopefully the charge to post on I&P will not be per word !!! I tend to be wordy, and looks like I have been voluntold I am footing Stosh's posts also.. I will have to recheck how wordy Stosh has been (well ok worded that I will take pity on him).. Anyway, whose going to count up our words and bill us, look at how wordy e
  22. They were all pedophiles.. I guess if you look for a needle in a haystack you are able to find 2 or 3 examples, but those are needle in haystack examples.. 99% of the pedophiles happen to be heterosexuals.. So we should ban all heterosexuals from being adult scout leaders.. You never can be too careful..
  23. Ahhhh... Then I misunderstood, I saw the 8 and thought it was the 8 inch... Yes, the 12in is the norm for patrol cooking main meals for us and some large desserts.. the 8in is for sides and some other types of desserts That is a good price !..
  24. You leave my feet alone !!! It's like soda, pop or tonic ... We gots feet wheres eyes comes from ... (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)
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