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  1. In the latest edition of Scouting Magazine Robert Gates was lauded as the great savior of the current BSA. The quote that really made me raise my eyebrows was "that BSA is the finest organization for building character.....and live their lives based on the principles of the Scout Oath and Law. I would have to ask Mr. Surbaugh how he defines character regarding Sec. Gates actions while the National President. I would argue that Sec. Gates bullied the membership of this organization into accepting his view of how this organization should look. He sacrificed the innocence of the youth in this organization for financial support from large corporations who also bully those who don't walk in lock step with their social agenda ideas. It shows no respect for parents who don't want to have BSA character taught by some leaders that at the same time may be grooming their children to grow into young adults that may be gender confused and or become a child that is seduced by a leader It appears that the next National President will continue down the same path that Sec. Gates started this new organization on. I find it an interesting use of words that Mr. Surbaugh chose. The term "lock step" is very telling of his attitude and I don't believe it was used inadvertently. I think he is sending a message to those who have dissented with Sec. Gates decision to shut up or move on because it won't change with the new National President. Sec. Gates repealed DADT to help military readiness and unit cohesion, or was he bullying the military into another politically correct experiment? Sec. Gates created a new progressive, "inclusive' (except for those who disagree, see North Carolina) organization that teaches some kind of character and to live by most of the Scout Oath, or was he just being a bully? I would encourage leaders to show compassion towards those that are heading down a path of personal self destruction and not tell young people that their behavior is ok and that is just who you are. We do no service to young people when we don't warn them about behaviors that are destructive to themselves and others. Character comes from caring about others more than yourself. I am moving on from this organization. How can true character and integrity be taught by an organization that has to change a policy that a large part of the membership disagrees with? BSA does not have a lock on teaching character or outdoor skills. I would encourage those that disagree with Sec. Gates and the newest National President to march in lock step out of this organization. Is the next National President going to usher in gender neutral bathrooms or adult leaders sleeping in the same tents as scouts? Where does this diversity, inclusiveness, all things are ok experiment finally end up?
  2. Duplication in part of Paws of Action (required for Bear Advancement) and Elective "Forensics" in Bears Handbook. The requirements for the Emergency Preparedness Award as a Bear is very intensive versus the requirements for the Webelos. Overall the new program is ok.
  3. I think the problem with reaching some communities is expense. This program is supposed to be for all boys, but in reality it is for the ones who can pay to play. I agree that the Cub Scout Program was supposed to be improved. It is more organized into fewer leader books and guides, but takes a lot more planning to accomplish the adventure loop requirements. One complaint that I have is apparently earning the religious symbol prior to Bear doesn't count toward the "Duty to God" requirement #1.
  4. I'm a Tool and Die Maker for a large electric motor manufacturer. Senior Member in Civil Air Patrol specializing in Emergency Services Communications. Prior service in the US Army Reserve, 13B Canon Crew Member. 44E, Machinist. Leader in Royal Ambassadors
  5. Someone had a link to an unofficial Adventure Loop Cross Reference. It showed the similarities of the Adventure Loop Activities from rank to rank in the new Cub Scout Program. It was posted as link in a topic and I can't remember which topic it was. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Bad Wolf in my opinion the whole "Duty To God" is so watered down that it is meaningless. I really don't like the group hug moments when this comes up. I feel uncomfortable telling others about GOD because some folks are so easily offended when GOD is even referenced in the most watered down way. BSA doesn't want to really be serious about "Duty to GOD" in light of the most recent changes for the better of BSA. It seems that BSA is really saying to the membership do as I say and not as I do. I am referring to the GOD of Abraham and Isaac. The Creator of the Universe.
  7. Skeptic, I don't think you will find a written program to push vocal religious organizations out of BSA. There actions seem a lot like a plan to get rid of pesky vocal religious groups and people. If the religious folks didn't speak up about allowing gay leaders would there be any debate or turmoil? The religious groups and folks are being pushed to the side in the name of progress. Let progress move forward. I realize what National thinks of religious COs and folks. I will move on. The BSA has ticked off the LDS, by accident? I don't think so.
  8. Perdidochas, Finally, the new resolution to be passed by the BSA clearly affirms that homosexual acts can be "moral, honorable, committed and respectful." The above statement was part of a Trail Life USA assessment of the impact to religious organizations when BSA votes to allow gay leaders Of course we now know that the measure passed.
  9. I see a discrimination lawsuit soon. That didn't take very long to have someone not allowed to join/rejoin.
  10. It seems outside pressure groups and Mr. Gates in lock step with those groups have made the decision for the BSA. Let the packs and troops fall where they may and congratulate National for a great job. I don't think this organization, lead by Gates, and calls homosexual behavior....moral...has any character or integrity. He will get the organization that he wants by his actions. Sad for scouts. Gates has fixed BSA.
  11. It seems to me and has been stated earlier, maybe not in this post, that the BSA wants all religious affiliated COs out. They can't be that inept and short sighted to not consider the fallout with the LDS and Catholics, etc.. I'm taking my money and leaving after this year in Cub Scouts. I will work with the boys in my den to get them through Bear.
  12. If started today I wouldn't give it a second look. To expensive and to many politics. I realize that now after two years into it with my son.
  13. Gentleman, I'm not dumping on BSA. Putting accurate information out there about RAs. Some members on this board may not have any knowledge of this organization. I mentioned that RAs is NOT an alternative to BSA. It is older than BSA and is a beneficial organization on its own merits and goals. If a Catholic boy wants to join an RA Chapter then that is possible and ok. The one thing I would tell any parent joining an RA Chapter is the boys will be taught about missions (taking what the Bible says about salvation to people of the World) and being a missionary from the Bible. We wouldn't beat kids over the head about doctrine just share stories about missions. The program also involves physical fitness, sports, outings for fun and camp craft. I've never talked about Trail Life.
  14. Your son doesn't have to be a Baptist to a member of an RA Chapter.
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