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  1. Everyone has said given good advice. I know b/c I've "been there, done that." GET INVOLVED and don't worry. One thing that can help is if in your old unit there are a few leaders, or even older scouts, who remember you. I left my old troop after completing college to take on a DE job in another part of the country. When I transfered to Supply Division three years later, I moved back into my old council and picked up where I left off with the my old troop. They had alot of new faces with leaders and scouts, but one of the committee was around when I was active, as well as the SPL, ASPL, an
  2. Old SM, Yes it's a marketing slick, but it is from national supply division. A poster version has been sent to all national scout shops and distributors to be posted, or so I've been told. Plus in the very breif conversation I had with a national scout shop manager, that's the way it's coming out in the insignia guide next month.
  3. When I checked national supply yesterday, they were not listed anywhere. Ebay here I come.
  4. Also look for your hypermotivated young Scout who may be willing to serve as a DC. I was one such lad and did 3 years with a DC. thoroughly enjoyed the experience. With my old troop, once we got a feeder pack, we developed a very strong relationship with them. Since we had a large troop with only so many PORs for Eagle, we needed an outlet and used the DC. Usually ther were 1st.Class or higher, and had served as an APL or higher before becoming a DC. Only with a few exceptions, Scouts who had younger brothers, did we allow someone with any experience do the DC job.
  5. I guess Ship's Stores is gonna be upset when no longer sell the AOL knots for the blue and white crackerjacks.
  6. FScouter, Unless there is a more up-to-date card somewhere on national's website that I am unable to find, I can't even find any copy of the progress cards I am talking about, the a Sea Scout Skipper working on his Skipper's Key can also use his tenure from terh Sea Scouter's training Award, at least as is posted on my council's site. Also what about Varsity Scout Teams, have there been changes there?
  7. There is supposed to be some follow through, although that didn't happen in all cases. Basically we ask the "sponsor," and I use that in a loose term, to invite them to our January meeting which is a candidate orientation/ chapter social. Also we ask them to encourage them to attend the Ordeal. We did have the orientation just prior to the March Ordeal, but had complaints becasue the call outs were in November, now october, and they did not here fromt he OA again until March. So we send out a letter after the Call Out, invite them in January, and send out info about the Ordeal in Feb
  8. Ok I know they are questions on insignia placement with the new uniforms. I found this website at national supply division that covers the new uniform placement. http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/2008UniformGuide.pdf Also if you try to look up the insignia guide to purchase, it will tell you temporarily our of stock expected september 2008. Like the new hats better than the old ones and am glad the smokies are still allowed. I would have to become one of those troublemakers petioning national on that one like I did with the kneesocks way back when, cause that
  9. BW, When did this policy change in reference to not wearing Eagle badge on the Venturing uniform. I know that when I left supply division in 2002, a Venturer (not a Sea Scout) could still wear the Eagle Badge on their uniform, since if they had earned at least First Class before becoming a Venturer, they could still work on BS rank. This was advancement policy, and in the insiginia guide. My part-time scout shop clerk, preferred to wear a Venturing uniform with his Eagle Badge that he paid out of pocket, instead of the issued leader uniform with knots, because he could show off his well ea
  10. Yeah just checked the national site and the council is out of date. So my question on this matter is this: should a a leader be penalized if, in good faith, he or she received the wrong card, completed the requirements that they were given, and turns it in. Also I noticed that there have been a few changes in the requirements of the Scouter's Training Award since I got it, and probably others as well. What about those who got a card at their intial training, and the requirements were changed, i.e the specific order of training needed, would they need to do the new training when originall
  11. Not to change the subject, but I am anyway, how the heck do you keep the devices on your knots? Mine were constantly coming off, and I don't mean in the wash either. It's like the pin portion was not long enough. The only thing I've seen done is two volunteers having their knots mounted on a ribbon bars and had the pins on the devices snipped so that they could superglue the devices onto the the knots. As you can guess I just said heck with the devices and stopped buying replacements.
  12. right now i only have five and here they are in order of how i view the precedence Eagle AOL Youth Religious with CS,BS, and SS devices Scouter's key with committee device Scouter's training award with bs device I have only two more requirements to meet the international scouter award., so hopefully I can get that one in the next 3 years.
  13. True, the internet can have incorrect info. But it's the pdfs of the progress records of the various awards off the council website. none of those awards has the tenure note that the rest of the awards do. And if council doesn't have it updated, well what can i say.
