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  1. Wow, well lets just ban heterosexual behavior also while we are at it.. From now on, no more sex for anybody, we all have to live celibate lives.. Does not matter what your religion believes.. You can not argue that my religious beliefs are wrong based on the fact they are not your religious beliefs.. If there is a religion out there that accepts polygamy (I am sure there are, don't some Arab countries still allow multiple wives.) then it does not matter if either of our religious beliefs are against it.. US laws may care, but from a religious point of view, it is not up to you to conv
  2. Sorry - Stosh - but no.. We are sexual beings.. What you propose is similar to asking a child born with a serious curvature of the spine to ignore it and stand up straight.. If God creates all humans then he created the homosexual. Why should they have to deny themselves a fulfilling meaningful life in order to make you feel comfortable or fulfill your religious beliefs especially when they don't share in the same religious beliefs as you? God did not design the Kleptomaniac and to steal from others you are infringing or hurting someone else.. Also since a lot of pedophiles claim something
  3. Stosh - I wasn't quite sure your point in this post.. Seemed more like musing rather then trying to make a point.. The only thing I wanted to comment on was "Somewhere deep inside of me says that I really don't think murder, pedophilia, homosexuality, adultery, gossip, lying, kleptomania or any other types of vices are "okay". " As for the adultery, gossip, lying people,kleptomania.. Maybe not the preferred leader so if you had people standing in line waiting for a troop position and you had your choice, you could refuse them.. Otherwise, they are problems you can overlook.. We h
  4. AZMike - he was mid-40's.. But l agree with Stosh, what does age have to do with a higher ruling from some sort of area (sorry, I was so happy with the answer itself, I really didn't pay attention to what level this decision was made, but it was higher then his church itself.. Stosh - I didn't go from Catholic Church to Catholic Church until I found a priest that gave me the answer I wanted to hear.. I was the UC for units that belonged to a Catholic church.. The priest of that church was the one and only person I could go to in order to get an answer of if I had to look for a new CO for t
  5. PS. AZMike, since it seems by the way you talk that you are Catholic, I was a UC for a Catholic church, just after the vote to allow in gay youth passed, I had a talk with the church's pastor... I do not know if this decision was regional or national but he assured me that the Catholic church had already discussed this issue at a conference.. Not only did the church have no issue with the homosexual youth, but WHEN the BSA passed the local option the church would have no issue with that either.. And that is how he worded it, emphasis on WHEN..
  6. AZ Mike - I will break up you comments in unnamed quotes as otherwise, it gets really messy.. I have been dumped out and had to start over twice now. If the VFW, American Legion and others are private organizations who disfranchise homosexuals already based on religion, then this will fall under the umbrella of their private organization.. If they are funded with tax dollars, offer a public service, or are a business that offers services to the general public, then the general public has a right to weigh in.. I love how you are all concerned about being forced to act against religious pr
  7. No, but that is why it is in the "News & politics" area..
  8. Sigh, and all this angst because this comment I made: Which never interpreted what it is you think is so meaningful of the verse, it just states this verse in other religions is not the important point of the story at all.. The do not judge others is.. You have me totally confused now.. Didn't you say : And then when I pointed out that Tyke mentioned no bible passage let alone John 8 but rather he asked as simple straight forward question.. Was not your reply: Now with this statement, are you saying that it is in answer to Tyke's question, and does need interpretation i
  9. Not without trying to figure out what your interpretation of that saying means, because Jesus did not say "Go and sin no more, for if you do not you will be demonized by society and me and we will shun you, judge you, and condemn you, especially if you become a homosexual.." "Go and sin no more" in and of itself, does not explain a) Why homosexuality is considered an unforgivable sin that makes a person unqualified to be a leader, while others are no longer even considered sinful.. "Go and sin no more" in and of itself, does not explain b) Why if Jesus hung around with the sinners, a h
  10. Whatever the link was it comes up with an "HTTP 404 Not Found" error. Let me ask you, Why do you think members of the church do not have the right to pressure change within their own churches? Why do you think churches have yearly or bi-yearly conferences to propose changes? How do you think churches changed their position towards blacks, women or inter-racial marriages over the years? My answer is simple, it is healthy for churches to make changes in their policies, but the changes should not come from any outside influence but through what the members of the church want.. You have to
  11. I disagree.. One pamphlet does not a war make.. Holding rosary vigils is pretty much stating it is not open to anyone else but Catholics. Come back when it is a serious pressure from non-Catholics.
  12. I knew there was going to be a replacement for Stewardt, I didn't know that Colbert got a replacement.. What is that show called? I will check it out.. I have never done the type of show Colbert is moving to, but I will check it out a few times when he starts.. I know it will not be political satire, but I really liked his humor, and it might be good even if it is about different subjects.. Of course the interviews both Stewardt & Colbert did at the end was my least favorite.. A lot of times I didn't watch that whole piece if the person they were interviewing held no interest for me.
