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  1. I have seen the University of California materials. I can honestly state that for the vast majority of the faculty that I have spoken to - this microaggression issue and carve is either ignored or attacked for the assumptions made in it. Even better, like the speech codes of the 90s - this will probably backfire on those pushing it. My favorite current push back is that the statement of "check your privilege" or "white privilege" is a form of microaggression. It is only the end of the world if you let it.
  2. I have been known to play that disc on long drives to the campground. I have two hard-core birders in my Troop. They are both now patrol leaders, and when they sign off for 10 animals - I know that it is specific!
  3. Because the interview screener might not reflect the company.
  4. I think it depends on what you do and where you are. LinkedIn regularly wants me to list all of my non-profit work, for example. "1 in 5 Managers hired based on an applicant's volunteering experience." Then again, when I give lectures to undergrads I remind them that they will never find out that they did not get the job due to a controversial organization membership. They just won't get the interview.
  5. packsaddle - lets not have an inappropriate comments on p-values, OK?
  6. If I were to try to run some data analysis (which would require the assistance of Dr. Mrs. Horizon, as she is the researcher in the family), I would love the following data set: # of Scouts by age # of available youth - Step 1 is to track our decline against available youth - Additional check to look at this vs. different ethnic groups. Scouting has a PERCEPTION of being a suburban, white hobby (certainly not the case in my unit though). Hypothesis: Fewer white kids = fewer Scouts overall? # of registered volunteers or better yet parents with youth Scouting experience (how much o
  7. Same. Monday after a campout is PLC and a Committee Meeting. At the end of the Committee meeting, the SPL gives a report to the committee on what the Troop needs.
  8. The media has never been fair and balanced. We can go back to the yellow journalism battle between Hearst and Pulitzer in the late 1800s to see that. Television might have had some semblance of gravitas, but even that was limited. Walter Cronkite's Vietnam War "editorial" in 1968 after Tet - should they have run a counter-argument? Media has also always been dependent on advertisers. You can watch shows get pulled when advertisers pull their ads. If you don't get the eyeballs, you don't get the revenue, and your show dies. The Fairness Doctrine only works if you think that there are on
  9. The recent revelation from a victim's sister is that he had contact with the boy both in his role as a wrestling coach and in the Explorer unit. http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/05/politics/dennis-hastert-victim-named-steven-reinboldt/
  10. Physically Strong, Mentally Awake and Morally Straight. We spend a lot of time on the 3rd, but we should keep our eyes on the first two as well. Healthy habits for our boys will stay with them for life, and we can model them as well. The same way we all want the boys to think through a problem, and to approach challenges from moral perspective - we can also pursue healthier habits as well. While fat shaming is not morally straight in my interpretation, we should not ignore the poor examples set by adults to the youth either. Not sure how to do that, other than to embrace the high adven
  11. Stosh - you bring up some points, but you also draw some tenuous connections as well. You want to blame women, but are they really the ones to blame? The only women who show up on my campouts tend to shame 75% of the men with their skills and their level of physical fitness. Maybe I am blessed with great volunteers, or maybe I have just done a good job of setting expectations. The worst helicopter parent I had was a dad. It was a mom who helped re-start the modern free range children movement: http://www.freerangekids.com/ I don't see that the modern military has a problem with adding
  12. I think a key issue for adults is a willingness to accept challenges/failure/problems when moving to boy led. Depending on the quality of your youth leadership, and the willingness of your youth to follow their leaders: Yes - you might not break camp on time - are you willing to live with that? The dishes did not get done - so are you going to store a dirty patrol box until the next campout? How much discipline authority to you allow the leaders? What is permissible? How hungry will you let a patrol get when they do a poor job of planning? Basically - how far do you let it fall wh
  13. You might not be aware that the treatment for people with Gender Identity Disorder is to support them in how they view their gender. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_identity_disorder
  14. Some of you might enjoy this article on the Truce. Interesting points about France not discussing it, how some units were rotated for fear that they would not be willing to kill the other side once they were humanized, etc. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-30433729
  15. 12 hours is insane. For campouts, I set the following rule: "When the second to the last Scout is picked up, I set a timer on my watch. After 10 minutes, your Scout goes home with me and my sons. He will sit at my home until you retrieve him at my house." I hate to punish a Scout for bad parents - often they are the Scouts that need us the most.
