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  1. "Since we now know that the new pants are Chinese and they might be at Wallyworld. Are they cheaper and can we convert them to save money switch a button or two. Please hold the torches" If they are like the present pants, the only button with be the one closing the waist, the new pockets close with velcro. The only other "scout" item on the new pants are the fleur-de-lis on the leg zippers.
  2. "Actually the PRC does have the Hong Kong Scout Association, at least for next 40+ years that the treaty between them and UK signed. Heck they even tried to host a WSJ, but Japan won the bid." True, a holdover from the British administration. I don't think it will spread outside of that municipality, or survive the guaranteed life span of the treaty. The Macau Scouting association is a good example of that.
  3. "Then again, Scouting is a world-wide movement." Not in the PRC.
  4. "It must be a beautiful day in CA since hardly anyone is commenting on today's article, unlike yesterday's." Not sure what that article was, but National has posted both their response and the Chief Seattle Council's on the National site. The CSC's is very interesting, as it points out a deliberate and false presentation. While I haven't entered the political fray of left vs. right wing Scouting positions, I have to concede that this media article, together with a recent surge of "investigative" reporting from other similar news sources, does foster the belief that there is an assaul
  5. "Is thier any formal training for a unit commissioner?" Yes, however, I have found that it is handled differently from Council to Council, even from District to District. If you are a newly commissioned Commissioner, you should be viewing the Commissioner Orientation video within 48 hours, or take the online Fast Start for Commissioners. I was trained by one of the ADCs in my District, then attended Commissioner College about 4 months later. By the time you earn your Arrowhead Honor award, you should know your job.
  6. "I think our CC and CM are afaid to talk with the DL. He's the VP of the council executive board (but told me he very rarely goes to the meetings). I have talks with our CM about this DL and since September the Cm expressed to me that he didn't know if he made a good choice in the DL." It's funny, Unit Leaders either are impressed (intimidated) or indifferent to district or council committee/board members. Most of the ones I have served with don't have time or don't have a clue about what goes on at the small unit (den/patrol) level. If this leader got back into unit level scouting
  7. The pack we work with doesn't plan the Den meeting, the DL's do. The Pack only plans a master schedule of Pack events such as trips, PWD, raingutter regatta, etc. Hard to plan den activities a year in advance, particularly Tiger dens. My wife plans out a den meeting for TC a month in advance, using the yearly program planner and other materials such as Roundtable's and Baloo's Bugle for the US Scouting site. We have to be flexible on Go See Its as some of the boys may have conflicts with our meeting nights. In November and December, she offered alternate Go See It dates to work around holi
  8. The positioning for the National Summertime award looks awkward. The literature says it is to be worn centered on the right pocket flap, but the pictures of the cubs and pocket diagram show it being worn off-center and at the top of the pocket flap. It looks like it would pop off if the Outdoor Activity award is also worn.
  9. If offered, I don't think he'll turn it down. Inviting Ric Warren to be part of his inauguration ceremony shows that he will give both sides of the issue an opportunity to be heard. All implied hypocritical scenarios aside, he appears to be trying to represent all Americans, whatever their personal convictions.
  10. jmwalston

    Den flags

    "Just asking because the boys make their own flags each year. They can design and decorate any way they want. Start with a 12x24 piece of felt and have at it. No custom made 'official' nylon flags." Only den flags I'm familar with are the official ones, what you are describing sounds similar to a den doodle type of thing, though patrols in boy scouts do make their own patrol flags.
  11. jmwalston

    Den flags

    In both cases, its a "den" thing. Webelos I is a separate den from Webelos II. Each den has its own flag, with the den number in the upper corner. Obviously, if a Webelos den chooses a name vs. a number, there will not be a number in the upper corner, though you could attach the den medallion.
  12. "Why doesn't this happen at every Scout summer camp in America? Probably because the council does not want to deal with phone calls or PETA type groups." Considering that just a few months back there was a heated discussion on this site about the ethics of mounting insects for a merit badge, I'm sure there would be opposition to slaughtering an animal for consumption at a summer camp. I believe that you would also require an USDA inspection of the carcass in the case of swine before consumption in the camp.(This message has been edited by jmwalston)
  13. Did this troop know you were visiting? What was done at the meeting besides discussing an upcoming camping trip (or not)? Did any other activities take place?
  14. "Where in the books does it say that they have to be grilled in front of the pack!" It doesn't. "Even though they know and understand the promise and shake and Moto I dont think they will speak in front of a crowd. I dont want them to miss out on the badge because of this." They shouldn't, in fact, it is adding a requirement by stating that they have to say before the Pack. The Cubmaster having a book of ceremonies is fine, but there is no ceremony as you have described in any of the BSA publications that I am aware of.
  15. "To those that are asking where to put the Arrow of Light insignia on the blue shirt, we are putting it centered on the pocket, below the arrow points. It makes the most sense; it follows the uniform regulations and it follows the top to bottom awards theme." Incorrect, for the blue shirt, it is worn centered on the left pocket flap. The rank diamonds may also be worn on tan shirt, all of them if wanted. The oval Webelos may only be worn on the tan shirt, with the AoL badge centered below the left pocket if earned. If in doubt, the link below is for the Inspection sheet from the Nationa
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