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  1. Fred - The Supreme court would have to get a change up to lean very heavily with extreme liberal judges for them to ever come up with a verdict that a religion must stop practicing their religious beliefs and comply with any equal and civil rights that go against their beliefs.. The only time I have known that to happen is if the life of a child is endangered as in medical aid or forcing young girls to marry, or killing a child because they sinned and caused the family shame..Those cases are not always decided against the religion.. I don't think you have child endangerment as an argument ove
  2. Depends if they isolate their child from all but their church and they were doing scouting in confidence anyone gay who was volunteering stayed in the closet.. But, if they ventured out with their child to public school (or private with no written rule), went to stores or community events or medical facilities, joined other activities like little league, karate, a band or choir, public pool or beach.. Well then the parents will live with the possibility a staff member may be gay.
  3. Just heard this news! It is Fantastic.. I agree with others, it is the only solution that could be made in order to respect everyone's differing belief values on the subject.. I also hope that those having difficulties embracing the change, will find a path that will make them happy, be it within scouting or not.. Although like packsaddle I am happy to keep the door open for you... Also, like BSA with this change that now respects my values, I am perfectly happy to defend the rights of religious CO's with differing values to have the right to practice their religious values as long as it
  4. AZMike - as others have said, we don't know enough of the situation to really say.. Like if the homosexual looked at the other kid and knowing the orientation of the fellow the accuser simply took it as his coming on to him .. Then it would end up being the homosexual really did nothing wrong.. But, for the sake of argument, lets say the homosexual did cross the line. Then the answer is yes, the youth should be removed if BSA is following youth protection policy.. It is as simple as that.. If they did not remove him, they did not follow policy. But as others have said, this would be the s
  5. Personally, I would stay with private emails rather then public ones, but make it known to him that if his troop would like to invite your troop to activities, you would be happy to let your scouts know about that and encourage them to attend. But, as far as your concerned, it is important for your scouts to go visit any troop in the area that extends an invitation so that your scouts find the troop that fits their needs.. That it will not be your decision or his decision as to where these scouts choose to go.. It will be the scouts decision.. The AOL requirement states "With your Webelos de
  6. You are doing something wrong if you bad mouth the one troop and push the other Troop.. If you encourage your cubs to visit several neighborhood troops in the area and choose based on their interest, you are not doing anything wrong.. Basically you are helping your cubs find a troop that will personally fit their needs and make them happy and keep them in scouting longer. A troop should run a good program in order to excite the cubs to join.. Being under the same CO as the Pack does not mean they get all scouts by default regardless of what type of program they put on.. Competition is goo
  7. Welcome Boyled, I am truly sorry about your current troop, I know you have a sense of loyalty after having been in it for years, but if you have talked and they are ignoring the advice to go to another troop is the best one offered.. Have any other scouts already moved? Are there boys in your school who are in the other troops? Those would be the people to talk to in order to get their opinion of their troop.. Also you could call the council office and talk to the District Executive.. Let him know what type of troop you are looking for, if half way decent, he should know the troops in the ar
  8. Well an Eagle project is for a set time, so for his project it is only one.. But who knows he may continue it, or it may be picked up by someone else.. Sounds like these 50 mile bike hikes are put together regularly since the scout has been on several organized by others in the past.. Whether any of these are yearly or if just some group chooses to do one for various reasons I am not sure.. As for submitting to BL, I know the Eagle Board gave him and SM the suggestion and encouragement, but it should be the scouts decision if he wants it published.. He may be modest about it or something.
  9. So my husband returned with from the eagle board last night with an fantastic story which I hope will be picked up by Boys Life perhaps while or at completion of this scouts Eagle project, because it is inspirational. I guess my husband was busy with something so did not see the young man walk in and only noticed him once seated.. He started off by stating that at 15 he nearly dropped out of scouting.. He obviously had the goal of Eagle in mind because what discouraged him was he has Spinal bifida and he saw no way around doing the choice of Merit badge requirement to do either swimming,hi
  10. Our troop tried bugler POR a couple of years, thing was someone would take the job and if we got one bugle attempt for the whole 6 months that was special.. It became a great job to take if you wanted credit without doing a thing to earn it.. There was no follow through by adults or scouts to get the bugler to work the position, so my husband at one committee meeting argued that (and 1 or 2 others with similar outcomes) should not be used and got them off the list. He had for the 2 years just before the positions were handed out, comment on the last scout not doing the job and trying to put pl
  11. Reason why I worded my question the way I did: if the OP stated their child's problems were too much for the youth to handle then OK, that would have been the answer.. But, you just ridiculed the whole question as if a youth can not at all handle any difficulties at all if a child has special needs.. My personal experience is that many of our youth grew in leadership and confidence when given the responsibility of some of our special needs children.. But, I will acknowledge that our troop has only had kids whose special needs were somewhat mild when the child's issue meant they may not be t
  12. Frankly if that is the process, then I don't know why Bad Wolf thinks that a Patrol Leader would be unable to accomplish that.. As for an Adult, I don't see an issue either, in fact asking them to let him be alone until he calms down sounds a lot easier then asking them to do something with him (counseling, restraining, allowing him to do whatever he wants to do etc.) Bad Wolf - I asked because in our troop the boys did work with the boys who had special needs.. BSA has a merit badge on disability Awareness, if done at our summer camp the boys spend quite a few hours with the Easter Seals
  13. I see the word adult used.. Do you feel it impossible for a boy to learn what you teach the adults?.. If you found a troop that was more boy led and asked you to instruct the SPL & PL as well as some adults, a troop that would mentor the boy leaders (SPL, PL) in how to work with your son.. Do you see this as an impossible feat? Just asking, I know you said you want boy-lead, but it seems you move back to wanting to lean on only adults for aiding your son when he gets stuck somehow..