  16. One addition. Though both of my sons did just fine (and brought home some trophies), I don't love the derby. It is the only Cub Scout activity that replaces "Do Your Best" with "May the Best Scout Win."
  17. One addition to the great suggestions here: Our PWD has 3 events (thanks to a guy we hire to help out): The speed race (3 runs, you get your fastest time, and each time on a different track). A shuffleboard. You get points for where you land - middle is perfect A ski jump (aka the wheel breaker). You get points for distance. The other two events help even out the competition, but we keep the speed portion as well. Speed winner by den and pack Overall winner by den and pack Design chosen by a group of people for best Scout design, with the understanding that they
  18. For amusement, I would like to recommend the movie (and book): Thank You for Smoking. Chris Buckley (William F's son) wrote the book, and it was turned into a great movie on lobbying, press relations (some inappropriate for young Scouts, though no nudity), and how a message can be delivered. Early in the movie is a scene with Aaron Eckhart and Robert Duvall where the tobacco companies have agreed to fund and anti-smoking campaign. Duvall's comment, "better not be TOO effective" is priceless, delivered with a hacking cough/laugh, and fits into this discussion. http://www.foxsearchligh
  19. You are Chartered by a church - have one of your Scouts who is a member of the congregation carry the flag. For placement, I defer to those with better knowledge of flag etiquette. We are reverent - we can celebrate our faith, while respecting the faith of others. That does not mean that we hide our faith in non-sectarian actions. Have a Catholic Scout carry the Vatican flag. It sounds great.
  20. I agree - but the BSA keeps on assigning merit badges that duplicate class work. As long as the requirements look like schoolwork, the best methodology will be to duplicate the classroom. When possible, we take the role of the Oxford tutorial, with as much 1:1 (without violating YP) as possible. In the meantime, the BSA requires badges that are covered in a social studies class - just add a field trip. We also have a ton of badges that are career oriented - those are going to be taught classroom style as well by local experts.
  21. I have no issue with this for the classroom badges. I am working with the local middle school teachers to get them registered as Merit Badge Counselors so that their Social Studies, Science and Music classes can be used to earn a MB as well. Much of the same work is done in the class, and the instructors like the BSA requirements and materials. I have used a local cooking school for parts of Cooking MB, and I have used the local pilot school to teach Aviation. A coach has been the counselor for Personal Fitness, and the entire team earned it (even though only a couple were Scouts).
  22. CalicoPenn - two internet points (and an extra share of pie) for the reference. OK - so now I am truly interested. L Ron Hubbard was an Eagle - copies of his certificate can be found online. Bobby Henderson was as well?
  23. I always cover the 3 Duties as part of my SMCs, asking the Scout to reflect on all 3 and talk about what they mean to him and how does he try to follow them. We then pick our way around the 12 points of the Law - I try to steer towards those that I think the Scout could work on, and I commend the Scout for those that he exemplifies. When it comes to the Scout Spirit sign off, I have the Boy sign. I tell them that I typically do NOT interact in every-day life, and they are the best judge of that. It triggers a great interaction with the Scout. My only issue with this new language is
  24. I second (or third) the idea of more information on how to change recipes to fit for campout cooking. When I have taught Cooking MB, I have challenged the boys to make the same dish in a dutch oven, over a fire, over a stove, over a backpacking stove. That helped teach them the difference between the different methods. A good primer on how to convert Grandma or Grandpa's recipes to the dutch oven would be awesome.
  25. I have been over that border more than once, and had issues with one Canadian guard outside of Whitehorse, but the US was never an issue. In London I found that one guy was a pain, but the next aisle was a delight. Sometimes this is all triggered by one person. My son had his Maglite flashlight taken from his carry-on because it was considered to be a club when the D-cells were in it. He was on his way to the National Jamboree. So who knows. I embrace the need for more data and information before the snap to judgement - only because I tend to jump to quickly myself at times. My Minis
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