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  1. Fred - I have never asked BSA for permission to march in a parade. We have just marched. The BSA's rules on political events are published, and clear enough. Nothing in those rules would automatically exclude a color guard at a Pride event, or the Million Man March, or the NRA national convention, or a Cinco de Mayo event run by the local MECHA chapter. As long as the boys are not used for politics, but just to serve as a color guard - it appears to be fine. AZMike - YOU posted the photos on page 4. I never searched for them, they just appeared here on a site dedicated to Scouting. I eve
  2. This particular dead-horse thread topic started by complaints that the (current and former perhaps) Scouts and Scouters and uniform were in violation of our rules due to taking part in a political event. This led to some humorous exchanges where a flag ceremony at a political party national convention is NOT political, but being the lead off marchers and color guard at a Pride parade IS political. The issue of some of the types of displays that AZMike likes to post did not show up until page 4 (or page 4 based on my settings that is). Of course, some 4th of July Parades have this (ju
  3. I do agree that the overly sexual nature of many of the marchers does make me uncomfortable. If I were marching, I would ask to be well separated from those groups (I can't tell from the pride site if that is something that they did or not). It appears that the Scouts were in the lead, following only the bikers. I could easily be wrong. For a parade, this is the same as, regardless of their right to march, I don't want to be followed by or nearby the Klan or any other racist group at other events.
  4. They can. Many units choose their own, and many units allow Patrols to make their own as well. Great way to show pride in your group. Oops. I used the word pride. Can't have that. I note the word "partisan" as well. Not sure what is partisan, other than that the Democratic Party has recently tried to jump on the bandwagon (Obama was against gay marriage before he was for it after all. Eric Holder defended DOMA, then supported gay marriage. etc). The Boy Scouts for Equality (the name of their group per the NYC Pride page) was joined by Corporations (Wal Mart, Chipotle, Macys, Mar
  5. Civil rights is not a hot button political topic? Not familiar with something called affirmative action, are you? Martin Luther King day events are VERY political. Apparently the immigration debate has passed you by as well, or you would realize how political a Cinco de Mayo march can get. Finally - there is little MORE political that political party national convention. I am not being obtuse - I am pointing out that we are happy to attack those who are in the Pride parade, based on it being gay and controversial. I fully understand what the BSA will approve, and I doubt that
  6. "You know that and you're being deliberately obtuse, or else you're dumb. and I say so right out because it's so annoying and tiresome." Not exactly a Scouting response there. I was raising the issue of the grey areas between supporting a candidate, a party, etc. The BSA, in the link, above, discussed the issue of the boys doing a flag ceremony for a particular party. They are expected to leave the stage. So they can come, but they can't be seen as TOO supportive. Once you decide to start punishing, be ready for the unintended consequences. Be ready for interpretations that you migh
  7. If we want to get more specific around use of Scouting in politics, it will get tough. There were Boys Scouts doing the flag ceremony at the Democratic National Convention. One of the people published in the voting guide in California for Proposition 8 listed in his profile his role in the San Diego Council - would we want him tossed out? If a Scout or Scouter wants to broadcast their membership - great! The only time to remove him or her from scouting is when they are in violation of the oath and law. Being involved in politics is not a violation of the oath and law, in my opinion. Rathe
  8. So if I were using this for Cit Nation: "In the early days of the Republic, our representatives were expected to come home and that politics would not be a career, but rather a service. In addition, the worst thing to happen to American government is arguable air conditioning - it allowed the former swamp turned into Washington Dc to become habitable year-round, turning politics into a year-round endeavor. Idle hands and all that."
  9. Council only cares if you fundraise in such a way as to decrease their ability to fundraise. Since you didn't impact FOS or large corporate James West knots, you are good. If you are really feeling guilty, donate the balance to FOS.
  10. For driving - each Patrol is responsible for getting their Patrol to the campout, and to be picked up afterwards. For all else - we require an adult commitment when boys register, and one adult has to register from each family as well.
  11. The sign-off for Scout Spirit happens at the Scoutmaster Conference. I ask the boy to sign, since they know whether or not they are living by the Spirit of Oath and Law in everyday life. It usually triggers a pause while a boy thinks about the fact that they are signing their own book claiming to have lived by the Oath and Law. Makes for a great conversation, and a pause (plus a bit of poetry): [h=2]The Guy in the Glass Poem (Man in the Mirror)[/h] When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf, And the world makes you king for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,
  12. So for Citizenship in the Nation, you could go to Stonewall and learn about what led to the riots.
  13. My Troop planted flags on Saturday, and on Sunday were part of a Memorial Day ceremony attended by several hundred folks. I tied in American Heritage MB to it, and the boys interviewed veterans who were onsite as well (nothing like letting an older vet tell stories to the boys to make both get value). Parade of flags, color guard, the whole bit.