  14. If the SM of the folding troop has leveled out in his hot headedness, I would suggest approaching him and letting him know that since the COR remembers him 'when' and does not know him 'now' it might be best if he takes a committee position and works that in a way that he can show to the COR that he has matured.. At the same time suggest to the COR that people can mature and change with age, get him to agree to a committee position for this guy and for him to re-evaluate the man on who his is today, not what he was umpteen years ago..
  15. I think it is time to cut all bonds to this old troop, unless you find that this couple or others in the troop are still attacking you or your son and hurting his chances of finding a new troop.. Otherwise if they are able to leave you be, then best for you and your peace of mind to let them be.. So let's look forward, what are your plans to find a new troop? Are you going to try to contact troop that this couple has already hurt your chances with, or do you have some idea of troops they are not involved with?
  16. The round table doesn't get involved in this at all.. First the Charter Org, then the DE (who you have been working with so I am guessing knows the situation), then the Council Executive.. So last thread the Scoutmaster was on your side, or at least could work with your son as well as the other ASM's.. What happen to that support?.. These two ASM's could poison the well for people who don't know you, but in this troop if the others are successful working with your son, I don't understand how they could effect that.. The other SM's & ASM's should tell them it is their problem they do
  17. I saw that clip, thought it was a good one.. My husband's job allows him to visit homes in the wealthy sections and he is amazed at the indoor play areas these homes put in so the child will be safe from ticks with lyme disease or mosquitoes (I forget the disease all were concerned about them carrying).. So I don't know if children will be allowed out to play even when crime is at 0%..
  18. I am surprised that Pokémon is still an big thing for today's kids.. That was big when my son was in elementary in the mid 90's... Really??? It was such a fad type of thing.
  19. I wonder if more will come out of the woodwork.. I guess I can understand a few staying quite if they fear not being believed, but when one speaks up then the number of people who come out with the "me too" is overwhelming.. Back in the 60/70's when it was seen as the victims fault I know there was a reason for it, but I really sincerely hope things have changed enough that more are reporting and hopefully stopping the molester from victimizing scores of children or women after them.
  20. Hopefully all will be resolved.. If the scout did do something that caused his membership to be revoked (pulled a knife threateningly or did damage to BSA property or something) then still the parents and scout should be made fully aware of the reason why the membership is being revoked.. If they don't have information they can do nothing in defense (someone else did property damage and framed the scout), or nothing to make sure the child learns from his mistakes. If it is simply not wanting to deal with his Asperger's then that is not a good reason, they may be in need of finding him
  21. My area must have been more progressive, I was a patrol girl in the 60's, but all I can remember is the white patrol belt with harness over the shoulder and badge I wore, can't quite remember what I did, it was something outside, not hall monitor or anything.. Also I had the position at a much younger age.. Probably 2nd or 3rd grade, so I doubt I did much in the directing of traffic.. I think we only had one of those (an adult) at my elementary school, at the crosswalk directly into the main entrance of the school.. Otherwise we were crossing the street all without help..
  22. I know at the end of camp we also got a printout that was to be used instead of blue cards, it was just different so my son had to explain it.. Perhaps it has only been implemented at camps? I thought one of the camps mentioned it moving to unit level in the next year when we picked up my sons cards at the end of camp (White, typed up and the printout was a little different looking), but since my son moved from scout to scouter about 6 years back, if so then those with camps using computerized blue cards should have started to see it move to unit level by now. Perhaps that part didn't get
  23. Our District still does blue cards, but when my son went out of state provisional to different summer camps some were computerized.. He had to return with the computerized print outs and explain them.. I am sure I have seen one or two post about their blue cards now being computerized, as having hit it my radar was up for that to make note of it.
  24. TwoCub - I think quite a few people have advise the OP to still talk with the troop, and I have also suggested the OP to as the current SM to give the new troop leaders a call, especially since the OP has stated the current SM is a great guy and they and the other ASM are doing well dealing with their son.. That way the new troop will get a 3rd party view that may be more fair.. True, we only have the OP's side but in their shoes I would feel sabotaged if the person I was having difficulties with took it upon themselves to call ahead to paint a picture of me.. Since they are not the SM
  25. Hmmmm... Confusing.. I was told even before HIPAA that my collecting and holding medical forms, meant I was entrusted never to reveal what was on them.. I had thought it had more legalities if I did.. It wasn't just a shame on you.. But, I too thought the calling of names was a little extreme.. I was approached with it by an angry mother, whose child was one of the two we had that did have medical problems that caused our troop some problems until a member of our troop took a very lengthy training (I think 2 full weekends) put on by professionals in the area of working with children with
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