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  1. Speaking from experience in my past life as a professional, SCOUTNET has so many bugs that 100% DEET wouldn't get rid of them. Heck Supply division told national not to use the company that created SCOUTNET, and actually uses another company for their software. That's why supply has they act together a little better. One of my fellow DEs was a computer tech and when the SCOUTNET class came up at PDL-1 he stated that problems would occur since the company hired has a poor history, and most companies wind up abandoning the original system, and getting a new one from a competitor. It also
  2. Acco, Last I heard, ANY advancement, fromCS ranks and Webelos activity badges, to Scout rank and MB, to Sea scout and Venturing awards, that is placed on an advancement report is considered restricted, and documentation needed to accompany the order, ie advancement report, card, etc.
  3. I can tell you this, you will need an advancement report, even to buy replacements. that's national policy in a scout shop. Also the scout shop will not sell an advancement award to a scout without some type of proof, i.e. a copy of the unit's advancement report, record from the council, his certificate, etc.
  4. Couple of things to clarify before my discussion this week. 1) BW did not say he was in a test program. NOR DID I. I said I was given the opportunity to. From what I heard about the then trial program at Gilwell, I said "that ain't real WB" and told my warden I'ld rather go to the WSJ and take the real WB course when I went back home. 2) I have not gone through WB yet, either the original course or the WB21C. Unfortunately due to school and work schedules, I was unable to take any course. Doubtful I will be able to take for until about 4-5 yrs down the road due, again due to work. UN
  5. Eagle92

    the new socks

    The green socks havd BSA at the top. But the grey Thorlos have the BSA on the foot.
  6. Eagle92