  14. Looks like Amato updated his research in 2001: " The present study updates the P. R. Amato and B. Keith (1991) meta-analysis of children and divorce with a new analysis of 67 studies published in the 1990s. Compared with children with continuously married parents, children with divorced parents continued to score significantly lower on measures of academic achievement, conduct, psychological adjustment, self-concept, and social relations. After controlling for study characteristics. curvilinear trends with respect to decade of publication were present for academic achievement, psychol
  15. Classic correlation vs. causation issue. One problem is that divorced families have lower economics, and having money matters (up to a point - after awhile incremental dollars don't make a difference). A metaanalysis in 1991 found that children in single parent divorced households score lower in well being. Separating out the reason for the divorce, however, is tough to measure. I think of one couple with a Scout that are still married. They are doing a GREAT job modeling an unhappy marriage. Their daughter won't date (men are not to be trusted, and I will never allow myself to be depende
  16. We have a great relationship with our local elementary schools. We run the Patriot Day events every Fall, clean up after school carnivals, etc. Huge support from the Principal.
  17. A racing backstroke has the flying arms out of the water (my younger Scout races, and that is one of his strokes). You can watch Missy Franklin win the gold here with that stroke starting at the 4:00 mark on the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm3zVaOG0x4 An resting backstroke puts the arms at the side and is more gentle (and a DQ if you try to race that way). The arms don't even break out of the water, takes little energy, etc. You can see it here: http://www.enjoy-swimming.com/elementary-backstroke.html Some sink because they don't hold their body right - I teach the cooki
  18. As a cloud nut (and a guy who makes a living thanks to said cloud), you CAN encrypt and store files in the cloud with the same degree of safety. I and my company use Box, with encryption, for a variety of files. The accounting firm that I use leverages Dropbox in the same way. Neither is part of Google, so I am not concerned with Google searching those files like they might with Google Drive. Again though, it sounds to me like the BSA is worried about HIPAA issues around having scanned medical files. Personally, I would rather have a thumb drive of the entire Troop, so that I don't have t
  19. Sounds like a HIPAA issue around security, etc. This is one of the challenges, for example, for electronic medial records in general: Technical Safeguards Access Control. A covered entity must implement technical policies and procedures that allow only authorized persons to access electronic protected health information (e-PHI).24 Audit Controls. A covered entity must implement hardware, software, and/or procedural mechanisms to record and examine access and other activity in information systems that contain or use e-PHI.25 Integrity Controls. A covered entity must implement policies
  20. Are your camps close enough to do a drop off and pick up? Ours are often 2+ hours away, so any adult who drives tends to stick around and camp. We try to limit adults to just those necessary to provide sufficient seat belts to and from.
  21. The last thing you want is a police blotter about how a former Scoutmaster / child molester was arrested. That will make the news, and people will just hear "Scoutmaster" / "Child Molester" / "Scout event" Glad people recognized him, protected the Scouts, and try to keep it quiet.
  22. I admit that I like bringing a few fireplace matches for lighting recalcitrant stoves, or I use my Leatherman to hold a smaller match. Keeps my hands away from the fire area, and also lets me use more of the match instead of dropping it and starting anew when it burns down if there are issues. Stosh: Some of us live where fire bans are a way of life, and gathering fuel in most parks is illegal even in the best of times. To teach cooking over a fire, we end up bringing our own wood and the patrols have to share an official fire pit to learn to cook.
  23. Car camping: No sodas or other bottled water or drink products. Make your own with the potable water at the site. This is a Troop policy mainly around trash and LNT, plus weight. We had Scouts showing up with cases of bottled water, and multiple jugs of soda dragging down the cars and resulting in way too much trash to haul out. Backpacking: If you want to carry it, you can have it - but only on your SECOND trek after you have proven your abilities. This was a PLC policy set after the SPL helped out a Scout (took his sleeping bag), and then the Scout pulled out two cans of Dr. Pepper at t
  24. Agreed - I was submitting based on the desire to have everyone refer to Scripture to reconcile issues. If you want to reduce the interpretation issues, keep to your own congregation. I personally don't follow that, nor would I want to - but it is an option in the BSA. You don't have to go to Trail's Life to keep theologically pure - just restrict membership to members of your COR.
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