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  1. Tarfu

    Camp Grimes

    Any comments about Camp Grimes in North Carolina?
  2. As a Camper: Baiting Hollow Scout Camp (NY) (1977, 1978) As Staff: Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation (NJ) (1979, 1980) As a Leader: Buckskin Scout Reservation (WV) (2006) Cherokee Scout Reservation (NC) (2007) Camp Shenandoah (VA) (2008, 2010) Camp John J. Barnhardt (NC) (2009) Camp Grimes (NC) (2011) For a weekend campout or Conclave: Camp Lions, Pipsico Scout Reservation (VA) (2007-present) Bayport Scout Reservation (VA) (2009) Albright Scout Reservation (VA) (2009) Camp Synder (VA) (2009, 2010)
  3. My Troop has narrowed their choices for Summer Camp 2009 to Camp John J. Barnhardt, Camp Bud Scheile and Camp Shenandoah. I would be interested in any comments (good or bad) about these camps. Thanks!
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