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  1. Why Gunny, I've always considered you a former Marine. And if so, what Marine, excepting some officers, would not have a couple of tats for the ladies?
  2. "What does (did) a dining hall commissioner do?" They basically handled sanitation, food preparation, and food procurement/purchases. The dining hall steward was in charge of the KP and coordinated the food servers. Staff rotated on food serving, Scouts from the troops camping provided work parties to clean up tables and sweep and mop after meals. Please understand that except for meals, crackerbarrels, and staff/leadership meetings, I didn't hang out around the dining hall. Any person doing that (i.e. "loitering") might get conscripted into some dining hall chore. Staff and camp
  3. The last time I worked in a Scout Camp as staff was in 1989, as a Field Sports Director (now Shooting Director). I was a 27 year-old District Member-at-Large. I made $300 per week plus room and board. All the staff were Scouts or Explorers except for the Shooting Instructor, whom Camp Lejeune graciously cut orders for 7 weeks each year (they were not Scouters but were registered as one before camp season began, they were also different each year). The dining hall steward was a Scout, the dining hall Commissioner a Scouter, only cooks were non-Scouters. Scout Staff made from $100 - $200 pe
  4. BP, I have not advocated keeping the CO in the dark. I consider the unit level to be the CO/COR level as well. I merely stated that technically the District is involved if the COR is consultated. As to strained District/Council relations with the COs, my experience has been that it is caused by lack of CO involvement with the District, not direct involvement of the District with the CO.
  5. My Council newletter from the beginning of July mentions the position, but not that it is required either. In truth, I just skimmed over that section of the NL when it came out, but looked at it in more detail when the subject came up here. The Scoutparent website is like a maze, I don't know where to begin to find my way around. As stated earlier, poor judgement (on my part) led me to believe that PTC information clarified what the Council NL didn't.
  6. BW, My apologies for the assumption, as there is nothing in writing stating that. I made the assumption based on the thread "Info from PTC" that stated PC would be a required position.
  7. CNYScouter does raise an interesting question. Will this position be required when new units charter? Will it be "5 boys, a SM, a COR, CC, PC, and Committee Member?" Or in the case of a Pack, "5 boys, a DL, a CM, CC, PC, and PT?"
  8. I don't see how you can say that because someone didn't like the way information was delivered that the information was wrong. BW was correct in regards to the relationship of SM and ASM within the troop organization. And the advice on keeping it a an unit level is not unwarranted either. Involving the COR is involving the District, since they are a member of the District Committee. I feel that they would prefer to handle any problems in-house before having it kicked upstairs. When I was an UC, I recall only one unit problem that went to the District level and it was over a husband and wi
  9. jmwalston

    Badge Magic

    "The solution there is to trim the excess fabric back to the border." I also do the same with the square knots. Leaves them nice and neat when sewn on. Had a SM ask me how I got my knots on that way. His were machined sewn and still had some of the border material. Sort of looked like a scrabble board that had taken a whack. And surprisingly enough, I use the Wal-mart monofilament and never have had a problem ironing it. And I like to steam press my stuff every so often. It will stretch out on you when sewing it though.
  10. At our Camp, the staff (under 18) generally received $100 - $200 a week plus room and board. The difference in "salary" was based on experience and area of instruction.
  11. If it is a matter of YP violation as your scenario suggests, the SE can remove the SM from membership. He doesn't have to recommend the removal to the CO, he can revoke the SM's membership himself.
  12. I wonder where the Commissioner's Arrowhead will go? It appears that the button tab on the sleeve is directly under the shoulder pocket. Moving the Trained patch above the POR patch seems to imply that space is at a premium on the sleeve.
  13. Information can be found at the following link: http://www.scouting.org/media/relationships/thenew-unitprocess.aspx
  14. And the point would be? That I am Neckerchief Police? Doubt it. That you chose for your son, or he chose not to follow the program's uniform policy? I always assumed the Insignia Guide was printed with a purpose in mind.
  15. "I have also heard that you are not suppose to wear patches and other parts of a older or newer uniform... so if you are wearing the standard uniform that we wear now the so called 1981 unifrom then you have to wear the patches that were meant for that shirt. If you want to wear the new colors and patches meant for the new shirt then you have to go to the new shirt." There is no prohibition on wearing older patches.
  16. "Daddy long legs are harmless. Let them be." They are not insects either.
  17. The BSA Employee position would mean that the staff were paid comparable wages with benefits. Most camp staff under 18 receive a token wage and room and board. Don't see how you can register them as District or Council Committee members at large (which they are not) if they are under 18 (its a leadership position). If they are 18 or older, just register them as MB Counselors. That is free and doesn't cost District or Council fees. If they are under 18 and not already a member of a Venturing or Scout unit, what are they doing with the summer camp program anyway if not medical or food servi
  18. No one says you can't, or shouldn't request a requirement change. It might have already been tried. The badge used to be called Insect Life. Guess the irony wasn't lost on someone.
  19. The question referred to Cub Scouting, not Boy Scouting. The Cub neckerchiefs are stipulated in the Insignia Guide.
  20. This is hair splitting as to the requirement. The badge doesn't say catch, kill, and mount 50 insects, though I would. It says collect and mount 50 insects. If the politically correct scout has an objection, don't do the badge. If it's a matter of ethics, call your local Orkin or Terminex agent. And Fishing/Fly Fishing says catch two fish and return at least one unharmed. If you have a problem killing insects, I think you would have a problem setting a sharpened hook in an animal's mouth just for the joy of the capture.
  21. Yes, mounting them would generally mean shoving a mounting pin through them. Or gluing them to a mounting card. Either way kills them if not already dead. Personally, this is not an issue unless you are squeamish about killing insects. As to being conservationally green and not killing bugs, really not an issue. Class Insecta has been around and dominant for 460 million years, still the largest class of animal out there. You won't make a dent in them by taking out 50. If butterflies and moths are an issue, don't include Order Lepidoptera in the collection. Your other alternative is to
  22. Without sounding like Uniform Police,Pack212Scouter is correct. The Cub Scout program has specific neckerchiefs for the ranks. The Insignia Guide points that out in black and white. As to a Cub Scouter wearing it, that is their call, although there are specific Leader neckerchiefs also for them.
  23. "Let's make sure that people understand what goes on in their own country first." I assumed that's why Citizenship in the Nation is required.
  24. Family Life appears to be a reworking of the old Citizenship in the Home MB. I think it is very appropriate as many youth today have little or no concept of what decisions are made or resources are needed by a family. Being a traditionalist (I wear my old side cap to meetings), I would have preferred them bring back CiH with the new requirements. "Remove: Citizenship in the World (I'm a USA citizen, not a citizen of the world. Sorry BSA) Environmental Science (they get plenty of this stuff in school.) Personal Fitness (Again - Health & PE cover this in school. This is scout
  25. "The site was to give new Scout parents (or prospective new Scout parents) information about what the Scouting program is about. It is also set up to (hopefully) get new parents involved in Scouting." "Remember National wants a million more adults by 2010 (whether they do anything or not). Let's see. One million adults times $10.00 equals big bucks plus they can say they have one million more members." A million Scout parents registering as PC equals big bucks. A million Scout parents registering as PA equals nothing in the money game.
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