    the new socks

    Ok is it me or has anyone noticed the BSA logo on the Green and Thorlo uniform socks? 1) why use an iron logo (at least that's what it looks like to me)or stamped logo that stretches to unreadable? Also is it me or the BSA location on the Thorlo's is a really bad location: on the foot and not noticable at all?
  7. Just an update. Came back from the Ordeal and got the word that the brother is definitely invited. We're gonna try and sneak him in Saturday morning after the Vigil Call Out so that the candidate doesn't get any advance notice.
  8. Ok I am going to extapolate this one. If certain staff members are entitled to get the three and four Woodbadge beads, why not all staff? And while we are at it, if WB and NYLT are nearly identical, why don't we let the youth wear the beads? After all they are completing nearly identical training and their leaders are getting extra beads? Forget my Smokey Bear that I was awarded way back when, I want my beads! LOL Seriously though, it's two separate programs, there needs to be two separate recognitions. Also has Gilwell had any say in this? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Gilwell
  9. Emb Your right National still makes them. I forgot that. My old ship, whose CO was the council, used Ship's Stores instead of supply because they could get them as an all in one patch, and faster than ordering them from national. Also the scout shops that I'm familiar don't carry them.(This message has been edited by Eagle92)
  10. Stosh, Unfortunately it is not always that easy. For whatever reason different Dist. Adv. Chairs interpret projects differently. I had one Scout told he couldn't count time doing research for his project towards it. This young man built collapsible obstacles for search and rescue (SAR) dogs for his project. he talked to people, looked up various designs that were easy to transport, and went out and visited one of the training facilities to take photos and get ideas. he built over 10 obstacles that could be broken down and transported in a trailer for the SAR team. They loved him! BUT the
  11. Ok I haven't gone through Woodbadge yet, But I've been through the old Brownsea 22 program, and staffed JLT. While those two programs were similar in nature, they were geared to two different groups and should share same recognition. In my original council all Brownsea 22 and JLT staff over 21 had to go through WB, either earning their beads or workingon their ticket. Those staff under 21 had to either complete the course or go throuhj NJLC in Philmont. The staff recognition for both those courses was the Smokey Bear hat. Most WB folks had the official one, those with working their tick
  12. Here's my $.02 worth on the numbers; whoever made that decision A) is not a volunteer and has not worked with them, B) has not worked in either a scout shop or distributorship where the customer buys the uniforms, and C) didn't realize that Cub Scouts and Venturers still use the red so people will continue using red with the centennial uniform. Let's face it we volunteers here the most complaints about the cost of uniforms. And how many parents buy all new insignia when they their bear goes into Webelos, or their Scout outgrows their uniform? I know that my mom took off all the ins
  13. My troop's gifts varied. Sometimes it was a custom Eagle knife, sometimes a custom eagle belt buckle, for me I got a gold eagle pendant. But it wasn't from the BSA catalog, although they nbow have some nice options. One of the things I've given is a copy of the 1910 BSA handbook. I have someone do the calligraphy in the appropriate spots.
  14. This is a definite no-no and he can be fired over this. I should know my then fiancee and I had to be in separate buildings when she used to visit me at camp.
  15. As a former pro who had a very similar situation arise in a unit in his district, I can tell you that from the council's perspective it's "a unit problem." and they will not get involved. Now if it is a district chairman and a unit commissioner, or two summer camp staff members, then it's a council issue. While discreetly talking to folks is a good idea, as mentioned already it may not work. In the two situations at summer camp that I've seen arise and have used this apporach with, one person denied everything, one person said it's none of my business, and the second couple didn't care
  16. Quick question, doesn't the BOR have to intitial in the books when the Scout passes the BOR? I dont' have the latest edition of the handbook easily accessible, but the 9th ed that I used required the BOR to sign off in the handbook. and the 10th ed also has the BOR signing off. So how can a Scout pass a BOR if it is not signed off in his handbook? I was always taught that the Scout's handbook WAS the official record for the Scout, except for Eagle which has the separate application, and that if the BOR didn't intial the book, it is not official that he has pass the BOR. The advancement
  17. For most lodges, Vigil names are in Delaware, aka Lenni Lenape. However you do have a few lodges that use local Native American languages. Chilanktakoba Lodge 397 out of SE Louisiana Council uses Choctaw.
  18. Here is my $.02 worth. I am glad you are not going in with guns blazing. This is Scouting and the Scout needs to deal with HIS challenge. The standard, having a handbook for your BOR, has been made (hopefully by the boys and not adults), and he made a mistake. Use that as a learning experience. I personally reccomend another adult counsel him. In reference to the Tenderfoot, was he going for his Tenderfoot or Second Class BOR? As stated elsewhere expectations do increase as you move along the program. That is a questionable call, depending upon the circumstances, although I am leaning tow
  19. Every council, and somtimes districts, have their own policies towards training. In some fees are not encouraged and the council eats the cost. In others the charges are as minimal as possible, usually to cover food, drinks, and handouts. Sometimes it covers rental fees: camp and/or facilty. Finally some council will hire an outside company to conduct some training, and you have to deal witht he contractor's fees. That happened with my council when they charged $175 for a weekend Wilderness First Aid and CPR class taught by Red Cross. Doing some research, that was cheap compared to elsewhere.
  20. I talk from two points of view. First as a former professional. Webelos to Scout transition is important for 2 reasons. 1) this is where we lose more scouts, and 2) if Troops are not getting new scouts, then the troop will die, something no professional wants. Let's face it, we have some kids who are burnt out, bored, whatever and want out. We also got parents who are burnt out, tired, etc and don't realize that as Scouts the youth do things on the own more. So some folks see Webelos as the end of the trail, when it's really just begging. So that's one reason why councils are jumpin
  21. Former Sea Scout and leader here. I also had the pleasure of working with 5th Deal Sea Scouts for 2 months when I was at Kingsdown International Scout Campsite way back when. How has the changes affected the SA put in place affected Sea Scouts on your side of the pond?
  22. when i worked for dupply division way back when, we actually had a few girl scout units come to the shop to buy program helps, how-to books, pwd cars, etc. The leaders I met complained aboy the program and the lack of support in the form of program materials. One GS leader was also a DL, and started doing the CS activities with her GS. It caught on.
  23. They say they are part of the international Scouting movement, but are they WOSM recognized? I think not. Also the emphasis seems to be on sports and imaginative games. Not the outdoors and the Grand Game that BP created.(This message has been edited by Eagle92)
  24. I believe SctLdr and SctDad are in my council, East Carolina Council, and one may possibly in my district :)Gotta send a PM to them. Anyway my $.02 cents worth is to definitely check the weather and be prepared to cancel or modify an event. If you are involved with Cub Scouts, I would be prepared to cancel sooner than with a Scout troop. Some parents just aren't campers, and having a horrible first camping experience ruins it sometimes. Also with that many young ones running around, it's definatley a tricky situation. Also if something ceremonial is involved, like an OA crossover,
  25. 2CubDad, In the one case I was personally involved in where an Eagle Candidate sent an appeal to National for his EBOR, the Eagle Candidate was responsible for, and sent the petition to national. Grant you the young man had several letters of support for granting the EBOR from all his scout unit leaders, District Adv. Chair, and his USAFR commanding officer accompanying the petition. Luckily it was a proforma appeal: he could not get an EBOR due to basic training and had to get it done after returning home. He did get his Eagle BTW.
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