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  1. The den is just over half way through the Tiger book. The current leader is leaving in January and that is how I came to use the phrase "Hit the floor running." I will be the leader then. I currently listen to many artists in Celtic music. some of my favorites are The High Kings, Celtic Thunder, who was just here in concert in Charlotte a few weeks ago, which was an excellent time for all who showed up, but probably my all time favorite is Celtic Woman which myself and a friend run some forums and sites for those ladies from the group. I may be a bit partial to them! My eldest daughter is w
  2. Yes, my son is in the den along with 7 others. I have completed my Tiger Den Leader, Youth Protection,and Safe Swim Defence courses. Any others besides the ones that might have not been mentioned from above in the other posts? Thanks, Scott
  3. For all that has shared input with me, I decided to take the Bobcat and Tiger Den Leader position and will hit the floor running in January. I have completed Youth Protection and Den Leader training already. Is there any other courses I need to take or should take them all to get them out of the way for further advancement in the troop later on. Thanks again, Scott
  4. Thanks for all of your advice you all have shared. I took the DL position and currently doing my training. I have the website up and running if anyone wants to look and share comments and suggestions, here is the link. http://troop454ofcatawbanc.com/index.php Again, thanks for your help. Scott
  5. Thanks for having me on your forum! I am contemplating on taking a leader role in my sons tiger cub program. Where do I get information on doing schedules,training, and badge requirements. I am a Army vet and would like to run a organized unit, but with lots of fun things for the boys. I am currently creating a website for the pack so we can share our projects with others. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help, Scott
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