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  1. thanks Den leader.. 8 qts for a patrol are good for side dishes or desserts. Do you know if they were designed for the outdoors? (feet and lid that holds coals)
  2. Thanks Cambridgeskip.. I remember you explaining that a year or two back.. I doubt we also will get someone saying "Oh, I'll join 'cause their so inclusive".. First off we will still not be as inclusive as you guys.. What we do have now though is several who will say "I will not join because of your ban on homosexuals".. We also have a few churches our DE has called to try to get them to sponsor a unit who have said they will never do so as long as we have a ban on homosexuals.. I guess once we get local option we will have people telling us they wont join or sponsor a unit because we allow
  3. Scouter99 the book is on abuse of scouts in BSA by PEDOPHILES, not gays... Most have a persona of the family man husband, wife children, church goer, civic minded.. Pedophiles will never be your openly homosexual person because of people like you who equate the two words of homosexual and pedophile as the same.. A pedophile takes on a persona that will allow parents and children to trust him and think nothing about letting their children be alone with them.. An openly homosexual scoutmaster will not have that type of trust, at least I don't see it in any near future..
  4. Bad wolf - I doubt it will shift again in BSA at least on this issue.. BSA got royally hurt by choosing a side rather then keeping things the way they were, staying out of the arguement and leaving it up to the CO's through local option.. But on the conservative side in other political issues you may win a battle here and there, just don't be surprised if you win that it does not put an end to the issue and your win doesn't stick for more then a few years to a generation.. Battles lost sting, but it doesn't mean I need to give up the fight..
  5. Local option IS allowing everyone to live and let live.. Forced compliance is not.. Yes, I will go to a restaurant with inconvenient parking for the good food. Yes, I will go to the party where 80% of my friends are although the loud mouthed bragger I dislike will be there also. I might try to not buy from a company I dislike, but if it is a product few other companies make and I need it, I will buy it. With BSA my husbands family has a history of being in the BSA my son is 3rd generation we like the outdoors perspective, we like being around other parents with similar ideas on how to r
  6. Simple - BSA main purpose is not it's homosexual issue.. You will rarely if ever find a group that 100% meets all your morals, values, interests etc.. You pick a close fit and work to change for improvements in the program.. Packs and Troops do this all the time, sometimes it changes through the direction of a new CubMaster or ScoutMaster or committee chair and the changes they wish, sometimes through the committee, sometimes through the scouts.. And anytime a program has change, you have those who think the old ways were better, and some see the change as good, and some really don't notice t
  7. Scouter99 - You take one incident in which those who planned to march in uniform were warned not to and why, some obeyed the order not to, some did not.. But it is clear the SE words back up what both Rick & NJ said... So if BSA has a policy against aiming squirt guns at people, and troops ignore the policy that makes someone stating the policy about squirt guns a liar???? Really.. So what does that mean about you stating we have a policy against homosexual scout leaders, when it is clear it is ignored by many.. Does that mean we have never really had that policy in force?? That policy
  8. They were turned, we use to have local option then BSA was pressured by conservative religions to implement this policy.. Didn't feel good, but we stayed with BSA anyway enjoyed the positives Scouting offered our son and worked hard to reverse this bad decision.. So now the tables are turning to right the wrong..
  9. I never brought up the gay marriage opinion that is looming, I don't think it does have any weight on this decision be it for or against. But the sexual orientation is currently front & center due to NY hiring a gay at camp, and when mumblings of the hiring being against BSA rules hit the states ears they started an investigation into if BSA is following the states anti-discrimination laws.. I don't think any state with anti-discrimination laws ever thought to investigate BSA in the past.
  10. Well maybe I was wrong about the 5 year prediction.. Perhaps we will get the change sooner.. I knew they were trying to wait for the dust to settle from the last vote taken before continuing the change.. Has BSA changed policy in the past with very conflicting viewpoints, the answer is "yes" the two that come to mind are the acceptance of women in scout leadership positions and de-segregation of all white troops and all black troops.. The women went to local option, which still caused a raucous because women would start going to district & national events even if your troop chose
  11. I would find it a very odd site to see the majority of churches surrounded by high fences with razor wire.. Does not imply "welcome".. I think Detroit is like that (not sure about the church fences) but the fact that everyone who can is moving out and leaving the very poor who have no means to move out behind.. At least it was that way last year. I had heard they may be starting to curb the flow, but not sure if they have started to turn it around yet. I know where I grew up until I left high school there was also a different sort of flight.. Utica NY had a very large state mental hospita
  12. The "Irish need not apply" signs were in America also, we had our period of discriminating at one time or another against Indian, Irish, Chinese, Italian, Afro-American, Hispanics.. Some group always has to be on the bottom of the dog-pile in order for other groups of people to be happy.. I hear from many guys the two girls making out isn't as gross to them (providing the girls are cute).. My opinion is that guys are weird to begin with.. I have been to places that are known to have a heavy gay culture, P-town on the Cape is the one I frequent the most.. Aside from some hand holding or may
  13. Back to it being a child again.. Since we can not agree on that point, we really are arguing apples and oranges... No brain, no soul, not yet a human.. Sorry.. But, if you must know, I am all for euthanasia for brain dead patients, parents or spouses should have the right to decide even if a living will was not made.. Also I am for a person terminally ill who has nothing but pain or loss of their mind until they are in a vegetative state to choose a quicker, less painful, more humane way to end their lives.. Since AZMike took my comments and altered them to fit his own agenda,
  14. Ahhh. No, what we disagree on is the rights of a women to have control over her own body and her own life.. We also disagree on government getting between a women and her doctor : 1) making decisions for the women as proposals that the court or a governor decides each individual case of it an abortion is acceptable to them. 2) forcing the doctor to lie to the women or making it legal for the doctor to lie to women http://www.refinery29.com/2015/04/85242/5-lies-doctors-legally-required-tell-abortion 3) making mandatory unnecessary procedures (forced ultrasounds, waiting period
  15. Problem is we disagree on when an embryo is a viable human life form and when it is just dividing cells.. So the daughter/son does not yet exist to have a say in anything..