  14. I just spent some time online looking up the forms and what not. Sorry I turned in my district training book to my successor, so it took some time. I will have to change what I said and have to agree, you can't use the same calendar period except for the following awards; Scouter's Training Award, SM Key, Varsity Scout Leader Letter Award, Varsity Scout Coach Key, Sea Scouter training Award, Skipper's Key, Venturing Leader Training Award, and Venturing Advisor's Key Award. Why those are an exceptions, I can only guess it's because the respective Keys require the respective Training Aw
  15. GMitch, National Supply Division policy was "Satisfaction Guaranteed." If something was wrong or broke, you returned it and either got a new one or your money back. I would go to the scout scout shop with your receipt, that speeds up the process but isn't necessary, and get your money back or a replacement. trust me on this as I couldn't count ht enumber of TC paw Prints I had to replace when they came out withthe ones with cut outs in them. Further I would also give a letter to the manager to forward to supply division. Or you can call them direct at 972-580-2131. I know people c
  16. How about an OPINION from a former pro? In the ideal world that is national, a Scouter should have only one registered position, i.e only being a SM, only being on the Dis. Comm,only being a commissioner, etc. And we are told to recruit, recruit, recruit so that no one on the district committee should wear multiple hats, just as no one should wear multiple hats within the units BARRING the IH/COR/CC as one person can hold two or all three of those postions. However we don't live in an ideal world at times, and we are forced to have one person wearing multiple hats. I'm a good example
  17. No, Brotherhood ceremonies are done at the lodge level only at this time. While it sounds like an interesting idea, I don't think it's going to be feasible since the Lodge is putting a major emphasis on the entire Brotherhood process. We have just impletmented the Brotherhood Hike into the Brotherhood process with some great feedback. Also we don't have enough active youth Brotherhood members to do the ceremony at this time. In reference to new adult members, yes I've been pushing that as well as trying to get old adult members active again. We are definately having some success. Our c
  18. It not just a money issue or a volunteer issue, or a cultural issue. It's a combination of issues. I've done recruiting for minority scouts and have started a minority unit in the past. I had problems galore starting it. Some problems included 1) Charter Organization, yes they wanted the program, and yes they provided a place to meet and connected me with some adults to serve as volunteers, but they did not promote the program. Also they looked at it as an extension of their after school care program. 2)Getting volunteer leaders was like pulling teeth, painful. we had alot of i
  19. I've been thinking about a comment USR made in reference to someone poisoning the attitude against the OA, and it hit me. While I was in another council, there was an incident between several Arrowman and the Associate Adviser. My understanding is he caught them smoking some marijuana. While several of scouts admitted to doing that, one adamantly denied smoking it, saying he was only hanging around. The scouts were asked to not come to any OA activities for a year. That particular scout did not ever come back and transferred to the super troop because the Chap. AA was also his ASM. If t
  20. I've heard complaints about the troop being easy from several folks and how the parents are the ones either doing the work or pushing their Scouts. I don't know as I've only had contact with two of the scouts, and they do a great job. They do have a large number of Eagles in the 14-15 yo range, but if you have the financial resources they do to do the activities they do, well the advancement comes naturally. I mean they send at least 10-12 boys to national jamboree, go to Philmont on a regular basis, and do some really excellent weekend trips. Here is what I did. I talked to the SM, an
  21. Depending upon the lodge, while records can be hard to fond, I know that in my current lodge a photo from an OA event, letter from you old lodge, and yes even talking about your experiences from your Ordeal. While most peopel don't remember the adomnition and calling sign, most can tell you exactly what they ate and did. We actually caught an adult poser trying to get into our lodge withou undergoing the Ordeal.
  22. The scout uniform/t-shirt/polo from noon to midnite is a good one, and true. In fact don't be surprised if you have to change from field uniform to dress uniform to executive casual all in the same day. When I first became a DE, I had no furniture for a month or two, so I used the public library as a office. So I was in and out of there several times a day. This one cute librarian thought I was crazy one day when she first say me in three different outfits. I had some volunteer training going on, so I needed to be in a field uniform during the morning. That afternoon, I had a charter presentat
  23. D.O.C., Not using the council camp is part of the problem. Our camp has had it's problems in the past. Trust me I was on camp staff for two years and know first hand some of the problems. I also know that since I worked camp, the program has improved, the facilities have improved, and the staff have improved. I've seen the physical changes, have heard about the improvements form leaders, and see the changes with the staff as they are active year round and love the camp. This troop goes to one of the nearby 'supercamps" in the mountains. When I did a survey of troops going to oo
  24. In reference to ordering the gold stars as pairs, they are to be sewn on both sides of the flag. Similar to the blue stars. And not many folks know about either recognitions.
  25. EAmon, Do tell do tell, LOL. Seriously I am interested in some of the challenges you encountered because I would like to see international staff at the council camp. As I youth we had Brits and Aussies at the camp and we had no problems. Now grant you I had some challenges with a couple of Finns I worked with with the ECSP. But overall I had a blast and would have done it again if I could. ScoutLDR, that's great about the neighboring LC. Was that part of the ECSP or something else he found out about? And if he did go as part of the ECSP, did the OA program that came abou
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