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  1. Stomp rockets, if the ceiling is high enough or you can move it outside.
  2. I would include "Call the police, report child endangerment", but I'm guessing the NRA wouldn't appreciate my opinion on the matter. The question I had was "Is Eddie the Eagle an official part of the BSA Shooting Sports curriculum, or did our instructor include it of his own volition?"
  3. So at the BB Gun range for the Cub-o-ree last weekend, the instructor, while going over the range safety and eye dominance and other stuff, included the adage "Stop, Don't touch, Leave the area, Tell an adult". I recognized this from the NRA's "Eddie the Eagle" gun safety for children program. I understand that we require all our rangemasters to be certified. Is the NRA the only group that provides the certification? Is promoting the NRA's "GunSafe" mantra a requirement of that certification? And do we include other groups' materials when we instruct scouts? Could I, say, teach t
  4. Keep a small rubber band on that button, and when you loop a patch, close the loop with it.
  5. The list is targeted. I've got recent yearbooks from local schools, and using anywho.com I can reasonably figure out a home address for most of the students. We'll be doing some back to school nights also, but most schools keep outside groups out as a general policy (otherwise there would be tables for 50 different competing groups).
  6. It looks like we need to print our own recruiting flyers, since our council is limiting us to 100 (I have a list of 600 home addresses we plan to drop flyers at), and our council won't let us customize our meeting date/time (Northern Star does a council-wide "School Night For Scouting"). The national file store https://scouting.webdamdb.com/bp/#/ has some nice templates, but we can't afford color copies. Anyone have a good black-and-white recruiting template we can modify?
  7. Sea Scouts on the Lake. Lake Scouts? http://kstp.com/news/nonprofit-teaches-children-to-sail-on-lake-nokomis/4985191/
  8. The Arrow of Light is still a Cub Scout award. The Scout does not need to "prove he has accomplished" anything. The Cub Scout merely has to "Do His Best".
  9. Intelligence is knowing that Frankenstein was not the monster. Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein was the monster.
  10. It looks like Wolf Cubs will soon be wearing a red necker (match the background of the Wolf Badge). Lion Cubs will be yellow, Tigers Bears and Webelos the same. Leak from a handbook photo-shoot (which included girls).
  11. Someone threw out a rumor that Youth Protection Training will soon become a full day session. Anyone heard that?
  12. I'm not surprised there wasn't much discussion on implementation before this change was announced. If there were studies/pilots/fact finding about how to do this, there would have been no way for the BSA to keep the announcement under wraps. Then we'd be stuck with leaks/rumors/no information about what was happening. This is as open as we can expect.
  13. It is a pilot project. Covers the annual registration, Boys Life, new handbook each year (or $12 credit for Boy Scouts), and awards at Scout Shop. This is the start of the second year. http://metrolakes.nsbsa.org/
  14. My District already charges $144/annual per scout.
  15. If this troop were in San Francisco (or Reno), with strong support from the Levi Strauss & Co, and the uniform jeans were indeed "uniform", then fine. Just having the the troop number "501" doesn't cut it.
  16. I think its absurd to assume that the people who post 5 times to this topic in the last hour are in any way representative of the membership of the BSA at large.
  17. Isn't Trail Life a choice? The BSA is far from the only single-sex scouting program.
  18. Some of you are comparing a incident of sexual harassment to finding loose change on the ground. That is not comparable. And I'm deeply troubled that someone brought a "what was she wearing" argument into it. This girl was assaulted at a scouting event. By scouts. Maybe large events like these need to institute an "attitude deposit", an extra $200 (heck, what's another 10%) charged to each scout that is forfeit if another scout in their contingent behaves in a criminal or abusive manner.
  19. So we shouldn't complain about segregated schools? You said you weren't hearing from girls who wanted to join. Now you've heard. And since this discussion hasn't left the confines of the Scouter-bubble, I'm sure you'll hear from more soon.
  20. I am a father of one boy and three girls, and I would love to have the option of registering my girls into Boy Scouts, if that's what they wanted.
  21. That's the module method of training. They've broken up all the committee/leader online trainings into pieces, so if you took both the Cubmaster training and later took the Den Leader training, you could skip the modules you already covered for the previous position.
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