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  1. I'm from NH, and just saw another intro from NH.. So we are multiplying here! I have been in scouting since my son started as a tiger. He is now a 19 year old adult leader and Eagle scout.. I left the troop about 6 months ago, but didn't find anywhere of interest to put my free time, so I am now going back at the district level in training. My son & husband are still in the troop, but they are both at district level in advancement, my husband is about to take over the advancement chair position, my son & he have been on the Eagle board for a few years. This seems like a
  2. Hi, Just stopped in to post my own introduction, and could not pass up the opportunity to say hi to a fellow New Hampshire scout. What district are you out of. I am from Wannalancit, but I live in the Massabesic region.. More about that on my own intro.. Welcome you, Welcome me..
  3. I have been in 4 scouting units since being in scouts. I have learned to believe strongly in the CO's importance. The first CO had a quiet but supportive role.. If the troop needed aid in camperships or some help they were there, the rep had a son in the pack. (We had a good Pack) The second CO sponsered themselves.. Yep, totally against the policy, but they made up a buisness as a front, just for the purpose of sponsering themselves. After we left the council made them find a true CO. (The Troop made up their own rules against BS policy, some very unfair to the boys) The third CO
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