  16. Very true Eagledad.. Local option is we will let you believe what you want, but we have a right to believe what we want.. (live and let live).. It get's nowhere with the "My way or the highway" from the other side. I will be happy to drop it.. Don't argue your side or drag it into a otherwise unrelated thread, I will not feel the need to represent the other side of the argument. (That statement is not just directed at Eagledad's posts, but anyones.. This thread OP kindof started right off on the topic, or at least was interpreted that way by Rick_In_CA, but threads like "New Chief Ex
  17. Eagledad is racism consider a Christian cause still?.. I think not... I hear people state there is no racism anymore, and the other side state there is.. But except for skin-heads, kkk groups and neo-Nazi groups I really have not heard any major group especially any group stating it is their Christian faith to be a racist.. Calico - thanks for the research.. I was thinking along that line.. I doubted they handed people a questionnaire and if you marked true to racist, anti-abortion or homophobic they deny you membership.. I could see if someone has a fit about another members life choices
  18. Usually the news is about the homosexual asking for a service the business is in the business of supplying.. Or some law that would give businesses the right to deny this group equal treatment, simply for being homosexual without taking the time to decide if the individual is a jerk or not.. If you sell cakes would you call all customers jerks if they came into your business to order a cake, and threw them out?.. If so you would not be in business for long.. A jerk is not someone asking for equal service that you provide everyone else. I personally have not heard of an outcry of anyone ki
  19. I guess eye contact is about the same as being in a lineup and everyone but you taking one step back... oops! Seriously, being involved in your sons scouting career will be a blessing.. You and your son can share a common interest.. During cub scouts you are teaching him so much more about community service by your being involved rather then trying to have someone else teach this to him.. Also for youth having their parents being a big wig is a source of pride for them.. If he stays in through boy scouts and you also stay involved, you will find the common interest will even keep you conne
  20. Eagledad - I saw no names dropped, so I don't think you crossed any lines.. Lots of people in the psychologists out there, so no way I can track down your friend specifically from what you said. I don't know why (s)he dragged the government into this though, their may be politics about homosexuals, but what to do about gender dysphoria has not become a political ping/pong (yet).. Unless (s)he thinks they should be doing something they are not, like removing the children from the home.. I don't know about your 61 year old friend except to say if they didn't get a gender identity issue until
  21. My mother told me she knew of a child who was born with both male & female anatomy.. The parents were going to wait until they were old enough to decide if they were male or female before they had them have surgery to become a specific gender.. I wonder what youth organizations would be willing to accept him/her until the operation was performed.. Never heard what the outcome was, not even sure my mother kept in contact with them enough to know.. At the time she was retired and living out of a 5th wheel camper hitting the highways and seeing all of the USA at a slow leisurely pace.
  22. If GSUSA stated policy is to be believed, it sounds like they are not forced onto a troop that is not equipped to deal with it.. If so, I don't see the problem.. But the one news article I know of the one child trying to join I think was handled all wrong and attempted to force the troop into accepting her.. I also think the newspaper was unfair to just give the accounting from the parents of the transgender child and paint the Troop Leader in a totally negative light. From how the story reads the parents never contacted the troop leader, or the GS for Colorado or National or whatever to
  23. EagleDad - YOUR statements were that of questioning what made Q's and Psychiatrists on the subject more qualified then your own.. I was just allowing you the chance to prove you have more qualifications.. I don't think politics should have anything to do with this subject.. Politicians are not qualified to give expert advice on the subject, they just state whatever they think will get them elected. So if your expertise is from a politicians point of view, forget it. Until you can state your expertise and then give professional well thought out advise on the subject, I (like NJCubS
  24. Eagledad - you forgot to mention the experience (aside from personal) you have that makes you better qualified then Q who works with them, and the advice of psychologists trained in this field.. Since schools and other youth organizations are listening to the advice of the current experts in this field.. Perhaps you could put out your scientific paper on the subject soon in order to direct everyone in the correct method of treatment. Luckily I have no personal experience with this.. I would hope I would treat them normally, but I do not think it would come naturally until I really got to k
  25. It's great when armchair warriors know more then the experts.. I admit that I don't quite understand this, it is harder to wrap my head around then a same sex attraction.. What I do know is that these families wrestle with this problem in their child.. Most of them take their child from psychiatrist to psychiatrist for a year of more trying to find a cure only to be counseled that they need to accept and love their child as they are, and they are to treat them as the gender they believe they are.. This is a very difficult decision for them to make, only made more difficult by anyone wh
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