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  1. At the camp I worked, Scouts taught the classes, but the particular Program Director in each section signed off any paperwork.
  2. "My error, I belive that completion of the Den Chief Training. which is now on-line is the basic training for the office of Den Chief." I made an inquiry to our Council Training Chair who stated the same answer. He said that additional training for Den Chiefs was also available at the Cub Scout Pow Wow.
  3. Completing the Troop Leadership Training modules at any level (Troop, District, Council) qualifies a Scout to wear the "Trained" patch with the SPL or PL POR he trained for. http://www.scouting.org/BoyScouts/Resources/newTLT.aspx
  4. I would recommend that you talk to your Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair of your Troop Committee.
  5. "As a commissioner, your role is different from that of other Scouters. The insignia you wear displays a wreath around Scouting's trefoil representing your commission to serve chartered organizations in the operation of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Vasity Scout teams, and Venturing crews. The quality of Scouting depends upon the men and women who wear this wreath of service." pg. 3, Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service
  6. You're right, and looking closer at the "wings," they appear to be a bullion version of the old Army Air Corps collar badge (a winged 2-blade propeller). Maybe it was a picture taken to emphasize that this family was patriotically American.
  7. "Could be but I don't think that the RAF would have iggles on their buttons. Luftwaffe perhaps?" Nope, German military buttons had a "pebbley" appearance. These look like U.S. military style buttons. And it appears he is wearing puttees, not jodphurs. The flight "wings" are reminisent of Japanese style wings, but on the wrong side. Also, the Sam Browne belt generally hooks over the right shoulder. This could be a picture where the negative was facing the wrong way when the positive was developed.
  8. "I am currently running a Mowgli program (still Kindergarten boys). I wrote a complete curriculum based on our local school curriculum, Scout ideals, and the Scout program. I created a uniform and an award system as well. I changed the name to Mowglis in order to stay with the "Jungle Book" theme of Cub Scouting. Our Pack has been running a Lion program for 4 years and I finally decided that we needed to get serious. We had been using the Tiger program as a basis, but this caused too much overlay when the boys went into the Tiger program. The Mowgli program includes an adult Akela who ru
  9. "A question for you. If the Chug family upped stick and emigrated to the USA, taking full US citizenship. What is the chance of either of my children becoming President?" You and your children? None. Your children's children? Possible, if they are born in the U.S.
  10. "Also, she must give assent to any bill that is presented to her with the backing of both Houses of Parliament, even if it is her own death warrant." Which, in the case of a death warrant, she will not have to consider, as the UK is a member of the EU and doesn't have capital punishment. Of course, GB also abolished slavery before the US.
  11. I noticed that his logo had a distinct "Indiana Jones" look to it. Maybe Spielberg has found a new endevour since resigning from BSA.
  12. "The flag as being "optional" is now a moot point as the new uniforms have a permanate almost plastic flag adhearedto the shirt. I like an embrodered patch. This seems to feel fake (or cheap) to me." That's because your patriotism is now imported.
  13. jmwalston


    Fabric shops will carry it in a couple of colors, usually black and/or white, but occassionally other shades. It comes in strips usually. Sheets are very expensive. You could buy strips and lay out, then use badge magic or hemming strips to heat seal the hooks to the badge. Also, don't use the material for the entire badge backing, velcro can actually rip the material of the shirt if large areas are used to secure an item, and then the item is removed without care. The loop section will have to be sewn (or heat sealed) on the uniform in a similar manner. You should also realize that you
  14. The history and evolution of the patrol badge can be found at the following link: http://www.gilwell.com/collecting/
  15. "Yes, Eagle is a LOT more than merit badges and a project. How do you know what the Scout IS if you roadblock him while he is a Life Scout? Giving the go-ahead to start a project is NOT granting the rank. Let him complete ALL the requirements before judging his merit. Only then are you able to tell him he did NOT meet the requirements." This seems to present a Catch-22 to me. It seems that if the issue is sidestepped now, then the impression made is that the incident doesn't warrant scrutiny later. Waiting to address it after all requirement are completed could lead to the argument of "
  16. That being said, don't get too excited. The Boyce knot is not quite like the other knots, and hasn't been redesigned.
  17. I talked with one of the personel at the National Scout Shop near my Council. It is also the one next to the National Supply warehouse. I asked if they had any PT knots in stock and was told that they were recalled. They were originally in the design as found on this site. http://scoutleaderawards.com/awards/packtrainer.asp They are now being redesigned (supposedly) to have a similar appearance in the knot design to other knots being used.
  18. I think this was an interesting quote for the article: "Pack Cub Master Cathy Tomassoni solicited Todd Mannebach who had spent nearly six years in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in several Escanaba Units, and was in fact the last scout in the country to have recieved the Lion Patch back in 1975." I thought the Lion rank was discontinued in 1967. The Arrow of Light was introduced in 1972. How would this gentleman receive it 8 years after it ceased to be?
  19. They generally will send you a list of gear to pack or have. Other than that, have fun.
  20. "I paid for "lifetime" membership to my Council's OA lodge. I figured I would be lazy and pay it all at once and get it over with, instead of paying year-by-year. Got a snazzy OA flap. Does that make me a better Arrowman? No. Just because I had the $$ and could afford it (this one time) I did it." They now allow "lifetime" memberships in the OA? Since when?
  21. The SM of one of the Troops in our District tried to request a DVD from the ScoutParents website. He received the following as a reply: "Thank you for your interest in ScoutParents. We apologize for the delayed response. ScoutParents is now officially under the umbrella of National BSA. Any and all questions/requests should be directed to them. Thank you for your ongoing support of Scouting and ScoutParents! Sincerely, ScoutParents Webmaster" I haven't found anything on the National website, however.
  22. "jmwaslton You assume incorrectly. Besides there is no need to assume, the correct answer is easily available." I see that they say one thing and show another. These sources apparently infer otherwise. http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsasupply/ http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsasupply/boyscout.aspx "Do not try to determine uniform by looking at an ad flyer." So despite the big build up with new flyers and such, continue to sew on patches on the left sleeve as on the old uniform. I wonder how much BSA spent on advertising consultation?
  23. The online version is just a Fast Start version, but it is good for letting a Scout know what is involved with being a Den Chief. The Scout can print a completion certificate when he has completed the online version.
  24. We offer it as a District training in late summer and the Council offers it at the Pow Wow. The online Fast Start session is really good. My son became interested in serving after doing the online training.
  25. "The trained strip which is now green on khaki fits below the POR patch on both the long and short sleeve uniform shirt as always. The Commissioners Arrowhed will fit in it correct place as well." I will assume that this is in reference to the older uniform guide, the ads for the new uniforms all show it on the sleeve pocket flap. The Commissioners Arrowhead will fit under the POR, it just overlaps the sleeve hem on the short-sleeve shirts. "Do not try to determine uniform by looking at an ad flyer." I used an actual Commissioners Arrowhead and checked it on SS shirts up to 4X.
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