  13. Ahhh-Ha... I found the piece about the LGBT PAMPLET... I looked again after Merlyn pulled something I did not see.. I see nothing in it about forcing Catholics to accept same-sex marriages.. I believe it is similar to basically what the Catholics and LGBT are cordially talking about currently, A GREATER ACCEPTANCE of GAYS IN THE CHURCH.. Outsiders may be working with Catholic homosexuals (I don't know from the pamphlet if it was created due to catholic homosexuals asking for the help of the HRC, or even who in the HRC put the pamphlet together, or who the pamphlet is for the Catholic Cler
  14. Title "Here is New fun one to us up"... So, are we all cheerful yet??? How about Now?? Skeptic - I will miss Stewardt also, especially since Colbert is gone too.. Well I will give the new guy a try and hope he is decent.. And "NO" it is not where I get my serious news.. But, it's great to have something to lighten things up rather then always focusing on the negative.
  15. The passage of Tykes you quoted had no scripture at all.. tyke, on 03 May 2015 - 5:39 PM, said: There is no bible passage in that.. He makes no hint at any verse from John 8 verses 1 - 11.. He asks as simple straight forward question.. It would be like you son "Asking you "Dad, can I go to Sam's party tonight.. George, will be there".. (And your son knows you admire and respect George..). And your answer to your son's question is "Go, and sin no more John 8:11" ... "Ok, Dad.. What does that mean?" OK Eagledad - What makes you think you are even close to my beliefs???
  16. AZMike - I will study your examples.. The second one (the school) may be run by a church, but it is not a church.. As for CO's who are a business or preform a public service I have no issue with the public pressuring them into opening it's scouting units to gays.. I'm sure you're right, but somewhere during his time with them he would say, "go and sin no more" (That's from John 8:11). Barry Well if your use of "go and sin no more" is not based on your interpretation of the meaning of the phrase, then it makes no sense for you to use it to answer tyke's question.. Basically every
  17. Everyone else has done my work for me nicely.. Thanks guys.. And that is exactly how I stated it.. "To prove this you will need to point out to me the public pressure (outside of their own church membership) that have been all over churches to force them to perform homosexual marriages.. For this same prediction was raised by conservatives over the legalization of Gay marriages.. Your predictions have been wrong.. The only time you get in trouble is when you try to enforce your viewpoint on the public who do not hold your same belief .." You did not name churches.. You named businesses.
  18. To prove this you will need to point out to me the public pressure (outside of their own church membership) that have been all over churches to force them to perform homosexual marraiges.. For this same prediction was raised by conservatives over the legalization of Gay marriages.. Your predictions have been wrong.. The only time you get in trouble is when you try to enforce your viewpoint on the public who do not hold your same belief ..
  19. Same thing I already said.. Church CO's are not on the agenda.. The Pizza joint is a place of business open to the public not a church, therefore if they sponsored a BSA unit, when it goes to local option, they will probably be pressured to change.. What a bummer... But, I would imagine they have learned a lesson and will not see an angry mob and cheerfully welcome them to direct all their anger at them.. Unless of course they believe they might get another great payday out of it.
  20. Depends on how old they are.. This membership policy was implemented in the mid 1990's.. Until then homosexual leaders were local option. And "NO" Rick-in-CA would not remind them of that even if it had been true. Anyone who does not agree with this policy, will agree with these comments 100%.. Even our DE's and other council leadership will agree that their opinion is valid and assure them that they are working as hard as they can to change this policy, then just put them on a list as someone they can contact when the policy does change.
  21. Eagledad - So where did tar and feather ALL religious people with what I said.. It would only apply to religious people with that point of view, which I can assure you is not ALL religious people.. Also why is it condescending to point out their point of view if that is their point of view and they happily state it is.. Also no one follows everything in the bible, it you did you would be arrested.. My example did not state your viewpoint is wrong, it pointed out that different religions highlight different parts of a scripture giving their followers totally different interpretat
  22. Mozart - I can tell you as fact, at the last vote my DE as well as other DE's in our council had a list of promised donations if the vote was against homosexuals and another list equal if not greater of promised donations if the vote was to allow homosexuals (both youth & adult).. He had another decent list of new CO's interested if the policy was changed.. When the council changed the vote to only allow in homosexual youth even though it passed none of the lists panned out.. In order for those who will not donate or host a BSA unit until the discrimination stops it has to be a full chan
  23. Mozart - I can also state that the decline in numbers were on going before the vote, and that the numbers would increase if BSA stopped sitting on the fence and finish the move, thus opening the doors to parents who would let their kids do scouting if they did not discriminate and also it would open their doors to more donor funding.. Can I prove it "No" but neither can you, you are just pulling facts out and putting your own interpretation on them to suit your viewpoint.. But, 70% walking due to a policy of local option.. Hardly.. As NJ & I have pointed out a few times the adulterer
  24. Mozart - although I agree that they would need way more then $50,000 to buy BSA.. The statement that BSA would lose 70% of their membership is way out of touch also.. This was what was predicted with the last vote to include homosexual youth.. Lost some CO's but most the units just found new CO's to sponsor them and continued on.. I would imagine those CO's accepted sponsorship with the knowledge of which direction BSA will be moving in, in the future.. So with the loss of those CO's against homosexuals and the gain of new CO's who are not bothered by the inclusion of homosexuals, you are no
  25. Rick - This I am aware of.. It was funny when earlier this year the Presbyterians voted to allow same-sex marriage, and the conservative religious stated they were no longer considered Christian. Like they have the right to kick another denomination out over a difference of religious view-point, and an issue the Jesus never even weighed in on.. Still no reason not to school the conservative on why they are on the wrong side of the issue.. Here is an example of what I was saying about what your religion chooses to highlight.. Eagledad quoted on line from John 8 as if this is the ma
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