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  1. The color I got (which I now can't find) was called "Dust Tan". It was Velcro brand. https://www.amazon.com/VELCRO-Brand-Fasteners-Patch-Tape/dp/B003SNZDN0
  2. Yeah, the button loop is what doesn't work - I think I'm going to have to go ahead and sew the one on that I'd like to have. The loop would probably work better if I didn't tend to keep things in my pockets - but I hate non-functional pockets. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  3. I don't generally wear the temporary patches, but occasionally want to. When I do, they ALWAYS fall off at some point. Is there a good way to keep them affixed? Should I just give up? TIA.
  4. Diplomacy is one of the best simulations of the leadup to WWI. It can take a VERY long time to play, but if you can take the time and work with the boys, it's really a good way to look at it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomacy_(game)
  5. I agree with qwazse; I think it's best to use the salute for the position in which you are currently acting. If you are saluting as the leader of the Wolf Den, use the Cub Scout salute along with your Scouts.
  6. I'm (fairly) new to the forums and to Scouting. I got involved with my son last year when he was a Lion, and now I'm a Tiger den leader. Looking forward to learning a lot. --Scott
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