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  1. The B&G Banquet is supposed to celebrate the birthday of Scouting in the U.S. The BSA was incorporated on February 8th, 1910. Coincidentally, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides of the UK have Founder's Day and Thinking Day on February 22 to celebrate Lord and Lady Baden-Powell's birthday. The most successful thing to a B&G Banquet is not letting it run over in time. A pack I worked with held all of its advancements for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and AoL until the B&G. The program took about 3 hours. Way too long for Cubs to sit through, even with the meal. I never could g
  2. "If one is NOT giving these items to the boys, mark them the property of the troop or put your own name in them. Number them so it can be identified as to which boys received which numbered item. This is what a Quartermaster is responsible for." Reading Basementdweller's post gives me the impression that this occurred with a Pack, who don't have Quartermasters. It would probably be the responsibility of the Outdoor Chair of the Committee, if there was someone assigned to that position.
  3. If one of the leaders involved is the CC, then the CO selected her. Is the IH and COR in the loop?
  4. It is acceptable to wear the uniform if it is aa approved Council/District wide fundraiser.
  5. "AlFansome said the COR should wear no unit numerals. Well, all 4 of my units have the same number, so I feel it is totally appropriate to wear the unit numerals with my COR patch. In your case Al with 5 units and presumably different CO's, I can see that no numerals would work best for you." I beleive what was actually posted was he FELT there should not be any numbers worn. The tabs should be worn for the position of your primary registration, i.e. the one you are paying registration for.
  6. Barnhardt is a great deal for the money. I like Scheile also, but am more familar with Barnhardt. They've put a lot of time and money into renovating the camp, it was in bad condition about 5 years back. They have a steak breakfast for the SM's during the week and SM competions in addition to the Scout program. And for historic connections, the Lone Scout Association Museum is located at the Camp, within 100 yards of the dining hall.
  7. "If no one wears them then getting rid of them is an efficiency. USMC, still the best bang for your Defense dollar." Gunny, I saw Dress Whites during the summer when I served, and outside of the D.C. area and Annapolis (where it was required), Evening Dress I saw only twice. However, both were very sharp uniforms, and very much a part of USMC tradition (reemphasizing the Naval heritage). Fortunately in my case, my Evening Dress coat was given to me by a great SNCO when he retired, thus I didn't have to make the expenditure.
  8. "Crafts are good for tigers Less so for wolves Less so for Bears And even less for weeblos." If it is an achievement or elective from their handbook, any of it is appropriate.
  9. "But I also doubt you'll see sweeping changes in the Mess Dress, Dress, Class A or B uniforms anytime, or at least anytime soon." Actually Gunny, if you recall, the Marines dropped the Evening Dress and Dress Whites.
  10. "The Scout Badge requirements are "joining requirements". They are to be completed before one becomes a Boy Scout. It is not supposed to be earned after joining. The badge should be given as soon as a boy joins. To that extent I guess that one could argue that it is not advancement." So, the new recruit must know this before he joins a unit? He will have a Scoutmaster conference before joining? I believe the badge shows he has completed the initial process showing he understands the commons symbols of Scouting, not that he has completed the application.
  11. Her problem is that the pockets bellow out, making her "larger than life," not a matter of patch placement. Also, I'm referencing where sleeve patches will finally be aligned on the left sleeve in regards to the Insignia Guide. Incidently, the online version of the Guide excludes quite a bit of info.
  12. "I wish the "Made in China" tag was not added on." Yeah, the one item that won't fall off. Wife got a new shirt over the weekend, the SS supplex material. Found it was a little harder to sew on patches as the material is lighter than the older shirt and wants to "slide" out from under your fingers. Sewing on the POR patch on the sleeve pocket turn out to be easier than I thought, used a curved 2" needle (you can buy a set at Wal-Mart) and started at the top, carefully working around the patch edge. Took about 10 minutes, threads ended up unnoticeable. Wife does not like the chest
  13. "Can you let me in on the lingo what is IH and COR? thanks I am new here." IH is Institutional Head, if a church or religious organization, it would be the pastor or head of that body. COR, or more properly, CR, is Chartered Organization Representative, the person appointed by the IH to act as liason with the Scouting body.
  14. Tried to access the ScoutParents Coordinator FS, but kept getting an error code. As of 10/3/08, I can't connect to the E-Learning Portal.
  15. At one of the summer camps I staffed, all daytime activities were regulated by bugle calls.
  16. "Maybe the way we (BSA) wear our uniform flag is in an effort to avoid that "para-military" claim." I doubt it. Flags on the BSA uniform first started showing up around 1976, in time for the American Bicentennial, and it was optional then. The first time I wore a flag on the military uniform was in 1982, for Beirut. I think that the BSA just kept the same style they have used from the '70s. I am familar with some veterans' points of view, had several get very nasty to some Scouts helping at a Moving Wall service about why their flags on their uniforms were incorrect.
  17. Glad to have you on the boards. I've had the fortune to work in about half the councils in NC. Some really good camps in state.
  18. Yes, the knot for the Medal of Merit may be worn, and the Hornaday knot is for award of the bronze or silver medal, not the badge.
  19. "My Son is acting as sort of a Den Chief for the Tigers, sort of. He is only a year older after all." Where are the Adult Partners? Your Pack doesn't have DA's? I understand your dedication, but if you have a campout with 15 complete families, why don't you have adequate leadership?
  20. "I am currently the Wolf DL and the Tiger DL. They meet on consecutive nights." What do you do about Pack Meetings?
  21. The best advice has already been offered. You can not fix this problem. Visit several troops and see if the other Scouts are interested. If that's not an option, find a new CO and one more boy and start a new Troop.
  22. One of the sites that stocks WB items is listed below. http://www.quartermasterstore.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc
  23. "Certainly they need to attend training for their newest position. But do the need to remove and re-sew, and remove and re-sew, and remove and re-sew, etc, etc, etc the Trained patch every few months?" According to the Insignia Guide, it is worn only with the POR requiring training.
  24. In my case, I spent most of the day with the instructors, but I was the Field Sports Director (now Shooting Sports). And in the case of the Rifle and Shotgun Shooting counselor, he was a Sergeant in the USMC. However, I'm sure the Aquatics Director didn't have that ability, as the camp had a pool and waterfront that were in use all sessions. The other Directors had all of their instruction in a designated area used just for those programs.
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