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  1. Wow, click on this thread, find a new UC who is burning to assist, and see that it becomes someone's sounding board about the Commissioner Service. I haven't met any bad UCs yet, but I've only been working with District scouters about 10 years. Met some sharper and more congenial than others, but they sure were not politicians. Hats off to you click, it seems like an uphill struggle at times, particularly with units that have leaders with their own agenda that differs from BSA's.
  2. Our Council (Central NC) does not have an University of Scouting, just the Cub Scouter Pow Wow and College of Commissioner Science. Looking at the Pine Tree Council's set up, I would love to have something like this for ours.
  3. jblake47 "What constitutes inactives? I have paid dues every year, never get a newsletter, never get announcements of up-coming activities, etc. etc. etc. It's pretty much take the money and run kind of thing. I drop the money off at the council office because I have absolutely no idea who to send it to." I get the same treatment. Get a notice that dues are due, but no newletter, no announcements, and the last two years, no dues card. I've been really disappointed with how my present lodge is run.
  4. When the World Conservation Badge first came out (about 1977), there was alot of confusion over where it was worn, with many Scouts wearing it were the World Crest is now worn. This was probably due to the size of the award, which was about the same size as the World Crest. At that time, the World Crest was a restrict patch and seldom seen except for Scouts who had participated in World Jamborees or were members/former members of the Transatlantic or Fareast Councils. However, it is now clearly stated that it is worn on the right pocket. The instant recognition and compass point patches of
  5. I have not heard anything on a Doctorate of Commissioner Science knot from National. I know several councils have designed their own knot or use a special CSP for that distinction. Our Council and two adjoining Councils that host the College of Commissioner Science with ours issue a special Arrowhead for those who complete the entire Doctorate course. The information on the Pack Trainer award and knot can be found below: http://www.scouting.org/cubscouts/resources/CSLeaderRecAwards.aspx
  6. The Centennial Unit Award was for those units that filled and met all their goals in each area of emphasis on their Centennial Unit Award commitment sheet. The Quality Unit Award was for units that met the goals for a Quality Unit. The Centennial Unit Award is also for the physical year, not from rechartering date (unless they happen to coincide with the physical year). I am under the impression that the Centennial Unit Award will be the only one offered next year. If you review your copy of the Centennial Unit Award commitment sheet, you can calculate if you have met the criteria for
  7. I have been a member of our District training team for a couple of years now and have never seen anything in the training curriculum on proper uniforming. BSA appears to assume that all of its leaders will obtain a copy of the Insignia Guide and use it accordingly. It has been my experience, particularly with Cub Scouters, that it is more a word of mouth or personal observation on others that is generally the guide.(This message has been edited by jmwalston)
  8. I believe the reason for female C.S. leader's wearing the patch above the pocket is so that little cub scouts won't see it displayed in 3D.
  9. The "Antarctic" knot is properly called the National Science Foundation knot, as this is the sponsoring agency. Technically, the Antarctic Service Medal is a military decoration and cannot be worn on a Scout uniform, though it is also issued to civilians (who get a lapel pin instead of the ribbon in their kit). Apparently, a loom run was made and some issued, but its status is uncertain, there is only one Scout per year selected for the program.
  10. Looking at my copy of the Insignia Guide, it states: Special Flag Decorations Gold stars (memorial). Gold stars may be affixed to the unit flag indicating members of the unit who died in the service of their country. The stars should be placed along the staff edge of the flag, parallel to the staff, with the bottom star 6 inches from the staff edge and 6 inches from the bottom edge; subsequent stars to be placed proportionately on that line, up to the place assigned to the veteran insignia, No.�11117. I would interpret "members" of the unit to include any registered member, be i
  11. If the SE only has authority to authorize a temporary patch, then where does the authority to authorize alternative CSPs and JSPs come from?
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