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  1. Very true, there has been numerous schisms in UK Scouting. The British Boy Scouts which broke away in 1909 was initially very successful and for a time looked like it might become the dominant force in Scouting. They even formed the first world scouting organisation in 1911, The Order of World Scouts, http://www.boy-scout.net/en/index.html Because of internal fighting the BBS's glory was short lived and today their are only a few remaining groups. This is the only one I could find with a group website; http://2ndgoringandstreatley.org.uk/main.php Another breakaway occurred in the 192
  2. Interesting. I'm actually glad that The Scout Association has never taken legal action against the other smaller UK associations (BPSA, BBS, FSE). Although their methods may differ, their aims are the same and I consider them fellow Scouts. The UK Chief Commissioner seems to agree with me as well.http://www.escouts.org.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=235364&postcount=50
  3. I see they now call themselves the Baden-Powell Service Association rather than Scout Association.
  4. They sound like they want to be a BPSA group.
  5. From a brother Scout in the UK, welcome back to the family.
  6. jblake47 You can get British Scout campaign hats from UK Scout Shops; http://www.scoutshops.com/cgi-bin/sh000009.pl?REFPAGE=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2escoutshops%2ecom%2f&WD=hat&PN=other-gifts%2ehtml%23a1023684R#a1023684R And they'll deliver overseas too.
  7. Just as a bit of comparison, Philmont Scout Ranch is more than 1261 times the size of Gilwell park. Wow!!!!
  8. Gregharewood If the UK offered the range of holiday opportunities that the USA can, from skiing to Mediterranean style beach holidays, all in a country that speaks English. Then I dare say only 27% of our fellow countrymen would have a passport.
  9. Garrison. I am always willing to listen to new ideas, where ever they come from. Doesn't starting a thread about UK Scouts invite comment from UK Scouts?
  10. Gregharewood I believe there's a lot wrong with WOSM, especially its allowing of a terrorist funded group to be part of the Lebanese Scouting Federation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imam_al-Mahdi_Scouts I would prefer The Scout Association to remain a member and try to reform it from within rather than spit the dummy and leave. Besides, if we left we'd have to remove the World Badge from our uniforms.
  11. In the district where I do my Scouting we have one Scout Troop that is run by a gay couple who're in a civil partnership, another group has a a transgendered leader. There's probably other that I am not aware of. I've known of leaders to be dismissed for criminal offences and for having an affair, but never for their sexuality. All adult leaders in the UK are checked against the Criminal Records Bureau, and are interviewed by the district warrants committee before they can take up their position. Sponsoring of groups is usually done on an individual basis, rather than en-mass. Sponsor
  12. Moosetracker I believe your Venture section runs from 14-21yrs. If the BSA truly views these young people as being asexual, then I would suggest they've either forgotten what it was like being an adolescent or they're slipping bromide in the drinking water.
  13. The best way to get in touch with 1st Jamestown Cub Pack on St Helena is to e-mail The Scout Associations international office at international@scout.org.uk they'll be able to put you in touch with them.
  14. Last time I checked paedophilia is illegal and there are very good reasons for keeping them away from children. What reason is there for not wanting a gay Scout leader?(This message has been edited by Chug)
  15. SeattlePioneer. As far as I can find, the only ban the BSA has against homosexuals is as adult leaders. So surely American Scout leaders are already dealing with gay Scouts? Of course I'm also impressed that the BSA has such an abundance of leaders that it can discriminate against potential candidates.(This message has been edited by Chug)
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